Slug Menace, The

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park


Quests: Sea Slug, Wanted!

Skills: Level 30 Crafting, Level 30 Runecrafting, Level 30 Slayer, Level 30 Thieving

Items: Commorb (if you kept it), one Swamp paste, 10+ Essence (either kind), Chisel, means to access mind and 4 elemental runecrafting altars (talismans, tiaras, or use of Abyss), equipment (not range nor magic!) to fight level 51 melee monster


Items: Ardougne Teleport Runes (x4), teleports convenient to mind and 4 elemental runecrafting altars (or Abyss), Ring of life

Monsters: Giant Lobsters (level 40), Slug Prince (level 51)

NPCs: Bailey, Brother Maledict, Col. O'Niall, Ezekial, Holgart, Jeb, Jorral, Mayor Hobb, Mother Mallum, Savant, Sir Tiffy Cashien

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Starting out
Items Required: Commorb (if you still have it)

1. Ask Sir Tiffy if he has any jobs. He will tell you to go to Witchaven to talk to Col. O'Niall, a retired Templar Knight.

(If you discarded your Comm orb, Sir Tiffy will replace it.) He will upgrade your Comm orb and tell you to remember that, "In Falador, the geese fly backwards on Tuesdays."

Off to see the Witch...haven
Items Required: Commorb v2

2. Teleport to Ardougne and walk directly east from the market square to Witchaven. You will find Col. O'Niall north of the fishing shop, on the dock. Talk to him and ask what the mission is. He will tell you that the Mayor has been acting strangely and that people have been disappearing then reappearing in a dazed state. If you ask him who the important people are, he will tell you to talk to Mayor Hobb, then Brother Maledict in the church, then finally Holgart, the fisherman. Before speaking to any of these people, contact the Savant with your Commorb v2 to get advice. The Savant will tell you to investigate the area a little bit.

Witchhaven Map

Items Required: Commorb v2

3. Go to the church and talk to Brother Maledict, who is worried about his congregation drifting away from him in a time of need. There is no real need to talk to him about anything else, but you can, of course.

4. Go north to find Holgart, and talk to him. It turns out that he broke the new "Articles of Sailing" and his boat has been given to Jeb Wormwood!

5. Now head to the mayor's house and talk to him. You will mention Saradomin and he will become suspicious. You don't really need to talk any more to him, but you can if you wish. As you exit the building, Savant will contact you through the Commorb, telling you that Mayor Hobb appeared strange and will ask you to scan him. Walk up next to the mayor and click scan; it will find nothing magical, but it will find two lifeforms present. Now that you've talked to everyone, report back to the Colonel. After giving him your report, he will tell you to check out the shrine, so head west!

The Shrine
Items Required: Commorb v2

6. When you reach the shrine, enter the dungeon. There is a different dungeon if you continue straight, but where you want to go is on an offshoot path. The path containing Ogres and Hellhounds is not used in this quest.

upper floor map

7. Look on your minimap for a red line on the east wall. Push this wall opening and enter.

lower floor map

8. There are level 40 Giant Lobsters here - although they are aggressive, their attacks are nothing special. You can just run past them.

9. Head through the winding tunnels (take advantage of the agility shortcut if you wish. If you fail it, try again). You will eventually come to some imposing doors. Do not bother trying to open them - you'll take around 50 LP damage. Pick up the Dead sea slug and Savant will begin scanning it.

10. After doing this, approach the imposing doors and Savant will ask you to scan them. Get close to the doors and scan them using your Commorb v2. Savant will find that the door markings are ancient Saradomin runes and give you a Door transcription. This can be decoded by Jorral, who lives in the Outpost north-west of West Ardougne (south-south-west of the entrance to the Tree Gnome Stronghold). Use an optional teleport to Ardougne to get there faster.

Items Required: Commorb v2, Door transcription
Items Suggested: Ardougne teleport

11. Run west from Ardougne until you come across the Outpost, which is the start point for the Making History quest, and talk to Jorral in the house. He will interpret the scroll and tell you that they record a battle between Saradomin and the Mahey'sh Medron, or the Mother Mallum. Savant contacts you to tell you that the Mother Mallum is behind the imposing doors. Head back to the Colonel. Use an optional Ardougne teleport to get there faster.

Stolen Writings
Items Required: Swamp paste, Dead sea slug, Commorb v2

12. The Colonel will send you to Brother Maledict, but as you approach the church a cutscene will show a person walking out of the church, "welcoming" Maledict to the "family". Maledict is now a sickly yellow. Talk to him and he will be acting weird like the Mayor was. He will tell you that the pages of the holy book containing the history related to the Mother Mallum have been stolen and wants you to find them.

13. Head to the mayor's house and search the Study Desk for page one. Head down to the fishing shop and speak to Ezekial Lovecraft for page two. Finally speak to the Colonel for page three, but be wary, he appears a bit... fishy. Page three will be ripped into three pieces (fragments).

14. Try to use your swamp paste on one of the fragments, but Savant will stop you. The analysis of the dead sea slug you picked up earlier will have finished. Whether or not you have the dead sea slug, you will learn that a dead sea slug can, if rendered down properly, be used as a clear glue. Savant will tell you that you need someone with excellent skill in aquatic cooking, so you'll want to visit Bailey on the Fishing Platform.

The Platform
Items Required: Fragments 1, 2 and 3; Dead sea slug

15. Go back to the area near Holgart and talk to Jeb. Jeb will take you to the platform. Head over to Bailey, at the west end of the platform and speak with him. He will make your dead sea slug into glue.

16. Use the glue on the fragments. You will be given a display where you must match the pieces of the parchment. Move the pieces around and flip or rotate as necessary, until everything lines up (the window will close by itself when you've got it right). Note that the final picture can be of the back or the front, and in any orientation (straight up and down or side-to-side). The important thing is to move the pieces together until they fit.

Slug Menace Fragments Slug Menace Controls

The Runes
Items Required: Chisel, 10+ Essence, method to enter mind and 4 elemental runecrafting altars (talismans, tiaras, or access to Abyss), optional teleports near altars or Abyss
Items Suggested: Ardougne teleport

17. When you have all three pages, it's time to shape some runes! While holding essence, use the "Shape-Element" right-click option on the pages. There is a chance that you will destroy the essence instead of shaping it properly, which is why you should bring extras.

18. Take each shaped essence and use it on its respective altar. DO NOT choose the Craft option on the altar, or you will transform all your spare essence into runes. There is also a chance that the shaped essence will be destroyed instead. If this happens, right-click the related page to shape another. After shaping and empowering each rune at the appropriate altar, return to the Shrine.

Slug Menace Evil Mayor

The Plan is Revealed
Items Required: Shaped runes, Commorb v2, melee equipment (not magic nor range!) to fight level 51melee monster
Items Suggested: Ring of life

19. Go back into the shrine and use each rune on the imposing doors. When you put in the last one, a cutscene will show the mayor coming out and talking after which the Slug Prince (Level 51) will attack you with melee. It is immune to magic and range attacks!

Slug Menace Mayor Prince

20. Kill it, and you will talk with the Mother Mallum. Savant will teleport you out to Falador park just in time, where you talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien to finish up the quest.

Slug Menace Mother Mallum


  • 3500 Crafting xp
  • 3500 Runecrafting xp
  • 3500 Thieving xp
  • Promotion to Proselyte
  • Ability to purchase Proselyte armour, which is tradeable
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Essence pouches are handy for the runecrafting portion of this quest - plenty of essence without filling up your whole inventory.
  • Runecrafting altar teletabs from the Great Orb Project Minigame would be of great use during this quest.


Written by: SaidinWoT

Special thanks to: Cowman_133, DarkDude98, unr3aL

Thanks to: Akio, alex123219, Aquashock, Aurhora, Danyo, franktheman, Freshwhacka, Headnazgul, Jaffy1, MVP Wes, pokemama, ubermaan, vlad_the_old, whitestrike, wizzkid785

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