Sea Slug

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Easy Length: Short

Start location: Speak with Caroline, who is in Witchhaven (East of East Ardougne) at the coast.


Skills: Level 30 Firemaking

Items: Swamp paste (look in the guide for info on making this).

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Starting out

1. After speaking with Caroline, speak with Holgart at your immediate right. He will tell you that his rowboat isn't seaworthy, and that he'll need some swamp paste to fix it.

Swamp paste: To get swamp paste, you have two options. The first one is the easiest, but also costs money. Simply go to Port Khazard and buy it from the store there. The second option is totally free, but requires some time. Go to the Lumbridge Swamps and collect some swamp tar, then mix it with flour to get the paste, then heat it on a fire. (For more information, check our Trawler guide).

2. After you've gotten the swamp paste, go back to Holgart, and he will sail you to the fishing platform.

Sea Slug

The Fishing Platform

3. At the platform go west into the building and talk with Bailey. He will tell you about his problems.

4. Go to the north-eastern part of the platform and up the ladder.

5. Once upstairs, go all the way west to a house. Right click on Kennith and select talk to him. After speaking with him, go down to Holgart and get him to sail you to Kent.

6. Kent will tell you about what happened, and after that you need to go back to the platform (Holgart will of course sail you there).


7. Try going up the ladder to Kennith, and you will be attacked by a sea slug.

8. Go back to Bailey, and he will tell you that heat is the sea slugs' weakness. Bailey will give you a torch, and tell you to use that against the slugs. Take the broken glass from the corner of Bailey's house, and then go to the ladder in the north-east corner of the platform.

9. Pick up the damp sticks to the north of the ladder, and use your broken glass on them. You should now have dried sticks. Rub them together and your torch will catch fire.

10. Now go up the ladder to Kennith, talk with him, then go to the east side of the house and kick the loose panel.

11. After you've kicked the panel, talk with Kennith again, and he will refuse to leave until you find a solution.

12. Go to the crane and operate it. Kennith will jump in it and then you will find him in Holgart's rowboat downstairs. Get Holgart to sail you back.

13. Speak with Caroline to get your reward!


Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:


Written by: Ks Jeppe

Thanks to: Cowman_133, darktmn, hugo da dark, Kiyomizu, Lady_Shahdie, masterforta, pinkmini, shadow neter, tommitank

Last updated: 19-Nov-2013

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