Hunt for Red Raktuber

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Larry at the Ardougne Zoo.


Quests: Cold War, Sea Slug

Skills: Level 45 Construction, Level 45 Hunter, Level 38 Thieving

Items: Clockwork suit (or 1 Clockwork, 1 Plank and 1 Silk to make your own), 8 Silk, 4 Planks, Needle, Thread


Items: Teleports to Rellekka, Yanille, and Ardougne. You can actually carry all of the required items at once, without banking.



NPCs: Larry, Noodle, Penguin -Red Raktuber-, Trainee KGP agent

Walkthrough hide »

Items Required: None

1. Go speak to Larry, who is standing next to the penguin cage in Ardougne Zoo. He is wearing a straitjacket and will ask for your help in dealing with the penguin menace yet again. After you agree, he'll tell you that he encountered an enormous penguin in Witchhaven, and asks you to check it out to prove that he's not insane.

Items Required: None

2. Go to Witchhaven. Near the south coast of the village, next to the dungeon, you'll find some gigantic footprints. Inspect them.


3. Go back to the zoo and talk to Larry. He will ask you to convince his manager. The manager appears and agrees to look. You, Larry and the manager will appear back at the foot print. A cutscene will take place and then you are back at the zoo. Now Larry is released.

Talk with Larry, who tells you to meet him at the Iceberg to infiltrate the KGP Headquarters again.


Bank Bank Bank
Required: Clockwork suit
Bring the following to save time: 8 pieces of Silk, 4 Planks, Needle, Thread, teleport to Yanille

4. Go to the dock east of Rellekka, and take the boat to the Iceberg. Talk with Larry and have him put you in the suit.

Items Required: Clockwork suit


5. Wearing your penguin suit, enter the KGP headquarters through the avalanche entrance north-west of Larry.

6. Enter the first room on the west side of the corridor and speak to the KGP Interrogator. Mistaking you for another student, he'll inform you that this is a practical test of your interrogation skills. The subject is a penguin sent from the submarine.

Hunt for Red Raktuber Map


7. After the penguin makes a lengthy statement, you must wear away its' will by questioning its' claims.


If you ask the wrong question three times, you will have to start over. The correct questions for each menu choice are as follows:

  • "My captain trusted me to deliver the message.
  • "Your captain must trust you a great deal."
  • "My captain found a greater leader."
  • "What leader could possibly be greater than the Pescaling?"
  • "The sea may control your Captain, but he controls your life."
  • "He will bring unity by destroying the humans."
  • "Why not unite all penguins to The Sea, first?"
  • "He's only demonstrating his impatience."
  • "Nothing can stop him."
  • "If he comes to rescue you, he'll be captured."
  • "Our sacrifice will be remembered."
  • "'Our sacrifice'? Only you appear to be making the sacrifice."

8. Demoralised, the penguin will tell you how to contact the submarine. You'll need to wear a fish hat (the same as the one he is wearing), blow a conch and do a dance of the sea. He'll tell you the moves of the dance; be sure to write these down, because they're different for each player and you'll need them later on in the quest. Possible emotes are shiver, twirl, clap, bow, cheer, wave, preen, and flap.


9. Before leaving, be sure to search through the box of evidence while the KGP guard isn't looking and collect the fishy items there. Keep trying if you fail to steal the fishy hats and conch shell.

NOTE: You will only need to keep the fish hat that the penguin being interrogated is wearing for the quest. You can, however, keep all the hats and wear them after the quest if you desire.

Increased Access

10. You cannot enter the north section of the KGP headquarters, as it is guarded by a KGP agent. Speak to Ping and Pong, the musical penguins, in the room on the east side of the hall. They'll tell you to make a lullaby to lull the guard to sleep so you can get past the door.

11. Speak to the KGP agent and he'll tell you how he relaxes. Remember key words of things he says relax him, which will be different for each player. Go speak to Ping and Pong again. They'll ask you to fill in the lyrics for their lullaby. Fill them in with things that make the guard sleepy. It does not need to make sense - it simply must contain words that the KGP agent mentioned when you spoke with him. Go back to the agent and sing the lullaby to him. He will fall asleep and you can then operate the console to open the door for the rest of the quest.

The War Room
Items Required: Clockwork suit


12. Head east to the War Room where the dwarves are. Talk to any one of the dwarves working there and admit to being a spy. To prove it, remove your suit, and talk to them again. They'll ask you to rescue them from the penguins. Leave the room and you'll be kicked out of the headquarters.

13. Talk to Larry again and he'll tell you what supplies are needed to craft penguin suits for the dwarves.

Items Required: Clockwork suit, 8 Silk, 4 Planks, Needle, Thread

14. Speak to Larry when you have the materials. Get in your suit and return to the room where the dwarves are working. Speak to any dwarf, who will make you remove your suit once again before accepting the materials. Now they will tell you how to disable the submarine and give you a toolbox. After watching the tutorial, right click on the brown table, select "Inspect Engine panel," and do the following:

  1. Click the wrench and then click the panel to open it.
  2. Click the wire cutters and then click the open wire box to cut the green and red wires.
  3. Use the spare wire on the wires.
  4. Use the tape on the wires to connect the ends.
  5. Use the bellows on the pipe.
  6. Click the bellows until the needle is in the red.
  7. Turn the wheel until the arrow is in the green.
  8. Pull the lever.
Engine Panel

Once you've finished, speak with any dwarf and he will tell you that you're ready to as you'll ever be to disable a real submarine.

Shady Dealings
Items Required: Clockwork suit

15. Leave the room and you'll get kicked out again. Talk to Larry. Now you have to find out where the submarine is. Talk to Noodle, who is now wandering outside the headquarters near the avalanche. Agree to be in debt to the Mafia, and he'll hand you a KGP identification card. Enter the headquarters, and talk to the trainee KGP agent guarding the door on the east side of the hallway.

16. You'll need to sneak past the worker penguins to get to the cubicle in the south east corner - you cannot let them see you. Run along the north wall to the east wall. Then, go down a cubicle and west so that you're in between two cubicles. Then, run south to the door entrance. Search the table in the cubicle to obtain a telegram. Leave the same way you came in without being spoted. If you are spotted, the telegram will be taken away from you. You cannot teleport out either; if you do so, the telegram will be taken away. Once you are out, go back and talk to Larry.


Items Required: Clockwork suit, Toolbox, Conch shell, Fish hat

17. Head to the east coast by Yanille. Talk to Larry. Become a penguin, put on your fish hat that the penguin was wearing, and blow your conch. Now, do the dance that the penguin you interrogated told you to do, which consists of three dance moves. After successfully completing these, you'll find yourself aboard the submarine after a cutscene.


18. Go up the ladder, open the door and head to the other end of the ship. Talk to the captain. Lie to him or tell the truth (the end result is the same) about your motives and actions, and he'll throw you in the brig and confiscate your toolbox! Search the hat stand and collect all the oceanic life. You can use these animals as tools. Go to the jail cell door to pick it with the swordfish for 100 thieving experience and head to the engine panel.

  1. Open the wire lid with the crab claw.
  2. Cut the wires with the shark tooth.
  3. Use the electric eel to connect them.
  4. Tape the wires with the seaweed.
  5. Attach the puffer to the pipe, it works as bellows. Pump until the needle is in the red.
  6. Use the octopus on the wheel and turn it until the needle is in the green.
  7. Use the swordfish as a lever, and pull it.

19. Following the cutscene, you'll be dumped on a tropical island and another cutscene will ensure. After the cutscene, talk to the polar bear poorly disguised as a tree and you'll swim on his stomach back to Ardougne zoo after a quick chat.

20. Chuck the polar bear is now posted at the Ardougne Zoo in one of the cages. He is now your contact at the zoo for Penguin Hide and Seek. You'll also have the ability to spot a polar bear to get an additional penguin point per week. Quest Complete!


  • 3000 Construction Experience
  • 2000 Thieving Experience
  • 1500 Hunter Experience
  • Penguin Hunter Expansion
  • Penguin Hide and Seek Bonus with Polar Bear (Chuck)
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • If you have forgotten, Tip.It's items database entry explains how to craft a clockwork penguin suit.
  • Teleports to Ardougne, Rellekka, and Yanille will speed up parts of the quest.
  • After the quest, you can hunt Penguins and KGP agents on the iceberg for hunter experience. Speak to Jim the polar bear to receive additional experience.
  • If you wind up your penguin toy and release it like any clockwork toy, other players can pick it up and keep it.
  • Possible Rellekka teleports: the Enchanted Lyre, having your house in Rellekka, or Fairy Ring D-K-S (if you have access).


Written by: tryto

Special thanks to: Cowman_133, Huge Brain, Lady_Shahdie, Lalala7324, pokemama, Wyvren2000

Thanks to: bigm115, Glockslinger, Grasle, Jaffy1, Karvinen, King Plox, laura0077

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