Some Like It Cold

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Long

Start location: Speak to Chuck at the Ardougne Zoo.


Skills: Level 50 Construction, Level 56 Crafting, Level 65 Fishing, Level 50 Thieving


Items: Empty inventory and have nothing equipped.

Lodestones: Fremennik Province, and Ardougne loadstones activated.

NPCs: Astoria, Bouncer, Chuck, Jim, KGP Agent, Larry, Noodle, Ping, Plaza, Pong, Teddy

Walkthrough hide »

1. Break Out

Head over to Ardougne Zoo and speak to Chuck the polar bear. He asks for help breaking out one of his agents, Teddy. Teddy was captured while searching for zookeeper Larry, who was abducted at the end of Hunt for Red Raktuber. Chuck received a ransom note from the Walrus who is holding Teddy prisoner. To get to the POW camp where he is being held you must convince the seals napping on the coast of Rellekka near Larry's boat to take you there.

Read through the ransom note Chuck gives you then talk to Chuck again for a free teleport to Rellekka. The teleport lands you on the dock near Larry's boat. Run south-west to find a group of sleeping seals. Wake up the large black one in the centre of the group.

Some Like It Cold Seals

The seal wants you to entertain him before he'll talk. Do the dance emote and talk to him again. He'll start talking to you about his favorite penguin band, which happens to be Ping and Pong from Cold War and Hunt for Red Raktuber. Head back to the dock and take Larry's boat to the iceberg.

2. Rock and Roll

You'll see Ping and Pong once you first land on the iceberg. Chat with them and they'll eventually hand you materials for making their costumes: a strip of cloth, crushed gem, yellow dye and black mushroom ink. If you lose any of these you will have to obtain replacements yourself. You can either assemble the costumes at the workbench inside the KGP base or use your POH crafting table if you have one.

Some Like It Cold Workbench

If you choose to use the KGP workbench, you must first get into a penguin costume. To do this, head to the north-east and talk to Jim to get into the penguin suit. You can't be wearing a cape or wielding anything in either hand. Once you're in the suit, go west to the avalanche against the wall and investigate it. Once inside, head all the way north until you reach a set of large metal doors. Talk to the KGP Agent in the small booth to the west to open the door. Continue north-east and go through the door there. The workbench is inside. To get back to Ping and Pong, head back the way you came. At the large doors, press the red button to open them.

Some Like It Cold Kgpagent Some Like It Cold Redbutton

Hand over the costumes to Ping and Pong, who are then ready to perform for the seals on Rellekka's coast. Head back to Jim to get out of the penguin suit, then take the canoe back to Rellekka.

Talk to Ping and Pong to get the performance started. The seals will then take all of you to their camp for another performance. You are not allowed to have anything equipped or have anything in your inventory. A deposit screen will come up for depositing anything you may have with you. If your items will not all fit in the bank you will either have to head to the bank and figure out what to get rid of or drop your remaining items. (Note: You can get rid of the penguin costume - you won't need it anymore. ) Once ready, head back to the seal to be taken to the seal camp.

3. Prisoners of Walrus

Once at the POW camp, head north and talk to the polar bear dressed in a clown suit - it's Teddy. He explains that Larry is also at the POW camp but refuses to leave. Looking around, you see him dressed up in a penguin suit north of Teddy.

Head over and speak to Larry. You'll find he's gone even crazier, believing himself to be a penguin. Talk to Teddy again afterwards, who will tell you Larry is brainwashed and that he won't stop talking about getting an egg. You'll have to find an egg for Larry if you hope to get him out of the POW camp. Talk to Teddy again and ask him for ideas on how to get an egg. He mentions he's heard rumors of a black market, but he wouldn't know who to talk to.

Head to the south-west corner of the camp, where Noodle the penguin is walking around. He'll give you information that the Walrus eats eggs in exchange for getting in on the escape plan. Head over to the Walrus' hut to the east.

Once standing in front of his door, you'll hear the Walrus complaining about noise. Take the bat-in-box hanging next to the doorway. Encourage Bouncer, Ping, Pong and Teddy to make noise in order to distract the Walrus so you can steal the egg. Bouncer is one of the three seals at the bottom of the stairs near the Walrus' hut.

Some Like It Cold Bat

With the sound monitor in hand, you can see how much noise each group is making by a bar above their heads. Try to get each bar to fill up to blue simultaneously. This is best done by running in a circle and clicking on Bouncer, Teddy, then Ping and Pong to encourage them, then repeating. Ping and Pong must be clicked on separately. As the bars remain at full or close to full you will get a series of increasingly annoyed bits of dialogue from the Walrus, until he finally emerges from his hut.

Enter the Walrus' hut and grab the egg, then head back outside and talk to Teddy. He'll tell you to give it to Larry and see if he's more willing to cooperate. Hand him the egg and convince him a POW camp is not a good place to raise it. He'll agree to escape. Head back to Teddy and form an escape plan.

4. Hatching an Escape

After chatting with Teddy, go talk to all the non-named penguins in the POW camp about their escape plans. There are six penguins in all. One is located north-west of Larry and another is located in the north-east of the camp by the fishing hole. The other four are wandering around with the seals. Check in again with Teddy after surveying the penguins. While the two of you chat, Ping and Pong mention they have an idea on how to escape. The plan is to rebuild the submarine, claiming it is in preparation for a rock concert. To rebuild the submarine, Teddy needs blueprints. Head to the eastern side of the POW camp and talk to Plaza to obtain the blueprints.

Plaza will inform you he wants a board and pieces for Battlefish before he will give you the blueprints. Enter the building to his east and search the shelves for olive oil, sugar cubes, a popsicle tray and a rock carving hammer. Exit the house and head around to the northern side. Take a board from the wood scrap pile there.

Some Like It Cold Wood

After that, go north to the fishing hole and fish until you get squid, seaweed, leather boots and a shark tooth. Then head to the south-west corner to the building with two boiling tubs of water. Search the shelves there for some lye and a corkscrew. Search the table to get instructions on how to make soap. Next, return to Teddy and take a piece of his costume to make the chequered board.

Combine the lye and olive oil to get some unmoulded soap. Use the soap on the popsicle tray, then use the squid on the filled popsicle tray to dye some of the soaps. Carve them using the rock carving hammer. To make the board, combine the scrap of Teddy's costume with the board and the shark teeth. Return to Plaza and trade the game set for the blue prints.

Take the blueprints back to Teddy, who will begin repairs on the ship. He'll need your help fixing the engine, however. Take a look at the engine then talk to Teddy about getting parts for it. He'll direct you to Astoria, Plaza's game partner, for the keys to the storage room. Chat with Plaza and Astoria. Astoria will hand over the keys if you can beat her in a game of Battlefish.

5. Infiltrating Storage

If you have ever played Battleship, Battlefish is the exactly the same. If not, click below for an explanation of the game.

How to play Battlefish Hide / Show
In Battlefish, as with Battleship, each player has four game pieces of lengths three, three, four and four. Your own ships can be placed vertically or horizontally (not diagonally) on your side of the game board, each ship taking up their respective number of squares. You cannot see your opponent's ship placement. The players go in turns, each guessing one square (ie. B2) per turn, attempting to locate one of their opponent's ships. If you guess correctly it's a "Hit," otherwise it's a "Miss." Once you hit one of your opponent's ships, you should attempt to determine whether their ship is placed horizontally or vertically by guessing the squares to the north, east, south and west of the "Hit" spot. Once you have hit all the squares that particular ship takes up, it will sink. Eliminate all your opponent's ships before they eliminate yours in order to win the game. When looking for your opponent's ships, keep in mind that they can be placed right next to each other.
Some Like It Cold Battlefish Some Like It Cold Battlefish2
Potential fish placement. Battle in progress.
In general Battleship is a game of chance, depending on how quick you are to find your opponent's ship. However, as the game goes on you can employ a bit of strategy to increase the likelihood of finding a ship. If there is a row or column of five empty spaces, aim for the spot in the middle rather than the ones on the end. If you're looking for a ship that is four spaces long, avoid looking in any three space areas.
Spoilers! Astoria's Ship Locations Hide / Show
Ship Locations
Ship Coordinates
Ship 1 E6, F6, G6, H6
Ship 2 G2, G3, G4, G5
Ship 3 C5, D5, E5
Ship 4 C8, D8, E8

After beating Astoria in the game of Battlefish, she will unlock the door for you in return for being taken away on the submarine. Head into the storage room to Astoria's south and gather the circus props in the crate. Return to Teddy and have a go at fixing the engine.

Some Like It Cold Engine

To fix the engine do the following:

  1. Use the white and blue hula hoop to fix the wheel.
  2. Use the colourful wheel and then the pointing finger on the pressure gauge.
  3. Use the red balloon on the coil of wire to make an insulated wire. Use the insulated wire on the wirebox.
  4. Use the purple material on the pipe.
  5. Use the bowling pin to repair the lever.

6. High Pressure Situation

Talk to Teddy after fixing the engine. You'll have a cutscene of the rock concert and subsequent distraction while you make your escape. After the cutscene, talk to Teddy on the submarine to find out what needs to be done.

Some Like It Cold Periscope

The bars monitoring the submarine's status are in the upper left. The character is standing in front of the periscope. Through the door to the right is Teddy - this is where your helpers will be.

You need to assign Larry, Plaza, Ping and Pong to various jobs to stay afloat, as well as attack the seals using the periscope. The jobs are represented by the interface in the top left, as well as the overall health of the ship. You must keep these bars as full as possible in order to maintain the health of the ship. There are five jobs to assign your four helpers to: torpedoes, engine, windows, air pump and sonar. This means one job will be left uncovered at any time. To assign a helper, click on them and select a post to send them to. If you send another helper to the same spot, the first one will return.

Your helpers will have a blue/orange bar above their heads when they are in the same room as Teddy. The blue represents how much energy they have. A helper with a low amount of energy will be able to stay at their post a shorter period of time, before coming back into the main room. The only way to restore their energy is by waiting. You can also reassign your helpers at any time by running to their station and clicking on them, but this is not recommended as it takes too much time.

At the same time as monitoring your helpers you will have to play another round of Battlefish. This time you have the equivalent of two four block ships, while the seals have two four block and one three block ship. Do not panic if the seals hit you - they will not proceed to systematically eliminate you as Astoria did. The Battlefish game is played in the room to the left of Teddy at the periscope. There is a door between the rooms - try not to click on it and close it as that just wastes a few seconds of your time. To go between managing the sub and playing the Battlefish game, you can click "Back to sub" at the top right of the Battlefish interface. To go back to playing the Battlefish game, run back over to the periscope.

You must win the Battlefish game as quickly as possible while making sure the submarine is in good repair. Don't worry too much about the submarine's health bar. As long as you are keeping the bars below relatively full, the health should be enough to get you through the game. If you do happen to fail you will show up in Death's office with Ping and Pong. They will convince Death to reset the scenario to right before all of you board the submarine. You will appear back on the dock with Larry's ship. Talk to the seals to return to the submarine scenario.

Spoilers! Seal Ship Locations Hide / Show
Ship Locations
Ship Coordinates
Ship 1 F6, F7, F8, F9
Ship 2 D4, E4, F4, G4
Ship 3 H1, I1, J1

After you successfully destroy all three of the seals' ships you will find yourself back at the Ardougne Zoo. Chat with Chuck to complete the quest. Congratulations!


  • Access to the Thieving event in Balthazar's Bonanza Circus
  • 10,000 Construction XP
  • 40,000 Crafting XP
  • 40,000 Fishing XP
  • 10,000 Thieving XP
  • Ability to spy a 3-point penguin in the Penguin Hide and Seek distraction and diversion. You need a Ring of Visibility to spy it and it teleports frequently.
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • If you want to make yourself a set of penguin rock and roll gear after the quest, you can gather a strip of cloth, yellow dye, black mushroom ink and crushed gem and make the costumes at a POH crafting table.


Written by: Aurhora

Special thanks to: ForsakenMage, Grasle

Thanks to: aspeeder, hotdogcore, Jeremy841, Leik, MinuKitty, Salleh, War Chipmunk, Xena_Dragon

Last updated: 28-Sep-2013

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