Fight Arena

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Lady Servil, north-west edge of Khazard


Skills: Be able to kill level 110 and 120 monsters

Items: Weapons, armour, food, 5 gp


Skills: Level 43 prayer

Monsters: Khazard scorpion (level 44), Khazard ogre (level 63), Bouncer (level 110), General Khazard (level 120)

NPCs: General Khazard, Hengrad, Jeremy Servil, Lady Servil, Lazy Khazard Guard, Local

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Lady Servil

1. Talk to Lady Servil and she'll tell you that her husband and son have been kidnapped.

Fight Arena Area Map

Khazard Armour

2. Go south towards the arena fence and talk to the "Local", then go to the north-east building of the town. From an armour stand, "borrow" a suit of armour (a Khazard helmet and Khazard armour).


3. Wear the Khazard armour and helm and go into the jailhouse there. Now go to the most south-eastern room in the house, on the first floor and talk to Khazard there. Talk with the guard inside and he'll tell you that he likes to drink.

4. Now head to the pub nearby and talk to the bartender to get a Khali Brew for 5 gp. Go back to the guard and give him the lovely brew. He'll get drunk and leave the keys for Jeremy's cell on the table, pick them up.


5. Before releasing Jeremy make sure you have the pots and food required to fight all the monsters. You will not have the opportunity to refresh your inventory. Go to Jeremy's cell and free him. He will go off to help his father in the fight arena, you will follow.


6. In the arena you will have to fight an Ogre. After defeating the Ogre, talk to Justin Servil and you'll be locked up in a cell.

7. Speak to Hengrad and you'll be returned to the arena for another fight against a Giant Scorpion.

8. Once you defeat that, you will have to kill a Bouncer, and after that General Khazard himself will appear and attack you.

9. Fighting General Khazard is optional; you are given the opportunity to escape from the Arena after killing Bouncer. Should you choose to fight, you'll have to defeat the General twice - after being defeated once, he will double in size and fully restore his life points. Face him if you wish.

10. After killing him (or just running if he's too hard for you), go back to Lady Servil and claim your reward.


Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The large skeleton in the arena can be used as a shield to kill Bouncer and the others with mage or melee, but General Khazard may leave if you hide behind the skeleton.


Written by: Ks Jeppe and Sir Beachy

Thanks to: baalboy5, Dark_Aura, Dp808, feiht, Howlin1, ik ben joel, I Was Pmh1, Jaffy1, King Daggoth, Lifeforms, Magicrunel, masterforta, Miles2, Suzanne Vega, tigerqueen85

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