Tail of Two Cats, A

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: East Burthorpe


Items: Cat or Kitten, Catspeak amulet, 5 Death runes, one set of logs, Tinderbox, 4 Potato seeds, Rake, Seed dibber, Shears, Bucket of milk, Chocolate cake, White robes and Skirt (desert clothes will do) and a Vial of water.


Items: Runes to teleport to Falador and Varrock. Also, Waterskins to help quench your thirst in the desert.

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1: Getting Started
Items Required: Cat or Kitten, Catspeak Amulet, 5 Death runes

To start the quest, head to the northern edge of Burthorpe and speak to Unferth in his house. After promising to help him out he asks you to go talk to Hild. You can find her in the house to the east.

2: Hild

Hild asks you to bring her five death runes. After receiving the runes, she enchants your catspeak amulet. Now you can open the amulet to reveal a cat-faced compass. If you are wearing the amulet, right-click it and choose "open". Click on the whiskers to help you find Bob's location - this rotates the little arrow. Rotate the arrow until the eyes of the compass light up - Bob is in that direction. When the mouth also opens and closes, this indicates that Bob is very close to you.

3: Bob #1
Items Suggested: Varrock teleport tab or teleport runes

After locating Bob, talk to him. He doesn't remember his parents. Now your kitten/cat asks you to visit Gertrude. Go visit her; she lives in the house just south-west of Varrock's west gate.

4: Gertrude

Gertrude doesn't know anything about Bob's parents. After a conversation with your kitten/cat, it asks you to go talk to Reldo the librarian about "Robert the Strong." Go see Reldo in the Varrock Palace library.


Reldo tells you some lore. Now you need to return to Bob. You'll need to find him again using your enchanted amulet. Once you find him, talk to him.

6: Bob #2

After talking to Bob, your kitten/cat asks you to go to Sophanem to talk to the Sphinx. Go there and find the Sphinx. Head to bank before you do so and grab the items needed for the next step.

7: Sphinx
Items Required: Cat or Kitten, Catspeak Amulet, one set of logs, Tinderbox, 4 Potato seeds, Rake, Seed dibber, Shears, Bucket of milk, Chocolate cake
Items Suggested: Varrock teleport tab or teleport runes

The sphinx asks you if you want to see a cutscene. After that, you are asked to do some chores to help take care of Unferth. The sphinx offers to teleport you to Unferth's home.

8: Unferth again

Now you have to do some chores for Unferth. You should start by weeding his garden patch with your rake, then planting potato seeds in it (no compost needed). You have to wait for the potatoes to finish growing before all the chores will be considered complete, so it's important to start with the potatoes. While waiting for the potatoes to grow:

  • make Unferth's bed
  • search the bookcase to get a recipe
  • place the bucket of milk and chocolate cake on the table
  • use the logs and tinderbox to make a fire in the fireplace
  • use your shears on Unferth to give him a trim

You can ask your kitten/cat for help by talking to it. It will notify you when all of your chores are finished. After you have finished all of your chores, Unferth says that he's very sick and asks for a doctor. Head over to Varrock and speak with the Apothecary in the south-western corner of the city.

9: Apothecary
Items Required: White robes and Skirt (desert clothes will do) and a Vial of water

The Apothecary asks you to choose a nurse's or a doctor's hat. Put on the head wear, as well as your white top and bottom and head back to Unferth.

10: The Ending

Talk to Unferth while wearing the nurse's or the doctor's hat and white clothes. Do not wield any weapons or shields while talking to him. Unferth tells you he's cured, and you can go look for Bob once more. After you find him, he will tell you some stories about his travels and asks you to go back to Unferth for your reward. Quest complete!


  • Two antique lamps, which give 2500 exp to selected skill (must be level 30+)
  • Toy mouse
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

The Toy mouse doesn't have any uses other than as a "fun" (very poor stats) weapon, although your cat or kitten will swat at it whenever it says "meow" if you happen to be wielding it.


Written by: Pirkka

Thanks to: Aurhora, Baffler, Beethovens29, Cemtey, Cowman_133, Foodfight13, Hugh_Mannity, Jaffy1, Jiddisj, Michael_West, powotae and Queen Hekate

Last updated: 09-Nov-2013

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