Chosen Commander, The

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Long

Start location: In the goblin city of Dorgesh-Kaan, east opposite the bank.


Skills: Level 46 Agility, Level 46 Strength, Level 46 Thieving

Items: Light source


Teleport runes to Lumbridge, Ardougne; dismiss your familiar, a covered light source

Monsters: Bandos Avatar (level 125), Sigmund (level 100), H.A.M. agent Walton (level 50), Zanik (level 75) (fight 5 times)

NPCs: Ambassador Alvijar, Captain Undak, Goblin scribe, Grubfoot, High Priest -Goblin-, Johanhus Ulsbrecht, Juna, Kazgar, Markog, Merchant Walton, Mernik, Milton the Miller, Mistag, Oldak, Tegdak, Torzek, Turgall, Turgok, Zanik

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Dorgesh-Kaan Map

An In-toxin-cating Problem

1. Speak to Captain Undak east opposite the bank in Dorgesh-Kaan. Ask him if he needs any help. He explains to you that the cave-goblin children from the city's nursery have fallen ill and asks you to accompany him. When you agree, he will follow you (if you have a familiar following you, he will tell you to dismiss it first). Go to the nursery which you can find at the top of the stairs beside the Captain.

2. Head up to the nursery and speak to Mernik, who sends you to speak to her assistant, Torzek. Go outside and speak to her about the children. She is panicky, so tell her to calm down. Once she is, ask her what the kids have eaten. She will tell you that all of the children ate the food they got, not just the ones who got sick. So you must investigate the children.

Note: There are four children outside that are sick, and many running all around that are well. The sick children each ate two foods, at least one of which made them sick. The healthy children will not have eaten these foods. The bad foods are green gloop soup and frogspawn gumbo.

3. Talk to the Captain. He will tell you that the goblin food merchants have been buying spices from humans lately. The Captain suspects one of the human vendors is a H.A.M. guard.

4. Go to the merchants downstairs and investigate. You can find the merchants south on the ground floor. Talk to Turgok for the soup and Markog for the gumbo. The person who sold them the bad food is Walton.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: None
Suggested: Weapon, armour, food to fight a level 50

Not the human...

5. Report back to the Captain, who will come and arrest him. (If you accuse the wrong person, you will have to pay 5,000 gp.)

6. Walton will resist and you will have to fight him. When he is at half health, he will turn on protect from melee prayer. Then, a great portal of light appears behind him. You tell him to look behind him. Zanik jumps out of the portal! She helps you to finish off Walton and he is taken away by the Captain. You ask Zanik what happened, she will tell you in an interesting cutscene...

7. You are now playing as Zanik!

  • Climb up the goblin statues and work your way up to the statue with the bowl, which will show a cutscene of the ill children.
  • Make your way over to the ledge and grab Zanik's Crossbow.
  • Once you have that, grapple across to the throne.
  • Pick up the amulet; all the statues will bow to you now.
  • Look into the bowl again, it will show you arresting Walton.
  • Make your way to the portal west. The blocking statues will part to allow you to get to the portal.
Chosen Agility Course

8. Talk to Zanik after the cutscene so she will follow you to the council. Go to the north end of town and upstairs to the council. They talk about on how they must hand over Walton to the humans. The Captain starts to take away Walton, and Zanik shoots him! She then runs off. Talk to the Captain who suggests where she is, tell him you will start looking for her.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Light source
Suggested: None

9. Go to the agility course far south of the city. Go down the ladder (make sure to bring a light source!), and go all the way south (past the dungeon entrance marker) to find Zanik. Sit beside her quietly (choose this several times), and when she talks, help her to feel better.

Chosen Zanik Minimap

10. Eventually you both will go back to the council. Once there, you can defend Zanik. After choosing all options, Zanik will be banished from the city. Speak to her outside; she will then teleport away.

11. Speak to the Captain, who will thank you for bringing back Zanik. He will then ask you to infiltrate the H.A.M base and find out their plans. The Captain will give you a set of H.A.M robes.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: None
Suggested: Lumbridge teleport runes, Ardougne teleport runes

12. With your H.A.M robes equipped, make your way to the H.A.M base north-east of Lumbridge (just over the bridge). In the south-eastern corridor of the base, near the jail, speak to Johanhus Ulsbrecht. Ask about Sigmund and where you can find him. He will tell you Sigmund set up his own base in Ardougne, and to use the password "Arrav". Teleport to Ardougne.

HAM Dungeon Map
Bank Bank Bank
Required: None
Suggested: Armour, weapon, food (H.A.M robes no longer used), Light source or 1 free inventory spot

13. In Ardougne, get combat supplies and then make your way to the Windmill just north of town. Talk to Milton the Miller. If you are wearing H.A.M clothing Milton will warn you to take it off to maintain secrecy, but he'll still let you in. Tell him the password and he will reveal the trapdoor to you.

14. Climb down the trapdoor into the base, but do not talk to Sigmund or he will throw you out. Find Sam the guard and pickpocket him for his letter.

Sigmund Hideout

15. Go east to the guard at the prison cell. Give him the letter and he will let you in. Take the prison key and let the goblin out. It is the goblin village commander Grubfoot!

16. Before speaking to Grubfoot again to start his escape, go into the smallest room, the kitchen (letter A in the picture) with the wall crack. Go into the locked room (letter B) via the crack and unlock both doors, then go back to Grubfoot.

  • Tell Grubfoot that you'll distract the guard so he can make a break for it.
  • Go to the guard and talk to him so that he is facing north (stand to his north side).
  • Grubfoot will go across to the next room (room B).
  • Go with Grubfoot, tell him to wait at the west door.
  • Go into the smallest room (the kitchen, room A) and grab the dirty dish plates.
  • The guard will come in and ask if it was you.
  • Wait for Grubfoot to get into the next room (the bunk room, letter C in the picture).
  • Follow Grubfoot when he is there, tell him to follow you.
  • Make your way to the big doors on the raised part of the base.
  • The guard will spot you and Grubfoot will paralyse him with a magic attack.
  • Then you both must get out of there via the big door.

17. Once you come out into the next room, a cutscene will take place. A few goblins are attacking the H.A.M people. Zanik is also there attacking the H.A.Ms. Sigmund will spot you and fight you. He will put on protect from melee and Zanik will range him as you attack. He will continue to use and switch protection prayers unless you deactivate them. In order to do so you need to use the Ancient Mace special (in Legacy) or the abilities Punish or Backhand (Evolution of Combat). Once he is near dead, he almost gets away but Zanik cuts off his hand. Zanik will finish him off, and you ask what has gotten into Zanik. She is under the control of Bandos!

18. Zanik will attack you. Fight her and she will regenerate. Keep killing her and convince her to snap out of it:

  • Does our friendship mean nothing to you?
  • But am I *your* enemy?
  • Zanik, you're being controlled. Fight it!
  • Zanik, it's the pendant. Take it off!
  • You've got to do it, otherwise it will win!

Eventually Zanik will take off the pendant which is controlling her. The high priest goblin will take the pendant and Bandos will take control of him, while Zanik is back to herself. The priest teleports away and causes an earthquake. Zanik and you will teleport away.

19. Zanik and you end up in a cave somewhere near the goblin city. She gives you a lit oil lamp. You talk for a bit and make your way west towards the exit. Note: it is recommended to bring your own covered light source if you have a low Agility level, as there is a stepping stone you need to hop over, and failing will extinguish certain light sources. Another earthquake traps Zanik. Clear the rubble and tell Zanik to use her crossbow. Get to where you can see the protrusion on the cliff's edge, and guide her as to where she should aim her crossbow grapple: right, right, left, and left.

Chosen Cave Ledge pic Chosen Grapple

20. Exit the cave. You emerge near Juna the snake. She warns Zanik, telling her she must return to her destiny. Zanik ignores Juna and you continue back to the city.

21. Kazgar, the goblin who leads you to the Dorgesh-Kaan mine, will tell you about a thing in a giant glowing suit terrorising the city. You have to explain to him that Zanik is allowed back into the city.

To surrender or not...

22. Going into Dorgesh-Kaan, a guard will tell you to go to the Captain in the middle of the city. When you get there you will notice an obelisk. It is a warning to the goblins. Talk to the Captain and he will send you to the council. At the council, they debate what to do and show you the translated warning. It says for the goblins to surrender before Bandos. Zanik convinces the council to fight.

23. Talk to the Goblin scribe in the council room, who will ask you to assemble a time capsule to preserve the history of the city. He will send you to the archaeologist Tegdak, who is in a room off the east side of the ground floor. Get the box of artefacts from Tegdak and bring it back to the scribe. He will seal it and will ask you to bring it to Mistag, who is north just outside the city in the mines.

Chosen Tegdak

24. Go to Mistag, who will thank you for the box. He will ask you to go to Oldak, who might have a way to help the city. Go to Oldak in the north-west corner of the city, and you will find him arguing with Grubfoot. He eventually sends you to Turgall in the Agility Course south of the city, to get some items that will help.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Light source
Suggested: none
Chosen Turgall

25. Go to Turgall, who will give you two Energy Protectors and a Focusing Chamber. Go back to Oldak, who is now at the portal where you fought Walton.

26. Talk to Oldak, who will give you the modified Crossbow. Hand it over to Zanik who will ask you to check on the children in the nursery.

27. Go upstairs to the Nursery and talk to Mernick. She is worried about the children and wants to send them off to the Dwarf city. She asks you to talk to the ambassador about it.

28. Ambassador Alvijar's house is just north of the nursery. Ask him to let the children go to safety. He refuses. Go back to Mernick with the bad news. Once done, head to the bank and prepare for the fight. Bring food and armour!

Bank Bank Bank
Required: None
Suggested: Weapon, armour, food, four free inventory spaces

The final encounter

29. Talk to Zanik and say you are prepared. You will both head into the portal. The Bandos Avatar (Level 125) uses both a magic and melee attack, so try to switch prayers to avoid being hit. He will ask you both to surrender, ignore it and attack him. Kill him once and he will regenerate like Zanik.

30. The Avatar will then knock Zanik out, smashing the crossbow. You must collect the pieces again, and while collecting them you will be attacked by the statues. You cannot pick up the pieces while under attack by one of them, so you may have to kill them. When you have picked up the crossbow pieces, assemble it again and kill the Avatar again. When he is red barred, a message will popup in your chat box offering several choices, including "Use Zanik's crossbow special". Choose this and it will kill the Avatar. Pick up the pendant that it drops. Sit next to Zanik until she recovers, and then use the pendant on her. Tell her what happened, and she'll say "Let's go." Enter the portal to go back to Dorgesh-Kaan.

31. A cutscene about the goblins celebrations will occur, and then - QUEST COMPLETE! Congratulations on finishing the goblin story line.


  • 20k Strength XP
  • 20k Agility XP
  • 20k Thieving XP
  • Zanik's Crossbow
  • Access to the Bandos Throne Room Agility Course (Speak to Oldak)
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 3

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • A cannon cannot be used in the Bandos Throne room.
  • The Bandos Throne Room combat area and Agility Course can be reached after the quest either by purchasing a teleport sphere from Oldak (costs 2 laws and 1 molten glass) or by using Fairy Ring BLQ and entering the box.
  • To celebrate your victory, the goblins put a statue of you in the north area of Dorgesh-Kaan. You can change the statue's pose by talking to the goblin standing nearby.


Written by: lalala3724, pokemama, Sentry Wolf

Special thanks to: bluehooloovo, SaidinWoT, wachtwoord

Thanks to: d100x, Darkdude98, essiw, Fizzzard, Game_Freak67, Hugh_Mannity, Jaffy1, Lady_Shahdie, Kaphias, Minime23485, MisterTwelve, Miss Lioness, Necromagus, salad170, Salleh, SportsGuy, timmyx50, Warriormonkx

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