Land of the Goblins

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Grubfoot in the entrance to the Cave Goblin Mines.


Skills: Level 36 Agility, Level 36 Fishing, Level 37 Herblore, Level 30 Prayer, Level 36 Thieving

Items: Light source, Unfinished toadflax potion (Vial of water and a Clean toadflax), Goblin mail, 5 gp, Blue dye, Purple dye, Yellow dye, Orange dye, Black mushroom ink (or an Empty vial and a Pestle and mortar), Slimey eel, (see the Tips, tricks & notes section for information on dyes and Slimey eels), Fishing rod


Items: Dorgesh-kaan spheres, Falador teleport (1 Law rune, 1 Water rune, 3 Air runes), Ardougne teleport (2 Law runes, 2 Water runes) or Skills necklace (for teleports to Fishing Guild and Crafting guild), Amulet of Glory, armour, weapon

Monsters: Skoblin (level 15), Snothead (level 28), Snailfeet (level 45), Mosschin (level 55), Redeyes (level 65), Strongbones (level 52)

NPCs: Aggie, Grubfoot, High Priest -Goblin-, Makeover Mage, Mistag, Oldak, Zanik

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Kept out
Items Required: Light source
Items Suggested: None

1. Speak to Grubfoot, in the caves just outside the Dorgesh-Kaan city entrance - he's trying to get Mistag to let him into the city. When Mistag tells him surface goblins can't come in, he asks you for help in speaking to the Chosen Commander, Zanik.

2. Ask Mistag why he won't let Grubfoot in, then claim responsibility for Grubfoot. Mistag will allow him to enter the city. Take him into the city to meet Zanik, who is in Oldak's room, north of the bank. (See the Dorgesh-Kaan map)

Dreams and Realities
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

3. Speak to Zanik in Oldak's room north of the bank and Grubfoot will tell her he believes she is the Chosen Commander. Ask him what the Chosen Commander is, and he will show his dream of Yu'biusk, the Land of the Goblins. Question him as to how he knows the dream was true, to which he replies that it was far more real than any other. When Zanik asks what it must mean, say that you think it must have some meaning. Sadly, no one seems to know the way to Yu'biusk any more - except the priests in a secret goblin temple. Grubfoot will not reveal this temple's location until all of you promise to not tell anyone where it is, so go ahead and make that promise.

Grubfoots dream of Yubiusk

Lost Temple
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Dorgesh-kaan teleport spheres

4. Grubfoot describes a very muddy cave system near where humans catch fish. Oldak recognises it and says he can make a teleport sphere to get all of you there. He gives Grubfoot a teleport sphere to return to the Goblin Village as the Goblin Generals will soon notice he has gone, then asks if you're ready.

5. When you are ready, say you are, and you and Zanik will teleport to Goblin Dungeon.

6. Head north-west until you find a small alcove with a door guarded by two Goblin guards. Speak to them and they will let Zanik in, but will prevent you from entering the temple as you are human. Grab a black mushroom from any bunch on the floor of the cave complex, you'll need it later to make black mushroom ink.

Goblin Temple Entrance

Accepting Change
Items Required: Unfinished toadflax potion
Items Suggested: Dorgesh-kaan teleport spheres, Falador teleport runes or Skills necklace

7. Return to Oldak in Dorgesh-Kaan and tell him they wouldn't let you into the temple. He believes the Makeover Mage could help you with becoming a goblin to enter the temple.

8. Head over to the Makeover Mage south-west of Falador (either teleporting there or by using the Skill necklace to teleport to outside the crafting guild) and speak to him/her ( about transmogrifying into a goblin. When the mage asks why, simply say you like goblins, and then ask whether he can turn you into one or not. So that he/she can't be held accountable for any mistakes, the mage gives you the recipe for a potion made of Pharmakos berries and toadflax. He/she gives you the Pharmakos berries, so make a Goblin potion (3) by using your unfinished toadflax potion with the berries.

Note: The goblin potion is a very unstable potion, whilst in the form of a Goblin, you must not

  1. Engage in combat or any other strenuous activity
  2. Enter direct sunlight, i.e. You must be in a cave at all times
  3. Wear anything a goblin would not usually, i.e. You are only allowed to wear goblin mail

Performing any of the above actions will turn you back to your usual human form

Holy Testing
Items Required: Goblin potion
Items Suggested: Ardougne teleport (2 Law runes, 2 Water runes) or Skills necklace, Amulet of Glory

9. Return to the Goblin Dungeon by any convenient means (the entrance is east of the Fishing Guild). (The skills necklace has a teleport to the door of the guild, or ask Oldak to teleport you, which costs one molten glass and two law runes).

Goblin Cave Entrance

10. Go to the goblin guards and drink your goblin potion, it makes no difference which goblin form you choose. Speak to them and tell them you want to go into the temple - accept whatever name they give you.

11. Once in the temple, head to the north end of the room and ask the High priest about Yu'biusk. He will only tell you if you can pass a test about the Big High War God.

  1. Those who do not believe in Big High War God, whether they goblins or other races, must die.
  2. Oh? Why?
    The Big High War God commands it.
  3. Big High War God chose goblins to be his race because goblins mighty warriors.
  4. Oh? Why you say that?
    Goblins were not mighty warriors before he chose us.
  5. Goblin leaders should be good at planning in order to win battles.
  6. Why not?
    That's one of the commandments.
  7. What Chosen Commander do?
    Lead goblins to victory over the whole world.

Questions Answered
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

12. Now that you have passed the test, the high priest will answer your questions, so ask about Zanik, Yu'biusk and the goblin representation in the temple. You'll find that a goblin named 'Snothead' may know where Yu'biusk is - the only problem is that he's dead. The high priest can however communicate with him in the crypt room by simply saying his name. To get into the crypt, you need six keys from each of the six tribal priests and all must be used to open the large door. To get to the priests, you have to enter their Tribal rooms. The tribe guards will only let you past if you are wearing goblin mail dyed to match the colour of that tribe.

Items Required: Fishing rod, Slimey eel, 5 gp, Goblin mail
Items Suggested: Amulet of Glory

Teleport or walk to Draynor. To 'dye' your Goblin mail white, you'll need to speak to Aggie in Draynor Village. She reveals that you don't dye something white, but instead remove its colouring. Removing the dye from Goblin mail requires something from the gut of a Hemenster whitefish. Hemenster whitefish can only be caught with Slimey eels in the Fishing Contest area west of the Ranging Guild.

13. Go to the Fishing Contest area and try the gate. Tell Morris that you're there to catch the Hemenster whitefish. He will let you in as long as you've already spoken to Aggie in Draynor. Bait one of the fishing spots with a Slimey eel in your inventory to get a Whitefish, then return to Aggie with the Whitefish, Goblin mail, and 5 gp to obtain White goblin mail.

Key Collection
Items Required: Blue dye, Purple dye, Yellow dye, Orange dye, Black mushroom ink, White goblin mail
Items Suggested: Skills necklace

14. Return to the Goblin Dungeon, drink the goblin potion, and enter the temple again. You may now enter each Tribal room by wearing the correct coloured mail. Below is the suggested order (going clockwise around the room from the white goblin room):

  1. Equip the white goblin mail and speak to the Guard at the entrance to the centre room on the west wall. Enter the room and pickpocket the Priest for the Saragorgak key.
  2. Exit the room, unequip the Goblin mail and dye it yellow, put it back on, and enter the north-west room. Pickpocket the Priest for the Yurkolgokh key.
  3. Exit the room, unequip the Goblin mail and dye it black, put it back on, and enter the north-eastern room. Pickpocket the Priest for the Huzamogaarb key. While in there, speak to Zanik through the prison door. Search the nearby crate to find a teleport sphere, and give it to her so she can escape.
  4. Exit the room, unequip the Goblin mail and dye it blue, put it back on, and enter the centre room on the east wall. Pickpocket the Priest for the Ekeleshuun key.
  5. Exit the room, unequip the Goblin mail and dye it orange, put it back on, and enter the south-east room. Pickpocket the Priest for the Narogoshuun key.
  6. Exit the room, unequip the Goblin mail and dye it purple, put it back on, and enter the south-west room. Pickpocket the Priest for the Horogothgar key.

You should now have six keys, head to the large door at the north of the main room, prepare yourself for combat if you are not already ready

Crypt Door

An Open Crypt
Items Required: The 6 goblin keys
Items Suggested: Armour and weapons

15. Open the crypt door and change back into a human by putting on any human armour.

  • Use the Say-name action at the south-west grave to summon Snothead (Level 28). Rather than answering your questions, he feels like attacking you, so kill him. When you defeat him, he'll allow you to ask him questions. You'll find out that he also doesn't know where Yu'biusk is, but he predecessor may. Ask him his predecessor's name so you can summon him. He will tell you his name was Snailfeet.
  • Say Snailfeet's name at the south-east grave, to summon Snailfeet (Level 45), he will also attack you so repeat the process of defeating him and ask him his predecessors name.
  • Say Mosschin's name at the north-west grave and summon Mosschin (Level 55) - once again, you're going to have to defeat him before asking any questions.
  • Say Redeye's name at the north-east grave and summon Redeyes (Level 65) to yet again defeat him and ask for his predecessor's name.
  • You're finally getting somewhere - say Strongbone's name at the northern crypt and summon Strongbones (Level 52). He summons Skoblins (Level 15) to attack you while you battle, however concentrate on defeating Strongbone. When you defeat him, the Skoblins die and he will allow you to ask questions.
Crypt Goblins

16. Ask Strongbones where Yu'biusk is, he tells you that it is not within the realm of RuneScape, but on another plane of existance. A portal could be opened to there. When you say goodbye, he will part with the advice that Zanik will find whatever she is looking for in Yu'biusk.

Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

17. Return to Zanik in Oldak's room in Dorgesh-Kaan and speak to her. When you tell her that you've been told how to reach Yu'biusk, Zanik recognises the power of fairy rings. Oldak theorises about breaking the barriers between the realms and Zanik realises that it is her destiny to go to Yu'biusk.

18. Go to the Fairy Ring AJQ - you may use the fairy ring network or walk there by going to the Dorgesh-kaan agility course in the south of the city. Enter the agility dungeon and head down the ladder to the west, and heading east along the first eastward path you see there, follow the path a little south and head to the teleport icon on your minimap.

19. Speak with Oldak - he explains how the machine will balance the fairy ring and asks you to handle the power distribution. With the knowledge that the rings are two, four, and six zurgs wide, you must find the proper proportion based on their areas. Set the rings to 9, 4, and 1 power from left to right and confirm. As the portal opens, a cut scene shows the barren wasteland Yu'biusk has become.

Power Distribution

20. Head north-west from the teleport point until you encounter a strange box. Oldak tells you and Zanik that they must leave now. However help Zanik open the strange box to see a cutscene. Zanik will be taken by the box. Oldak machine cannot sustain inter planar teleport for much longer and will teleport you back to his laboratory in Dorgesh-Kaan, completing the quest.

Strange Box


  • 3,000 Agility Experience
  • 3,000 Herblore Experience
  • 3,000 Thieving Experience
  • 3,000 Fishing Experience
  • 3,000 Strength Experience
  • 2,000 Prayer Experience
  • Ability to purchase Dorgesh-Kaan Teleport Spheres
  • Ability to pray at the secret goblin temple
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Obtaining Dyes
    • Red dye - Pick 3 Redberries from the bushes south of Varrock and give these to Aggie the witch in Draynor along with 5gp
    • Blue dye - Buy 2 Woad leaves from Wydin the gardener in Falador park and give these to Aggie the witch in Draynor along with 5gp
    • Yellow dye - Pick 2 Onions from the patch north of Rimmington and give these to Aggie the witch in Draynor along with 5gp
    • Purple dye - Mix Red dye with Blue dye
    • Orange dye - Mix Red dye with Yellow dye
    • Black dye (Black Mushroom Ink)- Use a Pestle and mortar on a Black mushroom while having an empty vial in your inventory
  • If you are in the area of Lletya, you can pick up all the dyes at the local Seamstress.
  • You can get a Slimey eel by fishing in the Lumbridge Caves or the Mort Myre swamp using a normal fishing rod and bait
  • If you want to return to Yu'biusk, the fairy ring code to gain access after the quest is BLQ.
  • If you really want to, you can change your goblin name by having the goblin guards guess your name again.
  •  After the quest, you can wear a Ring of visibility in the Goblin Crypt to see the ghost of Strongbones' predecessor. Speak to him with an Amulet of ghostspeak and he will ask you to bury each of the five undead high priests in Yu'biusk. Kill each high priest again without any weapons or armour and take their bones to Yu'biusk to bury them for a nice prayer experience bonus (13,750xp total).


Written by: SaidinWoT

Thanks to: Adamskii, Baffler, boa, d100x, eyehawk78, Game_Freak67, Headnazgul, Jaffy1, Kaphias, Lady_Shahdie, Melarish, oddfaery2, pokemama

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