Fishing Contest

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Beginner Length: Short

Start location: Talk with Vestri or Austri guarding a stairway east (or west) of White Wolf Mountain.


Skills: Level 10 Fishing

Items: Garlic, Fishing rod (normal, not Fly fishing rod), few gp (100 should be enough) and a Spade (can be found in Draynor Manor or bought at any Farming store except the one above Port Sarim).

NPCs: Austri, Bonzo, Morris, Sinister Stranger, Vestri

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Fishing Contest 1: Mountain Dwarf

Talk to Vestri or Austri, they both walk around a shack on the west or east side of White Wolf Mountain. Ask him what is below the set of stairs. He'll tell you that you can't go down there. Tell him that if you were his friend you would allow him to do so and ask if he wants to be your friend. To earn his trust, he will tell you that you need to win the Hemenster Fishing Contest trophy. He will give you a fishing contest pass.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Spade
Suggested: Armour, food to pass by Wolves (level 25 to 73)
and Guard Dogs (level 48)

2: Red vine worms

Bring a spade. Go west over White Wolf Mountain (watch out for level 25 to 73 wolves), and towards the fenced-in woods west of Seers Village (McGrubor's Wood). You must go to the north side of the woods and sneak in by going through some loose railings to the right of the building. If you are a low combat level you will be attacked by the level 44 guard dogs. Go to the western area of the forest and look for red vines on the ground. If you have brought your spade you should be able to check them for red vine worms (collect 3 of them).

Bank Bank Bank
Seers' Village
Required: Fishing rod, Garlic, Red vine worm, and Fishing contest pass
Suggested: None

3: Hemenster

Head south of McGrubor's Wood to the Hemenster contest grounds (west of Ranged Guild). Speak to Morris and show him your contest pass. He will let you in and tell you to speak with Bonzo.

Bonzo will tell you that your fishing spot is by the willow tree. Ignore his instructions and instead try to fish where the Sinister Stranger is. Talk with him and he will give you a clue that he loathes garlic (he secretly is a vampyre). Walk up to the pipes nearby and stuff your garlic inside them. The Sinister Stranger will now let you fish at his spot. Fish 3 giant carps from the Sinister Strangers's spot to win the contest.

4: Finishing off

Take the trophy back to the dwarf you spoke to guarding the stairway to get your reward.


  • 2,400 - 3000 fishing xp
  • You can now use the underground passage under White Wolf Mountain.
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The garlic can be found in the house south of the house with anvil in Seers' Village, Draynor Village in Morgan's House highest floor in the cupboard, at the respawn in the kitchen on the west side of Ardougne market place, or it may be bought at the Ardougne spice stall.


Written by: Ks Jeppe

Thanks to: Cowman_133, Ellekn2, Freekyfubu02, jimmy_jim, Lady_Shahdie, macca13579, pokemama, stijn404, Tree of War, V00D00M0NKY

Last updated: 17-Nov-2013

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