Between a Rock...

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Talk to Dondakan on the west side of the Keldagrim mines. The entrance to Keldagrim is east of Rellekka and north of the mountain camp. If you have completed The Giant Dwarf Quest, you can access Keldagrim by any minecart station in RuneScape.


Skills: Level 30 Defence, Level 40 Mining, Level 50 Smithing

Other: The ability to defeat one enemy between the levels 50 and 56

Items: Pickaxe (tool belt will work), 4 Gold bars, Hammer, a Cannonball ammo mould (or 5 gp to purchase one during the quest), food, armour and supplies to defeat a level 56 monster (plan for this level monster, but you are able to reduce the monster's level to 50 if you are quick)


Quests: Start The Giant Dwarf quest to be able to use the Mine Carts, speeding up travel time substantially.

Skills: Level 21 Agility to use the Grand Exchange agility shortcut. A high mining level to mine faster.

Monsters: One of: Arzinian Avatar of Magic (level 50-56), Arzinian Avatar of Ranging (level 50-56), or Arzinian Avatar of Strength (level 50-56)

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Use this Keldagrim map
during the quest

1: Start

Enter Keldagrim through the cave east of Rellekka or by minecart if you have completed the Giant Dwarf quest. You will need to get to the south end of Keldagrim near the docks.

Between A Rock Location Ferryman

Talk to the Dwarven Ferryman to cross the river. Follow the path going east to end up north of where you got off the boat. Talk to Dondakan the dwarf to start the quest.

Between A Rock Location Dondakan

2: The Rock

Dondakan will ask you to help him break through an impenetrable rock. Go east over the bridge and north and go through the two doors. Continue north and talk to the Librarian in West Keldagrim, just over the bridge.

Between A Rock Location Library

He will send you to the Dwarven Engineer. Still on the west side of town, look for the anvil symbol on your mini-map to the east near the river. He is on the lower floor of the Trading Consortium castle in Wemund's Wrench Shop. Ask him about the rock and he will tell you Rolad might be able to help and that he can be found at Ice Mountain.

Between A Rock Location Engineer

3: Rolad
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: 5gp to purchase a Cannonball ammo mould if you do not already have one

The Ice mountain is west of Edgeville. Those who have started The Giant Dwarf Quest can get there quickly by taking the minecarts in the south-eastern corner of town. Rolad is in the eastern house to the south of ice mountain, opposite Nulodion's house above the Dwarven Mines on Ice Mountain, whom you visited during the Dwarf Cannon Quest. Rolad will tell you about a book with information about the rock. He has lost the pages and you must go into the Dwarven Mine to find them.

Between A Rock Location Rolad

4: The Pages

The first page is dropped by a Scorpion. Kill some of them and you'll get the page. The second page can be found by searching the mining carts in the mines until you find a page. The third page is in any mineable rock. Mine any of them to get the third page. Now that you have them all, return to Rolad and he will assemble the book for you. Read the book - skipping the pages is enough. You'll need it later on, so keep it.

5: Golden Cannonball
Items Required: Gold bar, Cannonball ammo mould
Items Suggested: None

Return to Dondakan after reading the book. Ask him about what he has tried so far. He will go over everything he has tried. Everything he has tried is useless and he asks you to come up with a good material to use. Use a Gold bar with him and he'll tell you that you to make a cannonball out of the bar. Now teleport or walk to a furnace. The closest furnace, if you have completed The Giant Dwarf quest and the Varrock easy tasks, is in Edgeville using the Edgeville Lodetone teleport, then taking the minecarts at the Grand Exchange to travel back.

Between A Rock Location Edgeville Furnace

Use your gold bar in the furnace while having the cannonball mould in your inventory. You will get a nice golden cannon ball. Take the cannonball back to Dondakan and use it on him.

6: Firing yourself from a cannon

Dondakan will fire the golden cannonball at the rock. The rock will absorb the cannonball so Dondakan suggests firing you into it to find out what happened to the cannonball. To do so, you need schematics to alter the cannon and a golden helmet to get through the rock.

7: Collecting the Schematics

Dondakan gives you the first part of the schematics. Go to the Dwarven Engineer for the second part. If you read the book you got from Rolad again, you'll get an option to tear the last page out. Do this, and you'll have another schematic. The last part is at another dwarven engineer called Khorvak who is located in the Dwarven passage (under White Wolf Mountain). Take a minecart to the mountain and talk to him. Tell him no when he asks for a stout and you'll get the schematic part.

Between A Rock Location Khorvak

8: Assembling the Schematics

Click assemble on the basic schematics. You will get a window showing you the 3 schematics and the basic. Use the arrows to move the selected pieces up and down, left and right and the middle arrow to turn them. Match the bright white parts of the blue sheets onto the corresponding part of the background. It is recommended you do each piece separately and hide the other two pieces while you are working with the third. Repeat this process for all three pieces of the schematics. The schematics are completed when the game says: "That's it, it all makes sense now! If you were a dwarf that is...". Do not click the X before this appears or you will have to restart.


9: The Golden Helmet
Items Required: 3 Gold bars, Hammer
Items Suggested: None

Go to any anvil (there are plenty in Keldagrim) and use 3 Gold bars with an anvil to make the Gold helmet.

Click here to see the
Arzinian Mines Map

10: Arzinian Being Of Bordanzan
Items Required: Pickaxe (tool belt will work)
Items Suggested: Equipment to kill a level 50 - 56 monster, having an additional 9 empty spaces in your inventory to hold more gold ore

Take the helmet and the schematics back to Dondakan. Tell him you're ready to be fired through the rock. Once inside the rock you'll see a lot of gold around you. Note: You only have 8 minutes inside the rock before you are teleported out! Mine some of it to upset the avatar of the demon inside this rock.

The amount of mined gold ore in your inventory determines the avatars level:

  • Less than 6 - level 56
  • Less than 15 - level 53
  • 15 or more - level 50

To defeat this demon, talk to one of the walls of flame in the middle and the demon will send out either a magic, ranged or melee avatar. Using prayer protection is recommended to defeat the avatar without incident. If at any point you are in trouble, remove your helmet to be teleported back to the cannon outside.

Between A Rock Final Battle

Once you defeat him you will be taken outside. You will not keep any gold when you leave this time. Talk to Dondakan again to claim your reward.


Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:


Written by: Empror1

Special thanks to: Cowman_133

Thanks to: Baffler, Days, D_Chambel, Eeeeediot, Endoria2000, Entangle, fjasldfj, Howlin1, Jaffy1, jaklumen, Joh_Embrey, jsen, Ks Jeppe, meol, natdogg432, Nebel888, nurserymaid, N_odie, pokemama, sam10187, Shasta_Sms, warcraft107, wheelies152, Wugmasterx, zaybex, zealot192

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