Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf

Difficulty: Master Requirements: Hard Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Commander Veldaban, in north-west Keldagrim.


Skills: Level 61 Firemaking, Level 61 Hunter, Level 69 Strength


Items: Varrock teleport runes, armour, a weapon, and food

Monsters: Chaos Dwarf Cannoneer (Level 100)

NPCs: Fjoila, Veldaban

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Items Required: None

1. Speak to Commander Veldaban. He tells you people are missing from Keldagrim East, but you are interrupted by a guard that alerts the commander that the Chaos Dwarves are attacking the Black Guard. There is still a chaos dwarf holed up in the guard tower with some special weapon.

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The Chaos Dwarf
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Varrock teleport runes, armour, a weapon, and food

2. You will be transported, with a short cutscene, to the guard tower south of Keldagrim. Go upstairs with Veldaban and kill the level 100 Chaos Dwarf Cannoneer, who has a gun equipped. Take the slip it drops and speak to Veldaban.

3.The slip is a grand exchange order slip. Take the mine cart or teleport to the grand exchange, and talk to a clerk to exchange the slip for a package.

A Drunken Dwarf
Items Required: None

4. Return to Veldaban in the bar in eastern Keldagrim. Ask him if red axe is involved, and he asks for a Guardman's stout. Buy him one (at no cost), and then agree to take him back to the headquarters. After a short cutscene where Veldaban embarrasses himself, he will go to sleep.

5. Speak to Veldaban while sleeping, and he will mention Hilda.

The Secret Headquarters
Items Required: None

6. Return to the guard tower, south of the headquarters, where you killed the chaos dwarf, and use the boot from the package on the footprints.

Forgiveness Footprints

7. Follow the footprints to the fire pit near the end of the trail, and use the bowl, also from the package, on the fire. Remove the bowl, and use the rod on the now-dead fire. Turn the rod, and it will open up a secret passage in the wall to the west.

Forgiveness Door

8. Walk through the passage, through the cave, and try to operate the controls. Exit the mines and return to Keldagrim. Speak to Commander Veldaban where you originally found him; he will be awake now and follows you back to the secret passage.

9. Operate the controls on the Dwarven machinery and Commander Veldaban will offer to take the stones and man the board while you ride the cart. Now free both hands and you can ride the cart, while Veldaban operates the controls. The order to insert the coloured stones to change direction is: Yellow, Green, Yellow, Green, Green, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow.

Forgiveness Cart

10. Lower the bridge, and open the prison door. Speak to Fjoila, and the prisoners will escape back to Keldagrim.

11. Turn the switch south of the prison and proceed through the door. Veldaban continues to talk about Hilda. Watch the chaos dwarves convert Brunolt into a chaos dwarf.

12. Warning: Dwarf cannoneers will attack you after the cutscene. Go through the door and speak to Veldaban. After talking to him, use the metal rectangle, then the turnscrew on the sorting machine. Squeeze through the hole in the wall, then ride the mine cart back to Keldagrim. Watch the cut scene, and the quest will be complete!



Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Your hunter level can be boosted with a Hunter potion, the Oo'glog mud pool, or Spicy stew to reach level 61 to use the boot with the footprints.
  • Armour with a high range defence bonus is suggested.
  • The North Keldagrim mining area contains 8 Gold ore, 10 Adamantite ore, and 2 Runite ore rocks.
  • Chaos Dwarves, Chaos Dwarf Cannoneers, and Dwogres on the battlefield drop the Dragon pickaxe. The cannoneers also drop a hand cannon and ammunition.


Written by: Lalala7324

Special thanks to: darkalien317, Ixindor, Smellysocks

Thanks to: Baffler, damianara, Dark Aura, essiw, Georgelemmons, Grasle, Jaffy1, jimv, Rien Adelric, Wachtwoord

Last updated: 17-Nov-2013

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