King of the Dwarves

Difficulty: Master Requirements: Hard Length: Medium

Start location: Talk to lava-flow miner Sven outside of the Lava Flow Mine in Keldagrim East while wielding a pickaxe.


Skills: Level 68 Mining, Level 70 Smithing, Level 77 Strength

Items: Any Pickaxe, 6 Soft clay, 6 Mithril bars, armour and weapon to defeat a level 120 enemy.


Items: Charged Amulet of glory for easy transportation to a furnace.

Monsters: Colonel Grimsson (level 120)

NPCs: Big Rock, Blue Opal Director, Brown Engine Director, Consortium general secretary, Foreman Jaak, Green Gemstone Director, Klaas, Lava-flow miner Sven, Luitger, Meike, My Arm, Pretty Flower, Veldaban, Yellow Fortune Director

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1. The mine

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Any Pickaxe
Suggested: None

1. Begin the quest by talking to the Lava-flow miner Sven. He asks you if you appreciate mining and thus would like a tour of the Lava Flow Mine. Agree to take the tour.

2. You will be taken in for the tour, where Foreman Jaak will tell you all about it. Foreman Jaak interrupts his speech when he sees a cloaked figure. The cloaked figure will then somehow explode, destroying the place. Foreman Jaak asks you to free all the trapped miners.

3. Start mining the rocks. Some of the bigger rocks can not be cleared, so you will have to find an alternative way. If you manage to reach a trapped miner, rescue him and bring him back to Foreman Jaak.

4. After you have freed two of the miners, Black Guards will come marching in, but they have orders to fix the machine first. Continue freeing those miners.

5. After you freed all six of the miners, exit the mine, where you will find Veldaban and a group of protesters. Go talk to Veldaban. He asked you what you were doing in the mine, answer any of the options. Again, for your next move, it does not matter what you say. Veldaban will get angry at the Consortium for issuing such a command.

6. After the conversation, a Black Guard will come and arrest Veldaban. Whatever you tell him, you’ll be invited to go to the palace to try and clear Veldaban with your witness.

2. Getting Veldaban out of trouble

7. Go to the top floor of the palace. You will run in to a meeting of the Consortium, where Veldaban is accused of forcing them into making that decision. Veldaban now asks for your help.

8. You will have to talk to all of the directors, as they are trying to come to a consensus on what to do with Veldaban.

9. Ask the Yellow Fortune director why she arrested Veldaban. She answers that they need to be seen taking action to slow the revolt down. Tell her that he's popular and arresting him would be a bad move. She agrees to let him go if you keep him quiet.

10. Ask the Brown Engine director what he wanted to do about the miners. He’s starting to doubt his actions, and asks you if he did the right thing. Answer that it sure was a difficult decision and that you understand. He then agrees to let Veldaban go.

11. Ask the Blue Opal director about the lava flow mine. He’ll get into some details about it. Ask him if the chaos dwarf blew up the secondary boilers. He’ll thank you for paying attention, compliment you on your intelligence and agrees on releasing Veldaban.

12. As for the Green Gemstone director, tell him you were there when it happened and that you freed the miners. He’ll be thankful and agree on the release of Veldaban.

13. Ask Veldaban why he’s so angry, then tell him to calm down.

14. Now talk to the Consortium general secretary. Tell him that you have talked to everyone you needed to. The vote will then begin, and they will all agree on letting Veldaban go.

3. Finding Meike

15. Before you leave, a Black Guard will come storming in, reporting the spotting of a chaos dwarf army. Not only that, but there also appears to have gathered a crowd around someone making a speech. That particular someone turns out to be Hreidmar, the old head of the Red Axe. You are asked to go do some crowd control, so exit the palace through the east door.

16. You will hear Hreidmar’s speech, claiming that the dwarves need a king to rule them, not a consortium. Veldaban suggest to go find Meike, leader of the Monarchist Society.

17. Talk to one of the Protesters and ask if they know where Meike is. They’ll tell you that she’s normally in the King’s Axe Inn, a bar in West Keldagrim, just south of the bank.

18. Talk to Luitger and ask him why he didn’t join the protests. He will say that he liked the idea, but now that it’s become real, and people are being arrested, he’s starting to chicken out. Veldaban then suggests you should look for Meike in the Black Guard HQ, just west of the bank.

19. Meike doesn't appear to be here, so talk to Klaas, who is raging at Lieutenant Brae for capturing him. You’ll ask about Meike but Klaas won’t agree to help you because he’s captured. Veldaban will start threatening Klaas, after which he informs us that she went to the tower south of the city.

20. Go to the tower and talk to Meike. She says she knows what’s going on, and agrees on the fact that Hreidmar is in control of the chaos dwarf army. He would also be the new king, as he’s closest related to the last king. Meike says she’s not doing anything because she doesn’t want Hreidmar to be king. Tell her you should get into the records chamber first. Meike knows the location of the keys, which is the library in West Keldagrim. As the librarian knows Meike, she’ll try to let him let her handle the keys, after which you will use them to forge new keys. Tell them you’ll meet them both at the library.

4. Getting access to the family tree

Bank Bank Bank
Required: 6 Soft clay, 6 Mithril bars
Suggested: Charged Amulet of glory

21. Go the the library and talk to Meike. Next, ask the librarian if he’d be willing to open the display case. Meike will make up a story, and he’ll give you the key.

22. Use the key with the cabinet to open it.

23. Give the six pieces of soft clay to Meike. She asks you to go talk to the librarian so he’s distracted. Ask him some information about the keys, and he’ll give you a whole history.

24. The whole history gave Meike enough time to make a clay mould of each of the keys. She will give them to you. As there is no furnace in Keldagrim, you'll have to find one elsewhere.

25. Use the mithril bars on the furnace to make the six keys. Once you've done so, return to Keldagrim and go to the entrance of the records chamber, near the Black Guard HQ.

26. Once inside, talk to Meike. She’ll tell you to start opening the locks, but because all the symbols are worn away, you will need to work it out by trial and error. The combination that will open the door is:

  • Lock 1: Key 5
  • Lock 2: Key 1
  • Lock 3: Key 4
  • Lock 4: Key 6
  • Lock 5: Key 3
  • Lock 6: Key 2
King Of The Dwarves Locks
The white numbers are the lock numbers; the red numbers are the corresponding key numbers

27. After you put all the keys in the right lock, the door will open. Meike will start looking for the family tree, and you will find out that Hreidmar is indeed the rightful king of Keldagrim. As neither Meike nor Veldaban want him to be king, Meike starts looking for a rule that disqualifies him. Meike tells you to let her do her work, and reminds you about the chaos dwarf army. Talk to Veldaban when you’re ready.

5. Dealing with an army of chaos dwarves

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Weapon and armour to defeat a level 120 monster.
Suggested: None

28. Veldaban will show you the way to the Barendir caves. Enter the tunnel directly to the East.

29. Follow the path all the way north and talk to Colonel Grimsson. Veldaban will enrage him and Colonel Grimsson (level 120) will start attacking. Join in on the fight. If you don’t manage to kill him before Veldaban dies, you will have to start over again.

King Of The Dwarves Colonel Grimsson

30. After you have defeated Grimsson, he will run away, taking his army with him. Talk to Veldaban and suggest getting reinforcements. Suggest involving trolls in this fight. Then pick any of the three options, followed by ‘I’m going to go and talk to them, with or without you’.

31. Go back south again, where you’ll find a cave to your east (about halfway through the tunnel). Enter it.

32. Talk to Pretty Flower. Tell him you need to talk to him. He’ll not find you worthy, so ask how you should prove you’re worthy. He tells you to lift up the big rock north of him, so do so.

33. It turns out he wanted you to lift the troll named Big Rock, so go ahead. This will convince Pretty Flower.

34. Tell him you want his help, but he won’t accept any of the reasons to help you. So go talk to My Arm who is just north of Pretty Flower.

35. Tell him Pretty Flower won’t listen to you. Ask him if Pretty Flower is deaf. Being confused, ask him what Pretty Flower he’s referring to. It turns out he’s talking about his farming and his pretty flowers. Ask him if he’s be kind enough to give you a pretty flower, so you can give it to Pretty Flower. My Arm becomes totally confused, so just politely tell him that it’s for the warlord. He’ll finally get what you’re talking about and give you a pretty flower.

36. Use the pretty flower on Pretty Flower. Tell him it’s a gift from Colonel Grimsson, this will enrage Pretty Flower, so he agrees to help you.

6. Long live the King

37. Go back to East Keldagrim, and go to where you found the crowd and Hreidmar. Look for Meike and Veldabar. You’ll find out that Meike has taken care of the records.

38. A cutscene will start, and the consortium will announce that the records chamber will be opened to find out who should be king. Since Meike altered the documents, it turns out that Veldaban should be the new king.

39. Hreidmar will not accept this and threatens to use his army to get the throne. A black guard runs in and informs us that the trolls have stopped the army of chaos dwarves. Veldaban commands Hreidmar to be arrested, but he seems to have gotten away. A ceremony crowning Veldaban will follow.


Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The rocks which can be mined have a slightly lighter colour. Looking closely will make it easy to see the path.
  • The most convenient furnace to use is the one in Edgeville. After you have teleported to Edgeville you can run to the furnace and, after making the keys, continue on to the Grand Exchange where you can take a mine cart right back to Keldagrim.
  • If your Strength level is 90, you will get to keep the 'Big rock', which you can lift up anywhere in RuneScape.
  • You cannot boost your stats to start this quest


Written by: Neglexis

Thanks to: Baffler, BloodAngel, Bows, Dax, ForsakenMage, Jaffy1, Kimberley, Minette, uath13

Last updated: 23-Nov-2013

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