Birthright of the Dwarves

Difficulty: Grand Master Requirements: Hard Length: Long

Start location: Speak to King Veldaban at the top floor of the Keldagrim Palace.


Skills: Level 80 Mining, Level 82 Smithing, Level 85 Strength

Items: Combat equipment and food.

Ability to kill various monsters between level 68 and 180


Skills: Level 70 Agility

Items: Yanille teleport (either Yanille lodestone or Yanille tablet)

Monsters: Chaos dwarves (level 68), Chaos dwarf lava flow miner (level 120), Red Axe director (level 120), Chaos dwarf lava flow miner (level 130), Red Axe director (level 130), Chaos dwarf hand cannoner -BotD- (level 135), Chaos dwogre -BotD- (level 140), Chaos dwarf -BotD- (level 145), Chaos dwarf hand cannoner -BotD- (level 145), Colonel Grimsson -BotD- (level 155), Chaos Grimsson (level 160), Chaos Hreidmar (level 160), Ikadia the Exile (level 180)

NPCs: Brendt, Grundt, Hreidmar, Ikadia the Exile, King Veldaban, Klaas, Lieutenant Brae, Meike, Nulodion, Vigr, Watchtower Wizard

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Speaking to King Veldaban:
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Two free inventory spaces

Botd Start

1. Speak to King Veldaban to begin the quest. He is found in the Keldagrim Palace, the top floor of the consortium trade building. Ask him what happens now that he is king and he'll ask you for help.

2. Accept his request for help and he'll say there are three tasks that he'd like you to do:

  • Deal with the suspected Red Axe spies being held in the records chamber, in Keldagrim West.
  • Investigate the chaos dwarves in Taverley Dungeon.
  • Go to the Watchtower Wizard near Yanille and ask for a device to deal with Grush's memory-altering magic.

King Veldaban gives you a royal dwarven seal, indicating that you are acting on behalf of the king. These tasks can be done in any order, and you don't need to return to King Veldaban in between each task.

Dealing with suspected spies:
Items Required: Royal dwarven seal, one free inventory space
Items Suggested: none

3. Make your way to the records chamber in Keldagrim West. The records chamber is west of the bank and it is marked on the map by a dungeon icon. Once inside the records chamber, speak with Lieutenant Brae. You will show her the dwarven seal given to you by King Veldaban, showing that you are acting on behalf of the king. You have four suspects to interrogate: Brendt, Klaas, Vigr and Grundt.

4. Brendt and Grundt: Speak to Brendt and then Grundt and you will quickly uncover inconsistencies in their stories. Speak to Brendt again and talk about the captain of the ship to learn that they are lying. Exile them, execute them or let them go. Brendt admits to being a Red Axe spy if you choose to execute him. Grundt admits to being a spy and begs for mercy before you make your decision on what to do with him.

5. Klaas: After speaking to Klaas, go find Meike. She is at the bar in West Keldagrim (King's Axe Inn), south of the bank. Meike will vouch for him. Return to Klaas and you can decide whether to let him go, exile him or execute him.

6. Vigr: Speak to Vigr and then head to the ground floor in the western half of Keldagrim Palace. His shop is indicated by a sword icon on the map; it's the north-eastern room in the west half of the building. Search the furnace and you will find a bundle of letters underneath. Return to Vigr and show him the proof you have against him. He will now confess that he used to be a Red Axe spy but hasn't been in contact with them recently. Choose to execute him, let him go or send him into exile.

Investigating the chaos dwarves:
Items Required: Combat equipment (ranged recommended) and food
Items Suggested: None

7. Go to the Taverley Dungeon, the entrance is found south of Taverley bank. Go through the dungeon to where there are chaos dwarves (players with 70 agility can use the pipe shortcut and run east and exit out the gate and the chaos dwarves are just south of the lesser demons). Kill chaos dwarves until Ikadia appears. It's not a good place to talk, so she asks you to meet her at a chaos dwarf ritual site in the north-eastern area of the dungeon.

8. Go to the ritual site and speak to Ikadia. She has the knowledge the dwarf king seeks, but she asks if you are ready to fight for it.

Botd The Exile

Defeat Ikadia and she will give you the information that you are after.

Speaking to the Watchtower Wizard:
Items Required: Five free inventory spaces
Items Suggested: Yanille tablet

9. Head to the Watchtower near Yanille (the Yanille lodestone is a convenient method of travel). Go to the top floor of the Watchtower and speak to the Watchtower Wizard (the one with the longest beard). Tell him that King Veldaban sent you and he will give you a memory wand before projecting himself into one of your memories.

10. Use the memory wand on each of the kebabs and beers. Four different types of memory fragments will be released (Grimsson, Hreidmar, Chaos Dwarf and Gnome Emissary) and memory voids will appear in place of where the kebabs and beers were.

11. Catch all sixteen of the fragments, there are four of each type. Once you have all of them, examine the memory voids and use the correct memory fragments with each as detailed below:

NOTE: If you accidently use the memory fragments on an incorrect void, you will have to catch them again.

A cutscene will play and your memory is now restored to how it should be.

Through the Barendir caves:
Items Required: Memory wand, armour, high-healing food, one empty inventory space
Items Suggested: None

12. Return to King Veldaban and tell him you have completed his three tasks, after the conversation you will agree to meet him at the Barendir caves. Go through the small building to the south of Keldagrim Palace in West Keldagrim. Run south then west along the bank of the river, then cross the river by speaking to the Dwarven ferryman. Enter the tunnel on the south-eastern wall and follow the passage all the way to the north. Enter the cave.

13. King Veldaban is towards the back of the room near the cannon. Talk to him. He will let you know that everything is ready, and the Red Axe base is on the other side of the wall. You can bank at this stage by talking to the Black Guard Quartermaster who is in the same room.

14. Speak to Nulodian who will give you five explosive gears. Turn off auto-retaliate if you have it on. When ready, fire the cannon to start the attack. A cutscene will play.
NOTE: If you die any progress you made in the cave will be reset and your gravestone will appear in the passage before the entrance to the cave. The quartermaster will be in the same passage as your gravestone if you need to resupply. If you need more explosive gears, they will respawn underneath you when you re-enter the battle.

15. Turn on Protect Missiles as soon as the cutscene is over. From the rock, go west and stand behind the pillar. This will prevent the cannon from hitting you, but it will also cause the pillar to fall allowing you to cross the lava. Cross the pillar and run east, sabotaging the two cannons in the middle section. Go east and stand behind the pillar until it is knocked over. Cross the pillar and sabotage the three cannons on northern side. While sabotaging the cannons, Chaos dwarf lava flow miners, Chaos dwarf hand cannoners, Chaos dwogres and Chaos dwarves will be attacking you constantly (you can kill them or try avoid them). Protect from missiles and eating food regularly helps a lot, the cannons can deal over 3,000 lifepoints of damage each time they hit you!

16. Go up the control tower to speak to Grimsson. He will make a getaway in a mining cart. Raise the lever on top of the platform and ride in the cart after Grimsson. A cutscene will play showing Hreidmar telling Grunsh to alter King Veldaban's memory. Grimsson spots you though, and the ogre attempts to wipe your mind.

Restoring memories:
Items Required: Memory wand, three empty inventory spaces
Items Suggested: None

Botd Memory

17. The memory spell doesn't work, and instead you find yourself in Veldabans memory. Use your memory wand on the Zamorak chaplain, Red Axe banner, and the chaos dwarf. Each of them will transform into a memory void releasing three types of memory fragments: conscript, chaplain and standard.

18. Catch all of the fragments. Examine each memory void and use the fragments on the correct void, as detailed below:

When done, speak to Veldaban and he will realise that the memory wasn't real.

19. You will now be in another memory. Use the memory wand on two trolls, labeled "small troll" and Dwarf bone. They will become memory voids causing troll fragments and dwarf fragments to be released (six of each).

20. A cutscene will play, and you are in another memory. Use your memory wand on Zamorak and collect the six statue fragments. Use the fragments on the memory void.

21. You are now in another memory, this time with a beardless dwarf, a grumpy dwarf and an old dwarf. Use the memory wand on them and collect all of the memory fragments that appear. Grunsh will be creating dangerous memory fragments while you are trying to collect them. Avoid these, or the memory fragments that you have already collected will be released. Use the memory fragments on the correct memory voids as shown below:

After using all of the memory fragments, a cutscene will play showing Grunsh having his memory restored. You can choose to kill the ogre or let him go.

Red Axe HQ:
Items Required: Combat equipment and food
Items Suggested: None

22. Enter the doorway to the east and you find yourself in what appears to be a replica of Keldagrim. You need to head to the top of the palace. Go up to the first floor, and on the east side of the building is a staircase leading up to the top floor. If you try to open the door, a chaos dwarf will inform you that it is for Red Axe members only.

23. Speak to a Red Axe Director and say that your friend would like to join the Red Axe. He will say that Veldaban can join if you make him the greatest Red Axe director. Do this by killing the rest of directors. There are 7 other directors in total. After killing the other directors, speak to the remaining Red Axe director. Veldaban is now a full member. You can now open the door and climb the stairs to the top floor.

The final fight:
Items Required: Combat equipment and food
Items Suggested: None

24. After watching a cutscene, Grimsson and Veldaban will begin to fight each other. Help Veldaban by attacking Grimsson. When Grimsson reaches a full adrenaline bar, he charges you, dealing you a lot of damage if you are still nearby. After you defeat Grimsson, Hreidmar will use the dragon battlestaff to transform himself and Grimsson into chaos dwarves.

Botd Grimsson Defeated

25. This fight is by far the hardest fight in this quest. Veldaban won't be able to help you in this fight so you will have to fight Chaos Hreidmar and Chaos Grimsson by yourself.

Chaos Grimsson: Chaos Grimsson is the easier of the two to defeat and good way of killing him is once Hreidmar and Grimsson starts to attack you run to the stairs and go down them, then up walk back up again. Hreidmar will be at the throne. Open the door and lure Grimsson out and close the door. This will allow you deal with Grimsson first. As in the first fight if his adrenaline bar reaches 100% he will charge you, dealing a lot of damage if you are hit. To avoid the charge you can walk down the stairs and wait for a couple of seconds and then go back up. Keep attacking Grimsson and avoiding his charges until he is defeated.

Chaos Hreidmar: Once Grimsson has been defeated, Hreidmar is up next. Hreidmar is a much harder opponent to defeat. He will summon chaos dwarf hand cannoneers and chaos dwarves. When Hreidmar's adrenaline bar is at 100% he will heal himself 12,000 lifepoints. This can be avoided by dealing a lot of damage to him (ultimate abilities are a good way to deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time). He can also heal the summoned hand cannoneers and dwarves. A good method is to build up adrenaline by using only basic abilities, then unleashing your ultimate attack when he is preparing to heal. A good method is to go down and back up the stairs, once he has summoned several hand cannoneers and dwarves. Doing so will cause Hredimar's adrenaline bar to pause, and he will not attack you until you begin attacking him again. Use this break to remove the summoned hand cannoneers and dwarves, then return your focus to Hreidmar. Once Hreidmar has been killed, you will need to kill any remaining chaos hand cannoneers and chaos dwarves.

26. Once Chaos Hreidmar and Chaos Grimsson have been defeated, talk to King Veldaban. He will suggest that you kill him or else he will turn into a chaos dwarf. You can kill him or tell him to fight it.

If you killed Veldaban then you will have the option of allowing the consortium to rule Keldagrim or get them to find the true heir to the throne.

If you let Veldaban then you have the option of telling him to step down and let the Consortium rule or letting Veldaban stay as the ruler of Keldagrim.

After choosing either option the quest will finish. Congratulations!


Quest points: 2

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Your smithing level can be boosted to start this quest.
  • You cannot bring a familiar with you, to help during combat in this quest.
  • *The Ancient Keldagrim Ruins are accessed through the tunnel entrance north of the library in west Keldagrim. There are 10 statues that can be mined requiring a mining level of between 81 and 95. Your mining level can be boosted by drinking dwarven stout, dwarven stout (m), braindeath 'rum' or spicy stew, pouches do not work. After mining all 10 statues, you will receive the Azdaran document.


Written by: Baffler

Special thanks to: Howlin1

Thanks to: Aurhora, Shasta_Sms, Warriormonkx

Last updated: 14-Feb-2014

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