Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Easy Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Commander Veldaban in the Black Guard HQ in Keldagrim.


Skills: Level 22 Cooking, Level 17 Farming

Items: Around 300gp, Seed dibber, 2 Buckets of water, 2 Barley malt, 3 Beers

NPCs: Barmaid, Barman, Blandebir, Blue Opal Director, Brown Engine Director, Cart conductor, Drunken Dwarf, Gauss, Green Gemstone Director, Khorvak, a dwarven engineer, Kjut, Orange Flame director, Purple Pewter Director, Rind the gardener, Rowdy dwarf, Silver Cog Director, Veldaban, White Chisel Director, Yellow Fortune Director

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1: Getting Started

Items Required: 2gp or a Beer

Go to the north-western side of Keldagrim and speak to the commander of the Black Guard, Veldaban. He will tell you the Red Axe left the city and ask you to investigate. Offer to help him and he will teleport you to the Drunken dwarf on the city's east side.

Speak to the dwarf and ask him about the Red Axe. He will say he needs a beer. Go directly south to the bar and buy him a beer or simply talk to him again if you have one with you. He will say it's not the right kind and that you need to grow Kelda Seeds to brew the 'good' beer. Use the Keldagrim map below to help you throughout the quest.


2- The Seeds

Items Required: 1gp or a Beer

The Drunken Dwarf gives you 1 seed, but you need 3 more! You'll need to talk to other drunken dwarfs for the rest of the seeds.

  • Get one from a Rowdy dwarf walking circles around the bar in East Keldagrim. He asks for an item - it's different for everyone. The mine carts to the south of the pub can get you to the Grand Exchange or a Bank quickly, if necessary. Get him the item and he will give you a seed.
  • Next, go south from the bar and ride the mine cart to White Wolf Mountain. Talk to Khorvak, the dwarven engineer. He is in the pub just north-west of the cart. Tell him you want to borrow the seed and you'll bring it back after you grow the hops. He'll give you the seed.
  • Ride back to Keldagrim on the mine carts. Go to the pub on the south-western side of Keldagrim. Talk to Gauss and he will ask you to toast. If you do not have a beer with you, buy one from the barman then talk to him again. He'll give you the seed after toasting.

3- The Plant

Items Required: 4 Kelda seeds, Seed dibber

Take the 4 seeds and the necessary gardening supplies to the Kelda hop farming patch. The patch is just north-east of the pub. Pick up a rake from the spawn on the ground then talk to Rind the gardener about planting the seeds.


Go to the patch, rake it and then plant the seeds. They do not need water or compost and they grow on their own in about 20 minutes. If you want, you can talk to the farmer again and deliver a letter for him to Elstan for a reward while you wait. Elstan is the gardener at the allotment/flower/herb farm just south of Falador. Return to Rind the gardener after delivering and speak to him to collect your reward. You get two Marrentill herb seeds as a reward.

4- The Beer

Items Required: 2 Buckets of water, 2 Barley malt (cooked barley), 25gp, Empty beer glass

Once your plant has finished growing, you will get a message on your dialogue screen saying, "Perhaps I should take a look and see if my Kelda hops have grown ..." Pick the hops (you only get one) and go to the bar on the East side of Keldagrim. Buy some ale yeast from Blandebir - it costs 25gp and he puts it in an empty pot. There is an empty pot spawn on the side table.

Use your two buckets of water with the fermenting vat, then your 2 barley malts. Barley malts are made by using Barley on a Range. After that, use your Kelda hops with the fermenting vat and finally use your pot of ale yeast. Now you'll need to wait 10-15 minutes as the brew ferments. Once the beer has finished fermenting, you will again get a similar message saying, "Perhaps I should have a look and see if my Kelda stout has brewed ..." Turn the valve on the barrel next to the vat and use an empty beer glass with it to get a Kelda stout.

Go back and talk to the drunken dwarf with the Kelda stout in your pack and say you want to know about the Red Axe. He will appear to be more sober and tell you everything you could possibly want to know in a cutscene.

5- The Boarded Tunnel

Go speak to the cart conductor close to the boarded tunnel to the far south of the cart area. Ask him about the boarded tunnel. He will tell you to speak to an influential friend. Now go speak to the mining company director that you helped in the Giant Dwarf quest. If you forget who you helped, go around and talk with each director. The director who does not refer you to their secretary is the one you want! Ask them to take the boards off of the mine for you.

6- The Carts

Items Required: At least 2 empty spaces in your inventory

Go back to the boarded tunnel, which is now unboarded and click to ride the cart that has its track leading into the previously boarded tunnel. This requires having no items equipped. You will see some Dwarven machinery and a box. Search the box and you will receive a green and a yellow stone. Click to control the dwarven machinery and you will see a menu like this pop up:

Junction Interface

Make the picture looks like this by clicking the box in the picture to insert the pieces.

View Picture 2

Ride the train cart and when you arrive search the box to get more pieces. Ride back and control the machinery again to make it look like this now.

View Picture 3

Ride the cart again, search the box and then ride to the beginning again. Now make the picture look like this.

View Picture 4

You will now be on a ledge overlooking a conversation between the Red Axe and an ogre shaman. After the conversation proceed to the cave entrance on the east side of the room. You will see more cart paths. Make the designs look like this.

View Picture 5

View Picture 6

View Picture 7

You will come out in a storeroom full of bookshelves and boxes. Search the bookshelves and all of the boxes that have papers stacked on them. You will find 3 items which you must read on the spot, as they do not appear in your inventory. Once you are finished walk through the cave entrance to the east and you will be at more tracks.

View Picture 8

View Picture 9

View Picture 10

You will come out into another cavern and will discover more of the plot of the Red Axe. You will have a spell cast on you by an ogre shaman and then you will appear back at the cart station.

7- The Ending

Items Required: Beer and Kebab or a few GP

Go back to Veldaban at the Black Guard Headquarters in West Keldagrim and talk to him. You will say you can't remember what happened and that you are craving a beer and kebab. Buy the kebab from Kjut in the kebab store just south-west of the drunken dwarf's house in East Keldagrim and a beer at the bar (Laughing Miner) in East Keldagrim. You must have both the beer and the kebab in your inventory to complete the quest. While standing in the Laughing Miner pub of East Keldagrim, either drink the beer or eat the kebab. Watch the cutscene to complete the quest.


  • 5,000 Farming xp
  • 5,000 Cooking xp
  • 2 mature Dwarven stouts (+2 to mining and smithing)
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:


Written by: abomb67 and aguz

Thanks to: bambino, bertner, Cowman_133, ctim, Eeeeediot, Jaffy1, jsen, Leland5225, pedestrian01

Last updated: 17-Nov-2013

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