Giant Dwarf, The

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Talk to the Dwarven Boatman in the cave east of Rellekka - north of the mining field. It's the same cave as in the Between a Rock... quest - if you've done that. Once you've entered the first cave, there'll be yet another entrance right in front of you (with some statues in front of it). You'll find the boatman in here.


Skills: Level 12 Crafting, Level 16 Firemaking, Level 33 Magic, Level 14 Thieving

Items: 1 Coal, 1 Iron bar, 3 (cut) Sapphires , Tinderbox, 1 Log, 1 Law rune, 1 Air rune, Redberry pie, and an assortment of ores/bars.


Varrock teleport runes and coins to buy ores/bars from the Grand Exchange or a Pickaxe, Falador teleport runes and level 20 or above mining/smithing if collecting your own ores/bars. Having already activated the Port Sarim lodestone is helpful too.

NPCs: Blasidar the sculptor, Dromund, Dwarven Boatman, Librarian, Riki the sculptor's model, Santiri, Saro, Thurgo, Veldaban, Vermundi

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Giant Dwarf Boatman
Just a quick boat ride...

1: Starting out

After you speak with the boatman, he'll sail you to the dwarven city of Keldagrim. On the way there the boat in which you journey will tip over the great statue, and you'll be arrested by the black guards of the city as you arrive.

Use this Keldagrim map
during the quest

You'll be asked by Commander Veldaban to help the local sculptor rebuild the statue. He can be found in West Keldagrim, north of the bar. He will tell you to go talk to the sculptor. The sculptor is located in a small building just east of the giant trading building in East Keldagrim. Blasidar the sculptor will tell you that he needs you to find three things to help him: a pair of boots, a battleaxe and some clothes. However, these items cannot be some random items, they need to be as close to what the statue was wearing as possible.

Giant Dwarf Statue and Boat

2: The Boots

Items Required: Runes for the telegrab spell (1 Law rune and 1 Air rune).

Walk to the south west part of Keldagrim into the shield shop and talk to a dwarf named Saro. Ask him about some special boots. He will tell you that he sold the special boots to a dwarf named Dromund. He says Dromund is known for his wealth and peculiarities. He lives north of the bank. Talk to Dromund and he won't let you have the boots. Try and take the right boot from the display table and the cat will growl and you will not able to take it. Then place yourself outside the window next to the right boot and when he's on the eastern wall not looking telegrab the boot. You may mess up a few times but keep trying. The left boot is very easy. Once he passes the table just grab it.

3: The axe

Items Required: 3 (cut) Sapphires, Redberry pie, and an Iron bar.

Go to Santiri in the sword shop in the north-west of Keldagrim. Ask him about a special axe. Talk for a bit and he will give you it and, talk about an Imcando dwarf fixing it. If you have done The Knights Sword, you'll already know which dwarf he's talking about.

After you're done talking, use your sapphires on the axe. Then head to Port Sarim (using the Port Sarim lodestone is one of the fastest options, see tips and tricks for alternative methods). Walk further south from there to find a house just west of the dungeon icon on the minimap. Talk to the dwarf, and speak about the axe. Sometimes he'll say how he loves redberry pie (see Cooking guide for details on how to make it) and he may ask you to bring him one. He says he needs an iron bar to fix the axe. If you have it in your inventory already, you'll automatically give it to him, and you'll receive the repaired axe. Go back to Keldagrim (you'll get an option to be instantly transferred right after you receive the axe). Talk to the sculptor's model and give him the axe.

4: The clothes

Items Required: 1 Coal, 1 Log, a Tinderbox and 200gp.

Right next to the sculptor's house, there is a massive marketplace, where you will find Vermundi. Ask her about some special clothes. She will send you to the librarian in West Keldagrim to get a book. The librarian will tell you it is called "A Scholar's guide to Dwarven costumes" and has the king's costume in it. The librarian will say it's on one of the shelves, but he can't remember where, so you'll just have to search them all. You will find the book on a bookcase where you have to climb a ladder to search it (if you are too heavy you will not be able to reach the book). Once you have the book grab your coal, log, tinderbox and at least 200gp from the bank.

Ask Vermundi about the special clothes once again and she will take the designs. She will need some help with her spinning machine, so use your log/coal on it (it's placed up against the west wall of the market place), and after that, click to light it. Talk to Vermundi about the special clothes and she will need 200 "credits" (gp). Pay her and you'll have the clothes. Take them back to Riki the sculptor's model and then speak to Blasidar the Sculptor.

5: The head

Items Required: Assorted ores/bars.
Items Suggested: Pickaxe (if mining ores), Varrock teleport runes and coins (if buying ores/bars) or in your bank.

Now that you have given the three items to the sculptor, he will tell you that he needs to know what the head should look like. He wants you to go ask the directors of the Consortium (on the second floor in the centre/marketplace on the west side of the river).

You will need assorted ores for this part of the quest. You can mine some ores in Keldagrim, buy them from the Blast Furnace shop in the south-east part of the city, have some banked or buy them from the Grand Exchange. The most convenient method is teleporting to Varrock, buying what you need from the grand exchange and using the trapdoor in the north-west corner of the grand exchange to return to Keldagrim via mine cart.

The Consortium directors won't even talk to you at first. You will need to first prove yourself to the secretary before you can join one of the companies. The choice of company is up to you, but you can only choose one. (Note that the Yellow Fortune company only hires females and the Brown Engine company only hires men). Speak to the secretary of any of the companies and you will be asked to return with some of a specific type of ore. Once you've brought the ore, ask the secretary for another task. You'll need to do a total of 4+ tasks (varies) before the secretary will refer you to the director.

Ask the director about joining the company, and s/he'll tell you that you need to prove yourself. So do a few tasks for the director. These will require bars. If you fail to complete his tasks, it is possible that you will have to do more tasks for the secretary again. When you have proven yourself, you can ask about joining. Once you've joined, tell him/her that Blasidar sent you, and that you'll support having his/her head on the statue.

Talk to Commander Veldaban once again, and you will be asked to go with him to a meeting. Whether or not you watch the cutscene, you will receive the meeting notes. After that, the statue of the giant dwarf will be complete. Congratulations!

Giant Dwarf Meeting


  • 2500 Mining xp
  • 2500 Smithing xp
  • 2500 Crafting xp
  • 1500 Magic xp
  • 1500 Thieving xp
  • 1500 Firemaking xp
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Alternative methods for getting to Port Sarim include cabbage patch teleport, Rimmington house teleport, Draynor glory teleport or just walking there.
  • The mining carts go both ways, which means when you're doing tasks for the companies, you can mine in the dwarven mines, and then take the carts back to Keldagrim. You can also smelt the bars in Falador using this method.


Written by: Airdragon229 and Ks Jeppe

Special thanks to: Baffler

Thanks to: Aidor, ANTHONYEVIS, bookwormi1, Brett Usa, Deadman Andy, Doctadeth, Eeeeediot, elmicker, Evil_Omen12, faylina_meir, franktheman, geoffreak, greengrrl, gryphonruler, Howlin1, iMikla, Lep1423, Lord-kain1, Mg5 Raiden, Micarina, minisatan3, monkeyspike, Necromagus, nfntjy, Soulfire21, sweetheina, The_Sith, Warriormonkx, woodychick

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