Rune Mechanics

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Beginner Length: Short

Start location: Speak with Apprentice Clerval, located beneath the Mage Training Arena.


Skills: Level 25 Construction, Level 27 Magic, Level 20 Runecrafting

Items: 5 Water runes, 5 Mind runes, 5 Body runes, 2 Cut emeralds, 20 Pure Essence OR 20 Rune Essence, 3 spaces in inventory, 5 Pizzazz points of any kind - see the Mage Training Arena Guide for more information.


Items: Ring of duelling, pouches to hold essence to preserve space, 8 spaces in your pack, or the required 3 spaces plus 5 more pure essence

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Items Required: None

1. Speak with Apprentice Clerval. He will request the help of 3 wizards - Wizard Shug, Wizard Edvin and Wizard Dougal - in recreating a Rune Guardian. It is your job to persuade them to help.

Wizard Shug
Items Required: 2 Cut emeralds, 20 Pure essence OR 20 Rune essence, 5 Pizzazz points of any kind.

2. Proceed upstairs to the top floor of the arena. Speak with Wizard Shug, seated near the Rewards guardian. Note that if you do not have 5 pizzazz points, he will not talk about the quest with you.

3. When given the option to listen to Shug's story or get to the point in the conversation, choose either option. After some dialogue, you will have all the information needed to proceed with the quest.

4. Head back downstairs to where Clerval is. You must now enchant two emeralds. Operate the workbench at the north wall of the room twice to enchant both emeralds. Give the pair of enchanted emeralds and 20 pure essence or rune essence to Clerval.

Wizard Edvin
Items Required: None

5. Talk to Wizard Edvin who is also downstairs. He tells you that you must navigate a maze of portals that he created in order to get more information. Based on the design of the tile next to it, each portal will move you in a different direction. There are 5 different tile designs which are shown below.

Picture Direction Moved
Mechanics Dot tile One room north.
Mechanics L tile In the direction marked. The tile above will move the user two rooms north and one room west.
Mechanics Plus tile To the room at the end of the row or column in the direction of the portal.
Mechanics Square tile To the next room in the direction of the portal.
Mechanics Diagonal tile As far diagonal as possible in the direction of the markings (similar to the plus tile).

6. The general strategy for the maze is to work your way from room D6 to room D1. Follow these steps to do so:

Rune Mechanics Edvinmaze
  • West portal to C6
  • North portal to B4
  • North portal to B3
  • North portal to D1 (finish)
Rune Mechanics Maze Large

7. After completing the maze, teleport out through the exit switch (the purple star animation in each room) and talk to Wizard Edvin again. Only one more to go!

Wizard Dougal
Items Required: 5 Water runes, 5 Mind runes, 5 Body runes, 3 spaces in inventory
Items Suggested: If you have more inventory spaces, he will supply a with 10 noted Pure essence. Otherwise you must supply your own.

8. Wizard Dougal has quite the ego. You can choose to compliment him and massage his ego when given the chance, but if you feel the need to defend your abilities to him go right ahead. You'll get the same end result either way.

9. After he asks you to make Steam runes, he will give you some supplies. To make steam runes, equip the binding necklace. You will need at least 5 pure essence and 5 water runes in your inventory. Then, use the water talisman on the Fire Altar.

Note: You can use the wicked hood to teleport there faster.

10. After you have crafted the combination runes, show them to Wizard Dougal. Then take all of the runes to Apprentice Clerval.

4. Finishing Up
Items Required: None

11. In order to reanimate a Rune Guardian, you must fix the Animation Table in the room. To fix it, arrange the tiles of wires so that the wires all connect from the south end of the table to the north end of the table. This is shown in the picture below.

Rune Mechanics Animationtable

12. Finally, use Edvin's tool on the rune essence to obtain pieces of the guardian. Talk to Clerval again who will take the pieces from you. After viewing the cutscene that follows, the quest will be complete!


Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The Rune Guardian pet can be stored in the Menagerie.
  • Instead of eating, its hunger is reduced by visiting a runecrafting altar.
  • Using the Rune Guardian pet on a runecrafting altar changes it's colour.
  • Using Infinity robes on an elemental runecrafting altar while having the Rune Guardian pet out changes the colour of the robes.


Written by: Lalala7324

Special thanks to: DarkDude98 & Jaffy1

Thanks to: Baffler, Cowman_133, d100x, Death7755, Game_Freak67, halestone48, mAdshadow, Speedyshel

Last updated: 23-Nov-2013

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