Back to my Roots

Difficulty: Master Requirements: Hard Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Horacio at Handelmort Mansion in East Ardougne.


Skills: Level 55 Agility, Level 53 Farming, Level 59 Slayer, Level 72 Woodcutting

Items: Soft clay, Pot, Plant pot (filled) and a high level hatchet (Rune or Dragon)


Skills: Level 43 Prayer

Items: Prayer potions, Antipoison, food, armour, teleportation runes

Note: Do not bring a standard weapon to the final fight, as your Hatchet MUST must be wielded.

Monsters: Must fight Wild Jade Vine (Level 130); must get past multiple aggressive Giant Ant Soldier (level 100), Giant Ant Worker (level 70), Giant Wasp (level 100) and (level 120); other monsters in the area are Jungle Spider (level 70), Frog (level 110), Pernicious Parrot (level 90), Tenacious Toucan (level 120)

NPCs: Garth, Horacio, RPDT employee, Wizard Cromperty, Zavistic Rarve

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Dead Vines
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

1. Talk to Horacio in the garden outside Handelmort mansion (east of church). Ask who he is and if he needs help with his gardening. When you agree to help, he talks about trying to grow rare vines in the gardening patches outside. However, the vine is delicate, making it difficult to transport all the way from the area near Shilo Village where it grows. He suggests you talk to Wizard Cromperty, who apparently has found a magical way to preserve plants.

Need A Hand?
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

2. Go talk to Wizard Cromperty in his house north-east of Ardougne marketplace. He tells you that the device hasn't arrived because of some kind of delay at the postal station in Ardougne.

3. Go to the R.P.D.T second house west of the Ardougne Docks and talk to one of the postal workers. They haven't been able to deliver the package because the label could not be read.

4. The postal workers can't open the package due to rules, but you can. Open the package on the table to obtain the severed hand of a Wizard.

Fix it!
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

5. Return to Wizard Cromperty to find that he finally has received the device. However, the clumsy postal workers broke the pot lid.

The Root of the Problem
Items Required: Soft clay, Pot, Plant pot (filled)
Items Suggested: Armour, food, Prayer potions, Antipoison, teleport

6. Make your pot lid - there's a convenient pottery north of Ardougne palace (if you make the pot lid before Cromperty tells you, it will not work). Go to Brimhaven and talk to Garth, the gardener who looks after the Fruit Tree patch near the docks. He tells you that you need a spade, a machete and secateurs, which you have on your toolbelt.

7. Go south-east of the nature altar to find the Jade Vine Maze. Found outside the north-east corner of Shilo Village, it is a huge vine system. This maze is full of monsters, levels 70 to 120, so turn on Run and be prepared for attacks. Protection prayers help and most monsters in the area use melee attacks.

Backtomyroots Vineentry

Starting outside the maze, follow this path to reach the root of the vine:

(E=East, W=West, S=South, N=North)

  1. Climb-Up Vine
  2. Go East, climb-up vine
  3. S,E,S,E, climb-down vine
  4. W,N,W, climb-down the vine
  5. S, cut and crawl through the vines
  6. S, squeeze through the vines
  7. S,W, climb-up vine
  8. S, climb-up vine
  9. S, climb-up vine

    (At this point you should be on a large square net platform(*) with a giant Karamjan Jungle Eagle.)

  10. E, climb down vine
  11. Look a bit north-east out in empty space for a Swing-on vine dangling from above towards the ground. Click to swing on the vine.

    Backtomyroots Vineswing

  12. N, climb-down the vine
  13. E (past a T junction), S, climb-down vine
  14. S, crawl through the vines
  15. S, squeeze-through vines
  16. S, climb-up vine
  17. E, climb-up vine
  18. E, cross the vine (bridge)*

  19. E, climb-down vine
  20. N,E,S, climb-down vine
  21. S, cut and crawl through the vines
  22. E, climb-up vine
  23. S,W, climb-up vine
  24. W, climb-down vine
  25. N, climb-up vine
  26. W, cross the vine (bridge)*

  27. W,S,E, climb-down vine
  28. E,S,W, climb-down vine

* If you fall in the maze, such as at the eagle platform or while crossing the vine bridges, you will find a hole (looks like a round tree stump) nearby that you can enter. This will take you to another random point in the maze (you can enter the hole again at your destination, if needed.)

8. When you reach the roots, click one of the piles of Loose soil to dig and uncover the roots.

9. Click to cut the roots with your secateurs and plant the root you obtain inside your plant pot.

10. You will be notified whether your root took root or not. If it failed, dig up a root in a different pile of soil and plant your new root. The roots also respawn in a little while, so don't panic if you aren't successful on the first few tries.

11. When you have a potted root, use the plant pot with the regular pot to seal the plant inside with your pot lid. At this point, you can teleport out.

Vicious Growth
Items Required: High level hatchet (Rune or Dragon)
Items Suggested: Antipoison, food and armour (no weapon - you MUST wield the hatchet)

12. Wield your hatchet. Speak to Horacio again, then use the sealed plant pot on the now-weeded Jade Vine patch (the one to the east).

13. After a cut scene, the Wild Jade Vine (Level 130) will attack you. Protect from Melee is highly recommended, as it attacks mainly with melee. As you kill the plant, parts of it will gradually fall off until nothing is left except for the stump. Dying whilst fighting the Jade Vine will not give you a gravestone.

14. Click on the stump to chop it down, finishing off the vine. Talk to Horacio again to claim your reward.


  • 24,000 Farming Experience
  • 40,000 Woodcutting Experience
  • 23,000 Slayer Experience
  • 15,000 Agility Experience
  • New farming patch
  • Jade Vine Seed
  • Repeatable Jade Vine Minigame
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Boosting your stats (via potions, pies, etc) to the required skill levels will not allow you to start this quest. All the requirements are just that, required.

  • There is an Eagle in the Jade Vine Maze, which is part of the Eagle travel network from the Eagle's Peak quest. Use a rope on this eagle to unlock this destination.

  •  Mini Quest:
    Wizard Burial Mini Quest Guide
    • Take the wizard's severed hand (found at the RPDT) to Zavistic Rarve at the Magic Guild (ring bell if you cannot enter).
    • Monsters within the Jade Vine Maze can drop pieces of the wizard from the Hand in the Sand quest. Obtain all of these (Torso, Right & Left arm, Right & Left leg, and Foot) and bring them to Zavistic Rarve. It is recommended that you kill the low-level Worker Ants to obtain these parts.
    • He will then offer to teleport you to Sandy's office in Brimhaven to seek more evidence. Search the desk and find a Locked Diary. Use caution opening it - a few players took damage equal to most of their life points (though no deaths were reported).
    • Give the diary to Zavistic Rarve to receive 100 law and 200 blood runes and get invited to the burial service.
    • Attend the pun-filled burial to receive 10k magic xp.

  •  Minigame: After completing the quest, you may play the Jade Vine Minigame for slayer or farming experience.
    Jade Vine Minigame Guide
    • The seed you receive from Horacio at the end of the quest can be planted in the west farming patch in front of Lord Handelmort's mansion. You can choose to pay Horacio ten wildblood hops to make sure it doesn't die.
    • In less than 24 hours you can check the health of the vine and receive 1500 farming xp.
    • Later on, you can choose to prune the vine (using secateurs) - you get 30 xp in Farming for each branch. Pruning the vine will keep it "tame".
    • However, if you do not prune it for a day, the vine will become wild and overgrown. You can choose to fight the wild vine to receive 2500 Slayer XP and 250 Woodcutting XP. At times this fight seems more difficult than the quest fight. Like in the quest, dying whilst fighting the Jade Vine will not produce a gravestone. To fight it:
      • Required - Hatchet (wielded) and Secateurs (ordinary or magic)
      • Recommended - Food, Super Antipoison
      • Optional - Super Strength and Attack, Prayer Pots
      • The vine attacks with magic, melee and ranged and can poison for 78.
      • You must wield the hatchet to fight it (no other weapon will work), then click the stump at the end of the battle to clear it using your secateurs.
      • Upon clearing the stump you will also receive another jade vine seed to replant.
    • If you lose your seed or the vine dies before being fully grown, Horacio will provide you with another seed.


Written by: darkblade986, SaidinWoT

Special Thanks to: Chris0464, Edwards dad, HeliosG, Howlin1, Jaffy1, Lady_Shahdie, N_odie, Neko Negde, Octarine, ultimania92

Thanks to: Allanous, Evilfish1, Hell_S_Judge, Joeybobjohn, Kaphias, Lood333, pokemama, saam007, SportsGuy

Last updated: 17-Sep-2013

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