What's Mine is Yours

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Beginner Length: Short

Start location: Speak to Doric just north of the Falador city gates and outside of the Taverley.


Skills: Level 5 Smithing

Items: Pickaxe, Hammer (the pickaxe and hammer in your toolbelt will work also)


Items: Combat gear.

Monsters: Living rock brawler (level 2)

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What\'s Mine is Yours - Intro

A Business Going into Ruin

1. Head north of Falador or east of the Taverley gates to visit Doric. Someone's been stealing his business, and make things more worse, it seems his son Boric has gone missing after sending word that his studies were complete. Agree to help Doric recover his business.

2. Only one of Doric's customers remain, Sir Amik Varze, the leader of the White Knights in Falador. After agreeing to help, Doric will send you off to get some high-quality copper ore and high-quality tin ore. You will given an ore bag and mining sites map to help Doric find the ores he needs to create the presents to increase his profile to Sir Amik.

3. Click on the mining sites map to view it. You will see four locations marked: Dwarven Mines, Rimmington Mine, Southwest Varrock Mine, and Southeast Varrock Mine. Head to each of those locations to retrieve the ores Doric requires.

What\'s Mine is Yours - Mining Site Map

When you successfully mine copper or tin ore at these locations, you will be attacked by a Living Rock Brawler. These will drop high-quality copper ore and high-quality tin ore. You will need two of each. Kill the Living Rock Brawler that appears at each location to retrieve the ores. While at the second location, you will spot two mysterious figures, and the reason why you're running into the Living Rock Brawler.

What\'s Mine is Yours - Wizard

4. Pick up the broken anvil amulet dropped by the Living Rock Brawler in the Southwest Varrock Mine, and the wizard's diary dropped by the Living Rock Brawler in the Southeast Varrock Mine. Once you've retrieved all the ores, return to Doric.

Some Finishing Touches

5. Let Doric know what happened to show him the wizard's diary and the broken anvil amulet. Remove the high-quality ores from the ore bag and smelt them at Doric's furnace to retrieve two high-quality bronze bars. Use these bars on Doric's anvil in the east portion of the smithy to create a high-quality bronze dagger and high-quality bronze sword. Present these to Doric, who will then send you to Aksel in the Artisan's Workshop in Falador to get them finished.

6. Speak to Aksel in the Artisan's Workshop, who will agree to finish the high-quality bronze dagger and sword for you if you get a status report of the track from Sten for him. Head to the eastern portion of the Artisan's Workshop and go downstairs. Speak with Sten to get the status report, then head back upstairs to speak with Aksel to give the status report and retrieve the finished bronze dagger and finished bronze sword from him.

Family Trouble

7. Go to the White Knight Castle at the center of Falador and speak with Squire Cerlyn, located at the ground floor of the western part of the castle. Inform him that you need to speak with Sir Amik, and you will find out someone else claiming to be working for Doric has gone ahead, preparing to make a business deal. Tell Squire Cerlyn that the person does not work for Doric and follow him to Sir Amik. You will find out that the fraudster is Boric, Doric's lost son!

8. After a quick cutscene, you and Boric will arrive at Doric's smithy, where you will need to referee the two of them to cool tensions. Aim to make the Family Conflict bar turn green as you chose questions for Doric and Boric to ask each other.

What\'s Mine is Yours - Family Conflict

Grand Re-Opening

9. Once you've resolved the family conflict, Doric will inform you that he and his son will be working together as "Doric & Son" and take you on board as one of their partners. Once you've partnered up, help the family restart the business by first clearing away some rocks downstairs to give the shop more space. In addition, Boric will hand you some high-quality bronze bars to create some ornamental armour for the mannequin bases in the smithy, and a new sign for the shop front.

10. Head down the steps on the north side of the smithy, then mine the rocks blocking the rails and path to the western portion of the area. Head back upstairs to smith into an ornamental chainbody, ornamental platebody, and shop sign on the specialized anvil in the shop. When you have finished making these items, hand them to Doric. Sit back and enjoy the cutscene!

What\'s Mine is Yours - Partners


Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • MEMBERS ONLY: After completing the quest, speak to Doric and Boric again to receive a variety of tasks for some smithing and mining xp, in addition to charges for your Gofannon amulet.
Doric's Smithing Tasks Hide / Show
Task Level Hand In XP Reward Charges
Make 5 bronze full helms and lay 5 pieces of Bronze track 100% under Artisans Workshop. 12 Sten 250 750
Make 3 bronze platebodies, 3 bronze kiteshields, repair the watchtower cannon in Burthorpe - Commander Denulth will refer the player to Doric and two bronze bars are needed to make a repair part for the cannon. 18 Commander Denulth 500 1500
Make 5 iron longswords and 5 iron warhammers. 24 General Bentnoze & General Wartface 750 2250
Make 20 pieces of burial armour. 30 Suak 1500 4500
Make 10 steel swords and 8 gnome steel platebodies

Note: You can make a gnome steel platebody by altering a normal steel platebody at Doric's anvil.
48 Commander Montai 5000 15,000
Make 20 mithril warhammers. 59 Skulgrimen 8000 24,000
Find a first generation black warhammer. 64 Santiri 12,000 36,000
Make 25 adamant scimitars. 75 Place the weapons crate behind the gem store in Falador. 20,000 60,000
Boric's Mining Tasks Hide / Show
Task Level Hand In XP Reward Charges
Collect 30 pieces of coal from the coal mine. 30 Dwarven Miner 1500 4500
Head to each location and clear it of the living rock creatures. 40 Boric 3500 10,500
Collect 15 coal and 10 mithril ore

Note: Must be done in the Mining Guild.
60 Boric 8000 24,000
  • Several of the locations that you need to visit during the quest are not far from the teleport lodestones if unlocked. They include the Falador, Port Sarim, and Varrock lodestones.


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Special thanks to: Naive, sini

Thanks to: Baffler, Foghen

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