Lost Tribe, The

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Easy Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Sigmund upstairs in Lumbridge Castle.


Skills: Level 13 Agility, Level 17 Mining, Level 13 Thieving

Items: A lantern (Bullseye lantern is recommended as open flames can cause explosions, but requires 49 firemaking).


Access to the Lodestone Network for easy access to Lumbridge, Varrock and Falador (or runes/teletabs for those locations).

NPCs: Bob, Cook -Lumbridge-, Duke Horacio, Father Aereck, General Bentnoze, General Wartface, Hans, Kazgar, Mistag, Reldo, Sigmund

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1. Talk to Sigmund (near Duke Horacio upstairs in Lumbridge Castle), and then to Duke Horacio, who tells you about a disturbance in the castle cellar and asks you to investigate further. You will now have to talk with one of the following people:

  • Hans (castle courtyard)
  • Cook (castle kitchen)
  • Bob (axe shop)
  • Father Aereck (church)

Whoever you were assigned will tell you that he saw a Goblin-like creature in the cellar. Go back to the Duke, and he will tell you once again to investigate further. Pickpocket Sigmund for a key while you're there as this will be needed later on.

2. Go down into the cellar (through the trapdoor in the kitchen). Go to the south-east corner of the room and mine the rubble. Before you enter the cave, make sure you have your lantern lit!

Lost Tribe Cellar Rubble

3. Once inside the cavern, take the brooch that spawns where the road splits into two. Go back to the Duke and show him the brooch. He'll tell you to talk with Reldo in Varrock Library (in the palace).

4. Talk to Reldo and he will tell you that there's a book on ancient goblin races in one of the bookcases. Search the bookcases on the west wall until you find it, and then read it.

5. Go to Falador and walk north west to the Goblin Village. Talk to Generals Bentnoze and Wartface, and get them to show you the two emotes, the Goblin Bow and the Goblin Salute.

Lost Tribe Brooch1

6. Go back to Lumbridge castle cellar. This time, you have to proceed all the way to the goblins. If you go the wrong way in these caverns, you will be taken to the Lumbridge Slayer Caves. Keep in mind that a lantern is required for your survival, so make sure you have it with you at all times.

7. There are two ways of going through the tunnels. Either follow the route on the map (a little further down in this guide), or go by the clues left for you in the tunnel. At every intersection there will be small rocks with symbols on them.

Lost Tribe Symbol Rock

8. When you select "Look-at Symbol" you will see a close-up of the rock and its markings. You can find the markings in your Goblin symbol book to see which way you should go.

Lost Tribe SymbolSpecific maze map

9. You should end up at a goblin-looking creature named Mistag. Talk with him and afterwards, use your "Goblin Bow" emotion. He will then tell you that it was all just an accident, and that he would like you to tell that to "the ruler of the above-people" as well.

10. Go back to the Duke, and he orders you to find the castle's silverware that went missing. If it's not returned, they'll have no option but to war against the goblins. Now it is time to use the key that you thieved from Sigmund earlier. Use the key on the chest in the room just south of the Duke and Sigmund. In that chest, you will find a set of H.A.M. Robes. Tell the Duke that Sigmund's a member of H.A.M.

11. Go to the entrance of H.A.M Headquarters located north-east of Lumbridge Castle (just over the bridge). Picklock the trapdoor and go down. Be careful as you will be attacked by aggressive guards. Search the first crate you find, it'll have the silverware.

12. Go back to the Duke, who'll expel Sigmund from the castle. He gives you a peace treaty. Now you're reduced to a messenger, for this treaty needs to go to Mistag. However, don't fret, there is now a new goblin standing near where the brooch was, named Kazgar. Talk to him, and he will take you to the goblin mines. Talk to Mistag there.

13. You're taken to a cut scene of the signing of the peace treaty. At the end, you see Sigmund and his rendition of evil laughter. Congratulations on finishing the quest.


  • 3000 mining xp
  • Ring of life
  • Freedom to use the Dorgeshuun Mines
  • H.A.M robes
  • The ability to use the goblin bow and goblin salute emotes
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes


  1. The new mines are also a good place to do power mining. Mistag buys both Iron and Silver ore at a minimal price, and therefore you don't need to drop your ore or hire runners. Just mine, sell the ores to Mistag, rinse, and repeat.

  2. The goblin miners drop Mining helmets. You can also get one mining helmet by giving the brooch to Mistag. Once lit (takes 65 firemaking), the helmets light the place up. The mining helmets cannot be traded when lit, so you'll need level 65 firemaking no matter what for these.


Written by: Ks JeppeS and Shiva

Special thanks to: Baffler, Burningbman, cowman_133, Jaffy1, Mindesto, pretty_yoni, wiseTSM

Thanks to: ANTHONYEVIS, Applejuiceaj, Hekate_SA, Lady_Shahdie, MarkieKA, pmormr00, S1acker, vlad_the_old

Last updated: 23-Jul-2013

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