Rag and Bone Man

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Easy Length: Medium

Start location: Next to the limestone mine, north-east of Varrock


Items: 8 Empty pots, 8gp, Tinderbox, a Hatchet or 8 Logs. A Lantern or other closed Light source and a Spiny helm or Slayer helmet (to access the Lumbridge Caves safely).


Skills: Combat level of around 40

Items: Teleports to Varrock, Lumbridge, and a (charged) Amulet of glory

Monsters: Goblin (level 8), Bear (level 21), Big Frog (level 24), Ram (level 4), Unicorn (level 22), Monkey (level 12), Giant Rat (level 14) and Giant Bat (level 64)

NPCs: Fortunato, Odd Old Man

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Part One
Part Two


Starting out

Go east from Varrock, towards Canifis, to the Limestone Mine. Head north-west from the mine and talk to the Odd Old Man. Accept to bring him some fresh bones. You will need to cook them in a pot filled with vinegar later on, but for now you should get the bones. You need to bring him some items. You have to kill a monster of the type to get the special bone drop. Here are their most convenient locations:

  • Giant Rat Bone: Varrock Sewers/Lumbridge Swamp
  • Bear Ribs: Further down in the Varrock Sewers, South-east of Varrock, near the mine
  • Unicorn Bone: South-east of Varrock, south of the mine
  • Ram Skull: The Sheep pen south of Varrock or North of the Lumbridge general store
  • Goblin Skull: Lumbridge
  • Big Frog Leg: Lumbridge Caves
  • Monkey Paw: Karamja
  • Giant Bat Wing: Inside the Karamja Volcano, near the entrance rope.
Rag And Bone Man TalkingBones

Cleaning up the bones

You need to go to Draynor and talk to Fortunato near the market stalls. Buy 8 jugs of vinegar from him, and fill your 8 pots with the vinegar. Put your 8 different bones into those pots and then go back to the Odd Old Man. You will also need 8 logs (of any wood), so make sure you bring them, or chop some from the trees near the old man. When you get back to the Odd Old Man, you will see the pot boiler where you can clean your bones. Just put logs (of any wood) on the pot boiler, place the pot of bones on it, and then use a tinderbox on the set.

Now wait for the vinegar to disappear and pick the pot up to get the polished bone and pot back. You can give the old man all of the polished bones in your inventory at any time. After you have given the Odd Old Man all the bones he wants, the first part of the quest will be completed.

Rag Bone Man Potboiler

For this you will get these rewards:

  • 2 Quest Points
  • 500 Cooking experience
  • 500 Prayer experience

Additional quest for advanced players

Required quests: Priest in Peril, Creature of Fenkenstrain, The Grand Tree, Zogre Flesh Eaters, The Lost Tribe. You must also have one of the following: Regicide started, or The Fremennik Trials done.

Required skills: Slayer 40 (and you must have done the little Mogre mini-quest to have access to fighting the mogres). Also, you must have the ability to kill monsters that are up to level 88.

Required items: Mirror shield, Anti-dragon shield, a bunch of Fishing explosives and Ice coolers (take 10-20 of each in case of bad luck).

Recommended items: A Face mask or Slayer helmet (when killing fire giants in the Smoke Dungeon), Climbing boots or Rock climbing boots, Pickaxe, a Dusty key (unless you have 70 Agility or higher), and some Brutal arrows. Also bring many teleports: Amulet of glory, Ring of wealth, Varrock, Falador, fairy rings, Ectophial, Lodestone network (or whichever alternatives you have at your disposal.)

Recommended quests: Horror From The Deep, The Fremennik Trials, and start Desert Treasure (and get to the point where you make and look into the mirrors).

Even though the quest is finished, you may continue to help the Odd Old Man by giving him even some additional bones. The list of the needed bones is on the side the house next to the quest start point. There are 27 bones that he asks for, and every single one will be special and un-bury-able. Note that these bones don't drop every time, so you might have to kill the monster a few times before getting the special bones.

Below is a route that will allow you to effectively get all of the bones relatively quickly, but remember each of these monsters can also be found in many other places (which you can find in the bestiary). You can only follow this route if you have the both the suggested and required items, skills, and quests listed above. However, all of the monsters are still possible if you have only the required skills, items, and quests listed above.

You have to clean these bones too before giving them to the Odd Old Man. After you have given all the bones from the list to the Odd Old Man, you will get another reward.

Once you're completely done, you will receive:

Now the quest will be completely finished. Congratulations!


  • 500 Cooking experience
  • 5,500 Prayer experience (500exp for the first section, 5000exp for the second)
  • A Bonesack or a Ram Skull Helmet
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Your in-game quest journal shows a list of bones you still need to get.
  • If you enter the Lumbridge caves through the basement you won't need a spiny or slayer helmet. Just go south to the frogs.
  • To make brutal arrows, you are required to fletch achey shafts. Each shaft requires 4 feathers to be flighted. Together with a hammer, you attach nails to the shafts. Each bar produces 15 nails.
  • You can change or retrieve your Bonesack or Ram Skull Helmet from the Odd Old Man whenever you want.
  • Bonesack: Wields in cape slot (Looks like the bonesack the Old Old Man is carrying).
  • Ram Skull Helmet: Provides stats: Armour + 41 Life Bonus +240. Wields in helmet slot
  • The required bones are NOT the normal bones they drop, but a special, non-bury-able bone that you can only get after starting the quest. This also means that you can't acquire any of these bones before starting the quest, even for the monsters with unique bones (such as Monkey Bones or Bat Bones).


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