Royal Trouble

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Long

Start location: Speak to Advisor Ghrim in the Miscellanian palace.


Skills: Level 40 Agility, Level 13 Slayer

Items: Antipoison potion, 5 Coal


Skills: Level 40 Slayer, Level 30 Mining to mine your own coal

Items: Weapon, armour and supplies to kill a level 149 boss

Monsters: Evade non-aggressive Sea Snake Hatchlings (level 62) and Sea Snake Young (level 90), defeat the aggressive Giant Sea Snake (level 149)

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Starting Out

1. Talk to Advisor Ghrim and ask if anything has happened in the kingdom. He will tell you that Miscellania and Etceteria are fighting again and you should accept to help.

2. Talk to the princess or prince; whoever is your opposite gender. They think the solution to the problem would be the marriage of King Vargas and the queen of Etceteria.

3. Talk to King Vargas and he will ask you to talk to the citizens of Miscellania.

4. Go outside your castle and talk to Gardener Gunnhild who's standing next to the farming patches. She believes the Etcetrians stole from them.

Researching the Crime

5. Go talk to Queen Sigrid in Etceteria. She will tell you that the stocks of her citizens have been stolen too.

6. Go out of her castle and talk to Moldof wandering near the city gates. He will tell you that he thinks the Miscellanians have stolen stuff from them.

7. Talk to Queen Sigrid again about it.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Antipoison potion, 5 Coal. You will also need several empty spaces in your inventory.
Suggested: Weapons, armour and other combat supplies needed for the battle

8. Return to King Vargas, who will ask you to talk to Advisor Ghrim.

9. Ghrim will ask you to go to the port and talk to the Sailor there.

10. The Sailor will inform you that Miscellania has dungeons, something which the King had never told you before.

11. Now go back to King Vargas and inquire about them. He will give you permission to go to the dungeons.

12. Walk out of the castle and go south past the castle door. Talk to the guard by the Dungeon Symbol in the courtyard and he will let you in.

Going Underground

13. Go to the clothes shop and talk to Halla. She will tell you about a monster lurking deep in the dungeons.

14. Proceed north to a wall and talk to the mining dwarf Thorodin. He will tell you to go to the pub in the dungeon and talk to Donal.

15. Donal will give you a mining prop and asks you to take care of the monster living in the dungeons. Agree to do it.

16. Go north to the mining dwarves and make sure you have your supplies with you. Use the mining prop on the crevice to the north and go through.

Click here for a pop-up map
of the Miscellania Dungeon

Take me Higher, Make me Fly

17. Take a book from the table. Also pick an engine, a few pulley beams, 2 ropes and some beams from the crates.

18. First use a pulley beam on the scaffold, then combine two beams with a pulley beam to turn it into a longer pulley beam. Use it on the scaffold. Use a pulley beam on the scaffold, and use one rope on the scaffold. Finally, use a beam on the platform to fix it.

19. If you didn't bring 5 coal, grab a pickaxe from the rocks right outside the crevice and mine five coals from the rocks inside the crevice. Use the coal on the engine.

20. Use the engine on the engine platform.

21. Use the lift to get up, grab a plank when you get to the top, make sure you have one rope with you and then enter the tunnel.

Royal Trouble Lift

Picking up the Diary

22. Use the rope at the rock above you when you see the river, then use the rope swing. You will soon see fire remains. Search them to find a diary.

Royal Trouble Ropeswing

23. When you see rocks, use the plank on them to avoid taking damage from slipping. After the rocks you will see another fire remains. Check those too.

24. Proceed to the next fire remains, check them, and walk past the steam vents WITHOUT TOUCHING THEM! You will take damage if you do. Check the next remains.

25. After those fire remains, proceed through the centre of the next tunnel to avoid the falling rocks that tumble from the sides of the cave. Search the last fire remains, read (or just flip through all the pages of) the diary, and enter the crevice.

Killing the Snake

26. After a cutscene, continue north. Watch out for the Sea Snakes, they poison you if you attack them, but they aren't aggressive. After continuing through the tunnel for a while you will come to a crevice.

27. Get prepared to fight. Take a sip of antipoison potion (the snake can poison you starting from 98 LP) and enter. The Giant Sea Snake (level 149) is waiting on the other side.

  1. It will use melee attacks if you are close to it and a range attack if you move away from it.
  2. Fighting it with melee next to it with protection from melee prayer is advised.
  3. Kill the snake, pick up the box it drops and exit the snake's cave the way you entered.
sea snake pic

28. A guard will throw you a rope. Climb up and bring the box to the queen. She will give you a letter.

29. Take the letter to King Vargas to complete the quest. Congratulations!


Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • If you are the opposite gender from the time when you got engaged in the old quest, you'll get extra lines from different cut scenes and speeches of the quest.
  • Any resources that you harvest on the island that go towards raising your popularity will not give you any items and you get a very reduced amount of experience.
  • Many players have reported doing this quest without the required slayer level of 40 by Jagex.
  • The level 40 Agility requirement can be obtained using Agility Level Boosters.


Written by: Pirkka

Thanks to: All Bogs, Cowman_133, fabijan985, Flippi273, Hot Shot223, Kwimbob, oddfaery2, Pascal Sweet, RivalClan, Soratharax, Speedyshel, Sue_Kitsu

Last updated: 16-Jun-2018

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