Glorious Memories

Difficulty: Master Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Manni the Reveller in Rellekka's Long Hall.


Skills: Level 50 Agility, Level 43 Herblore, Level 41 Hunter, Level 57 Magic

Items: 1 Plank, 1 Empty vial, 1 Clean irit, 1 Cosmic rune, 10 Earth runes

Tool belt: pestle and mortar, and a pickaxe.


Skills: 43 Prayer (Protect from Melee), ability to defeat a 116 yeti and survive in a multi-way combat area with foes around level 90.

Items: food, potions, armour and weapons for the array of monsters, item(s) to restore run energy, enchanted lyre to teleport to Relleka.

Lodestones/Transportation: Lunar Isle (After completion of Lunar Diplomacy), Fremennik Province Lodestone, access to the fairy rings.

Monsters: Nial Swiftfling (Level 116), Yeti (Level 90), Gnoeals (Level 100)

NPCs: Asleif Hamalsdotter, Brundt the Chieftain, Freygerd, King Gjuki Sorvott IV, King Vargas, Manni the Reveller, Mawnis Burowgar

Walkthrough hide »

Items Required: None

1. Speak to Manni the Reveller and agree to help him invite people to the surprise feast for the Chieftain. He will send you to invite Mawnis Burowgar of Neitiznot and King Vargas of Miscellania.

Items Required: None

2. Speak to either King Vargas or Mawnis Burowgar about attending the party. They will both say they cannot (or will not) go to the party, and that you will have no luck with the other invitee. On their suggestion, go speak to Brundt the Chieftain about the day King Vargas was transformed into a monster.

Items Required: None

3. Return to Rellekka and speak to Brundt the Chieftain in the Long Hall about the birthday feast. A short cut scene will show Brundt's recollections of the day Vargas became a Yeti.

4. Once the cut scene has ended, Brundt will tell you that he wants to know what happened to the tablet. He will hand you a paper with part of the instructions to find the cave from the cut scene. The directions are incomplete, however, so Brundt suggests that you try to complete them by talking to the other adventurers - Vargas and Mawnis.

Asking For Directions
Items Required: None

5. Go to Miscellania and speak to Vargas to see a cut scene showing his recollections. After watching him defeat the beast in the ice lair, Vargas will add a line to your cave directions.

6. Go to Neitiznot and speak to Mawnis Burowgar about the adventures of that day. His flashback will finally piece together the story, showing what really happened in the ice cave. Mawnis will add the final line of the directions.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Pickaxe
Suggested: Weapon, melee/range defence armour, and food to fight level 116

Yet Another Yeti

7. Go to the snowy hunter area north-east of Rellekka. Proceed all the way to the north coast of the upper section.

Glorious Findtracks

Click to inspect the tracks that show on the coast and near the hunting expert. (If you cannot see them, try turning down your in-game brightness setting.) Another set of tracks will appear to the east. Click them, then click the ice mound at the end of the tracks to dig.

Glorious Huntertracks

8. Upon entering the cave, you will be attacked by the various Yetis (Level 90) and Gnoeals (level 100) in multicombat. They attack with melee, mage-based melee, and magic. Head to the south end. Go through the tunnel to enter Nial Swiftling's lair for the fight. (If you turned off autoretaliate to run through the dungeon, turn it back on now.)

Yeti Cave

9. Nial in Yeti form uses both melee and ranged attacks. He also has a special magic attack, which he signals by taking a breath. It knocks you back and can hit hard if you are not protecting against it. Ear protection can also be used to negate this attack.

10. Once you have killed him, collect the herb pouch, unfinished astral rune, yeti hair, and Nial's throwing axe. Go to Jatizso.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Nial's throwing axe
Suggested: None

Tax Evasion

11. In Jatizso, find Freygard at the west end of town. Talk to her about Nial to find that she needs help avoiding an emigration tax imposed by the King.

12. Speak to King Gjuki about Freygard - eager to get rid of you, he will agree to allow her to leave without paying the tax.

13. Talk to Freygard about Nial again; she will thank you for helping end Nial's torment and ask you to speak to her brother, Mawnis.

14. Head over to Neitiznot and speak to Mawnis Burowgar. Now that his sister is fine and moving back to Neitiznot, he is willing to come to the feast.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Herb pouch, Yeti hair, 1 Empty vial, 1 Clean irit, Pestle and mortar, 1 Cosmic rune, 10 Earth runes, 1 Plank
Suggested: Unfinished astral rune (to skip final bank stop)

Herbal Cures

15. Travel to the Mountain Camp north-east of the entrance to Rellekka and go all the way east to Jokul's tent. Take a pole from the spawn in his yard (where all the goats are). If you forgot your plank, there is a spawn south of his tent.

16. Head up to the lake by way of the path north of Jokul's tent. Climb on the tall tree to reach a small island.

17. Use the pole you collected on the clump of rocks north of the island to reach the next island.

18. Use your plank on the flat stone east of you to safely cross onto the final island.

19. Listen to the Shining Pool on the north side of the island. Asleif will appear and help you develop potion to turn Vargas back into a human.

20. On Asleif's suggestion, use your empty vial on the spring and add the clean irit. Click on the diamond root to grind it up, then enchant it with the diamond enchantment. Add the enchanted diamond root dust and yeti hair to the mountain irit potion.

21. Go to King Vargas on Miscellania and give King Vargas the yeti curse cure. Cured of his curse, he will happily attend the feast.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Unfinished astral rune
Suggested: None


22. Return to Rellekka's Long Hall and speak to Brundt about the feast. When you show him the unfinished astral rune, he will remember a final member of the adventuring party, a mysterious mage. Content with knowing what happened, Brundt only wants to celebrate with his friends.

23. Speak to Manni to start the party and receive your reward.


  • 10,000 Magic Experience
  • 5,000 Herblore Experience
  • Tome of Glorious Deeds
  • Unfinished astral rune
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • There are a number of speedy ways to travel back to Rellekka throughout the quest. Having your house located at the Rellekka portal will allow you to use Teleport to House to return quickly. Alternatively, you may use Enchanted Lyres to teleport directly into the city.
  • If you speak to Baba Yaga on Lunar Isle while holding the unfinished astral rune, she will fill in the rest of the story. After telling her story, she will reward you with the real prophecy tablet and an antique lamp worth 2,500 Experience in any skill. You may take the prophecy tablet to Historian Minas in the Varrock Museum to receive 10 kudos.
  • The Tome of Glorious Deeds will give 3 times 5000 Experience to any one of these skills, provided they are over level 40: Attack, Strength, Defence, Constitution or Ranged.


Written by: SaidinWoT

Special thanks to: BowSpirit, Dark Aura, Howlin1, Jaffy1, Kaphias, pokemama, tarasbuljba

Thanks to: SuzanneVega, War Chipmunk

Last updated: 15-Jan-2014

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