Blood Runs Deep

Difficulty: Master Requirements: Hard Length: Long

Start location: Speak to Baba Yaga, found in her animated home on Lunar Isle (north of the bank).


Skills: Level 75 Attack, Level 65 Slayer, Level 75 Strength

Items: Seal of Passage, ranged weapon/ammunition, runes for elemental combat spells (from the Standard Spellbook)

Miscellaneous: Fremennik Tasks completed (Easy, Medium, and Hard Tasks)


Skills: 100+ Combat, 75+ Magic, 70+ Ranged, 43+ Prayer

Items: Armour, weapon, food/potions, Ring of life, Beast of Burden familiar

Monsters: Dagannoth Mother (level 102), Dagannoth Sentinel (level 100), Dagannoth Guardian (level 98), Rock Lobster (level 156), Wallasalki (level 98), Dagannoth (level 112), Dagannoth (level 114)

NPCs: Asleif Hamalsdotter, Baba Yaga, Bardur, Brundt the Chieftain, Eir, King Vargas, Koschei the deathless, Nial Swiftfling, Oneiromancer, Prince Brand, Princess Astrid, Queen Sigrid, Silas

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Items Required: Seal of passage
Items Suggested: None

1. Speak to Baba Yaga in her chicken-legged house on Lunar Isle. Ask her about the sick man she's tending. She'll say that he had washed up on shore, but, while being healthy has yet to awaken. She believes he may have some form of mental ailment and asks you to accompany her into the World of Dreams to discover the problem.

In the World of Dreams
Items Required: Seal of passage
Items Suggested: Ring of life, armour (melee/ranged defence), weapon, food/potions for fending off respawns of 5 melee dagannoths, 1 range dagannoth and a mage wallasalki

2. Talk to Baba Yaga when you're ready, and she'll teleport you both into the World of Dreams. You'll appear in the man's dream. The man is shown to be Silas - who had disappeared before the Horror from the Deep quest. This is a simple area; the path is easy to follow.

Blood runs deep Dreamworld

3. Listen to Silas' ramblings to find that he's become partially insane. Baba Yaga will remark on his misfortune and suggest that you search the room for further clues. Search the nearby bookcase to find a Prophecy Tablet.

4. When you have the tablet, climb the stairs. Silas and a Dagannoth Mother can be seen overseeing hordes of dagannoths. Click to eavesdrop on them and learn of their plan to conquer the Fremennik lands. Exit the tunnel to the west afterward.

5. In the new room, you find Silas and a lectern which is capable of returning you to the real world. Silas appears to be unsettled once more and the lectern is nonfunctional. Baba Yaga states that she can activate the lectern but that she'll be vulnerable while doing so. Once she begins repairing it a Wallasalki (level 98), a range Dagannoth (level 114), and numerous melee Dagannoths (level 112) will swarm the room. The area is multi-combat, so attack all of them to draw their attention away from Baba Yaga. You do not have to defeat them; simply keep them from attacking Baba Yaga. Each monster will respawn if you kill it so the total number of enemies in the room stays the same. Baba Yaga will occasionally heal you and cast Vengeance upon you. Immediately after she finishes restoring the lectern you'll be teleported back to her home in the real world.

The Battle for Rellekka
Items Required: Seal of passage
Items Suggested: Ring of life, armour, weapon, food/potions to fight dagannoths

6. Talk to Baba Yaga about the unconscious Silas again but she'll say that there's been no change in his condition. At that point the Oneiromancer will enter and announce that dagannoths are swarming Rellekka's shores. Baba Yaga will offer to teleport you there if you're willing. Should you accept, she'll conveniently "take" your seal of passage and send you to the mainland for being a trespasser.

Bloodrunsdeep Rellekkabattle

7. Steel yourself for battle; upon arrival you'll be forced to participate in a desperate struggle between the Fremennik warriors, as led by Brundt the Chieftain and Koschei the Deathless, and hordes of Dagannoths (levels 112 and 114). Fight until Brundt tells you to make for his longboat at the dock, which will be marked by a flashing arrow on both the minimap and the game screen. Climb aboard the boat at his command.

8. The longboat will set sail with Brundt the Chieftain (of Rellekka), Queen Sigrid (of Etceteria), and Prince Brand and Princess Astrid (both of Miscellania) on board. They will ask you to rescue King Vargas, who was taken by dagannoths prior to his marriage to Queen Sigrid. She will give you the legendary axe, Balmung, to assist you in the task of raiding the Waterbirth dungeon.

9. Talk to Brundt to receive another seal of passage. He will also give you the option to either return to Rellekka with him or sail to Etceteria to bank. Banking is strongly recommended! Either way you'll need to travel to Waterbirth Island once you've prepared.

King Vargas' Rescue
Items Required: Balmung
Items Suggested: Ring of life, armour, the best possible food for you *and* for King Vargas, Prayer potions, one empty space
Warning: Escorting King Vargas through Waterbirth dungeon is a very COMBAT INTENSE part of the quest!

10. Travel to Waterbirth Island when you're ready. Head to the dungeon entrance on the west side of the island. Near it, Bardur, a Fremennik warrior, will stop you and say that he's been hearing the voice of an old man echoing from underground. He'll give you some rope and direct you to the hole it seems to be coming from.

Waterbirth Surface

11. The hole Bardur speaks of is at the south-western-most point of the island. Tie the rope to the rocks surrounding it and lower yourself down into the dungeon to find King Vargas.

Bloodrunsdeep Kingvargas Rescue

12. Speak to King Vargas and he'll explain his dilemma. He has attempted to escape several times, but he's been injured in the process and has failed every time. Bardur, in the meanwhile, shouts down to you from the surface; he says that many dagannoths have emerged from the caves, making escape over land impractical. King Vargas then suggests that the two of you will have to escape through secret paths in the dungeon, although you'll have to protect him as he can barely walk, let alone defend himself.

13. Agree with King Vargas' plan and a cutscene will transport you to a new area. Proceed north-east along the passage you appear in. Important things to know in advance:

  • It is important that you walk, otherwise King Vargas will be left behind.
  • Do not get more than 4 spaces ahead of him or he may be recaptured.
  • Turn off autoretaliate - continuing to walk is more important than killing any of the creatures that attack you.
  • You must attack the monsters you encounter along the way in order to distract them from King Vargas. You do not have to defeat them, just keep him safe.
  • Use food on him to restore his life points along the way.
  • Should he "die", you'll have to restart from the first cave.

At the end of the passage, climb down the ladder you find.

14. The ladder deposits you in the second-lowest level (sublevel 5) of Waterbirth Dungeon. Walk east past the Rock Lobsters and continue through the room with the entrance to the Dagannoth Kings' Lair. This room contains many Dagannoths and Wallasalkis, so be careful not to let yourself or King Vargas die. Again, do not proceed too quickly, or he will be left behind.

Waterbirth Dungeon Level 5 Waterbirth Dungeon Levels 4 3 and 2

15. Past the entrance to the Lair, follow the passage to the end and climb the ladder to sublevel 4. Go west past more Rock Lobsters; climb the ladder at the end to sublevel 3. This is a similar area with Rock Lobsters, so walk east past them and climb the final ladder towards sublevel 2 to view a cutscene. Warning: you may be ambushed by an out-of-place group of dagannoths on the last three levels. If this happens, you may not be able to proceed up the ladder as they are attacking King Vargas. Attack the dagannoths to distract them or kill them if necessary.

16. King Vargas will inadvertently cause a cave-in while he tries to go up the ladder, and you'll black out after being crushed by the falling rocks. You will awaken in a strange, otherworldly place. The woman who greets you, Eir, will explain that you've arrived in the after-life for fallen Fremennik warriors. However, she tells you that you'll have to return. Asleif Hamalsdotter and Niel Swiftling will join you. They can be spoken to, but it is not necessary for the quest.

Fremennik Afterlife

17. Following the dialogue Eir will send you back, and you'll appear aboard Brundt the Chieftain's longboat, having been rescued along with King Vargas from the dungeon. Talk to King Vargas to receive a heart-felt thanks and another Prophecy Tablet he found in the dagannoth hatchery. Queen Sigrid will ask you to conduct their marriage ceremony. Agree and marry them on the longboat. Afterward you can choose to marry your betrothed (either Prince Brand or Princess Astrid). Whether or not you wed, Brundt asks you to meet him in the Rellekka Long Hall. You can either sail with him there or be dropped off at Etceteria to bank first. Banking is strongly recommended!

The Daggermouth War
Items Required: Balmung, ranged weapon/ammunition, runes for all four elemental combat spells (from the Standard Spellbook)
Items Suggested: Ring of life, armour, food/potions, Beast of Burden familiar to carry extra food and supplies in preparation for high-level opponents which each use melee, range AND mage

18. Travel to the long hall in Rellekka and talk to Brundt. He proposes that the Fremennik raid Waterbirth Island to put an end to the threat once and for all. If you have everything you'll need for the upcoming battle, join Brundt and his Fremennik warriors as they set off in a fleet of longboats.

19. Aboard Brundt's longboat, speak with the chieftain and Baba Yaga, who has joined you to discuss the Prophecy Tablets. Brundt dismisses the prophecies and decides to continue regardless. After the conversation, tell Brundt that you're ready, and the fleet will land at the island.

20. Climb down the dungeon entrance at the south-west point of Waterbirth Island again. Baba Yaga, Koschei the Deathless, Prince Brand, and Princess Astrid will meet you at the bottom and direct you to the southern tunnel, which will eventually lead to the Dagannoth Mother's Lair. The four of them resolve to stay behind, as the Dagannoth Kings are quickly approaching their position.

Dagannoth Dungeon

21. Continue walking south through the passage and kill the two Dagannoth Sentinels (level 100) guarding the Lair's entrance. Extreme caution is advised, as the two sentinels are high-level, can use all three combat styles, and will heal one another occasionally. Use Balmung to attack them alternately (switch after every two attacks or so). If you only focus on one sentinel, the other will heal it too quickly for the sentinel to be killed. Once you've killed them, walk through the tunnel they were guarding to find yourself in the maze-like lair. You can optionally leave, bank and return if you wish to stock up, the sentinels do not respawn.

22. Run through the paths while dodging the Dagannoth Guardians (level 98) to the best of your ability. The guardians only use melee to attack, so it is suggested to pray against melee. Run all the way east, then to the south climb over the obstruction in the path. Continue south to another obstacle, a tunnel. The tunnel will let you move past the blockades in the Lair to an area just north of the Dagannoth Mother's room.

23. Enter the room - you won't have to fight the Mother just yet. On the ground in front of you, there will be a bronze pickaxe, plank, and tinderbox spawns. You can pick these up now or wait until after you've defeated the mother when you'll need them. Wield Balmung now - it's required to begin the final fight. Walk south past the nearby pillars and up to the Dagannoth Mother whenever you're ready.

24. The Dagannoth Mother (level 102) will speak with you shortly, but will launch an attack after you mock her in the dialogue. Remember to wield Balmung for your first attack on her. As before with the sentinels, caution is strongly advised; the Mother is very powerful and must be defeated using a combination of melee, ranged, and magic attacks. Keep an eye on your life points and prayer.

You may choose to change your protection prayer to match her varying attacks. However, it's simpler to continuously pray against ranged or mage and just eat to restore the other damage. Step a few spaces away from her so she can only hit you with range and magic.

To defeat her, as with the previous Dagannoth Mother in Horror from the Deep, you must attack her with a certain form of attack based on the colour of her hide. Make sure you have all the attack styles listed below, as she might stick to just two colours when she doesn't take damage. Otherwise, she'll alternate between seven different colours, so you must pay close attention to ensure that you continue to deal damage. Below are the various colours she'll turn (they appear in your chat window) and the corresponding attacks you should use:

  • Grey: Balmung (first hit only)
  • Orange: Melee attacks only (Balmung)
  • Green: Ranged attacks only
  • White: Air elemental spells only
  • Blue: Water elemental spells only
  • Brown: Earth elemental spells only
  • Red: Fire elemental spells only

25. When you've defeated her, walk back to the item spawns and the pillars found at the entrance of the room. Collapse the pillars using the pickaxe. This will cause the room to cave-in. However, you will be caught in it by mistake and be "killed" - thus returning to the Fremennik after-life.

26. In the after-life, Eir will once again greet you and compliment your feat, as you managed to successfully lock the Dagannoth Mother in her lair. She offers to send you back to the world of the living and states that she will not be able to do so the next time you return. Accept her offer to be sent back to Baba Yaga and the others.

27. Back in the dungeon, Baba Yaga and Koschei the Deathless inform you that they fended off the Dagannoth Kings, but Prince Brand and Princess Astrid perished. Climb up the rope to the surface where Brundt the Chieftain and his warriors await your return.

28. Following some dialogue and a cutscene in which Brand's and Astrid's pyreships are set ablaze for their funerals, the daggermouth war is concluded and the Fremenniks return to Rellekka. Congratulations, quest complete!


  • Balmung, a legendary raiding axe.
  • 3x 150,000 experience in either Attack, Defence, Strength, Magic, Ranged, Constitution, or Prayer (Must already be level 75+).
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The Lunar Spellbook is useful, since it offers teleports to Lunar Isle and Waterbirth Island. When you need to change to the Standard Spellbook for the boss fight, simply pray at the Astral Altar on Lunar Isle.
  • The fight against the Dagannoth Mother is inventory-intensive, as it requires the use of various runes and other items. It is therefore suggested to use a Beast of Burden familiar to carry additional supplies for you (food in particular).
  • Bank while you can! You'll often be forced into time-consuming combat situations during the quest which can quickly drain you of supplies. Restock at every opportunity you receive, particularly whenever Brundt gives you the option to bank at Etceteria.
  • The Prophecy tablets, while discussed throughout the quest, are NOT required items; there is no need to carry them in order to advance through the quest.
  • The Discovering Kharshai miniquest can be started once Blood Runs Deep and Ritual of the Mahjarrat have been completed


Written by: Rien Adelric

Thanks to: Aurhora, cat666, DenUsynlige, Georgelemmons, Jaffy1, jij29, Juhniz, maxmax99, metoo1000, Paw_Claw, pokemama, Seer, Sman25000, SportsGuy, tryto, Vhellcat, Warriormonkx, wyvren2000, zaaps1

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