Horror From The Deep

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Short

Start location: Speak with Larrisa in the lighthouse north of the Barbarian Outpost in Kandarin. Refer to our world map if you don't know where it is.


Skills: Level 35 Agility

Other: Be able to kill a level 100 monster.

Items: 2 Planks, 60 Steel nails, Tinderbox, Swamp tar, a Hammer, Molten glass, 1 Air, Fire, Water and Earth Rune. 1 sword (can't get it back, so max steel would be a good idea) and an arrow (not an ogre one). You will also need food, armour, potions and weapons - see the boss fight section for details on what you are up against.

Note: Range attacks and all four elemental (air, water, earth and fire) offensive magic attacks will be needed during the boss fight, so bring the runes for around 20 of each type of elemental spell. Bring around 30 arrows of any kind and a bow that can fire them and that you have the level to use. The fight is possible without having all three styles, but it will be longer and more challenging to stay alive.

Also access to the Barbarian Outpost is required. See the Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl guide for more information.


Skills: Magic 13+ (higher magic is a huge advantage), 40 Prayer for Protect from Missiles

Monsters: Dagannoth (level 100), Dagannoth Mother (level 100)

NPCs: Gunnjorn, Jossik, Larrissa

Walkthrough hide »

1: Start

Go to lighthouse, which is north of the Barbarian Outpost in Kandarin. It's easiest to reach by going west from Rellekka or if you have a Games Necklace, you can teleport to the Barbarian Outpost and use the agility shortcut north of it. When you get there, speak with Larrisa. She will tell you to go to her cousin Gunnjorn and get the lighthouse key. Ask where he is and how to fix the bridge and then head east. Fix the bridge there by using one plank on each side. This will require 30 steel nails on each side.

2: Gunnjorn

Walk back to the lighthouse. Go south to the Barbarian Outpost and speak with Gunnjorn, the owner of the agility course. He will give you the key for the lighthouse. Go back and speak with Larissa, then enter the lighthouse. If you can't access the Barbarian outpost yet, see our Barcrawl and Beer guide for more information on how to do so.

3: Fixing the light

Once inside, speak with her again and she'll ask you to fix the light. Go all the way up and use your tar on the machinery, then the tinderbox and then molten glass. It will light up. Go down and talk with Larrisa.

Go up to the first floor. Search the bookcase and get Jossik's Journal and an Ancient Diary. Read both of them. Go down to the ground floor and down the iron ladder. You'll now be in a cave.

lighthouse Dungeon

Head north and you'll find a strange wall. Use your runes, sword and arrow on it.


4: Sea monsters

Open the wall, climb down the ladder and talk with Jossik. Get ready to kill some beasts. You will first be required to kill a "baby" Dagannoth (level 100). This battle is fairly straightforward. You can try to stand between Jossik and the North wall as this acts as a safe spot. Kill the baby Dagannoth. It will die very easily with melee.

The mother is more complicated. She attacks you with melee and range and you CANNOT safespot her or else she will disappear, forcing you to restart the fight. Speak to Jossik when you are ready to begin the second battle.

There is a specific offensive strategy you must use to defeat the Dagannoth Mother. It has a total of 6 different hide colours. You can only do damage on it if you use the right kind of attack while she appears as that colour. Poison is only effective when it can be attacked with melee.

  • Red - Attack with Fire spells (strikes, bolts, blasts or waves)
  • Brown - Attack with Earth spells (strikes, bolts, blasts or waves)
  • Blue - Attack with Water spells (strikes, bolts, blasts or waves)
  • White - Attack with Air spells (strikes, bolts, blasts or waves)
  • Green - Attack with Ranged (special attacks)
  • Orange - Attack with Melee (poison is a good idea)

In terms of defence, ensure your armour allows you to adequately cast spells by making sure your magic offensive bonus is not negative. Unequipping a melee platebody can facilitate spellcasting as it is needed. Use the highest level elemental spell available to you according to the colour of her skin. If you have particularly high melee stats, you can also simply defend against the attacks while the mother is immune to melee then inflict severe damage while she is vulnerable (orange) by using a powerful melee weapon. This is often enough to nearly defeat her if you have high melee stats, combined with a couple magic spells to finish her off. Either way, it is recommended to use the Protect from missiles prayer while fighting her.

The Dagannoth Mother changes colours in this order: White, Blue, Orange, Brown, Red, Green, then back to white. Some players have reported that sometimes she might skip a colour.

5: Prayer book

When you've killed her you'll have a chest in your inventory. You will now complete the quest.

Go to the first floor with your chest this and speak with Jossik who will ask you to read what the chest says. Simply choose the RuneScape God you prefer (Saradomin, Zamorak or Guthix) and you will receive a book of that God. There is no "right" God to choose, it's totally up to you. Once you complete the damaged prayer book, you can buy more from Jossik by speaking to him.


  • Damaged Prayer book
  • 4662 Magic Exp
  • 4662 Ranged Exp
  • 4662 Strength Exp
  • Access to the Dagannoth Cave
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • For more information about prayer books, which may help with your selection, see our prayer guide.
  • You can only be in the possession of one damaged prayer book at any time.


Written by: Ks Jeppe

Thanks to: Battypenguin, Beethovens29, Cowman_133, Dark_Aura, furby360, Game_Freak67, Ginger_Warrior, goofa, Howlin1, indobeast, insanepig, Jaffy1, Jibo36, Maxdata, micarina, Mirrorforced, nauselom, ovorette, red afraid, scubanator86, SerpentEye, Spooferfish, spydus, Unseen_Snipr

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