Elemental Workshop II

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Easy Length: Short

Start location: Digsite examination centre


Skills: Level 20 Magic, Level 30 Smithing

Items: Hammer, Pickaxe, 8 Coal


Items: Camelot teleport, Stat restore potion

Monsters: Earth Elemental (level 64)

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Starting out
Items needed: Optional Camelot teleport

Search the bookshelves at the Digsite Exam centre until you find a beaten book. Bring the book with you to Seers' Village.

1: Preparing
Items needed: Beaten book, Hammer, 8 Coal, Pickaxe

Visit the house south of Seers' Village anvils. Search the bookcase to automatically get the slashed book and battered key. Cross the street to the anvil building and enter the wall as you did for the first Elemental Workshop quest. Go downstairs.

2: The Key
Items needed: Beaten book

Read the beaten book and a scroll falls out. You *must* read the scroll. You can follow the steps (2 north, 2 east, etc) to get to a machine in the water elemental room north of the stairs. Search this machine to get a key.

Elemwkshop2 Scroll Elemwkshop2 Machinery

3: Old workshop
Items needed: Pickaxe

Return to the central area and go to the western room. Try to mine an elemental rock. As in the previous quest, the rock comes to life as an earth elemental. Kill it to get an elemental ore. Repeat.

4: Elemental metal
Items needed: 8 Coal, 2 Elemental ores

Return to the central area and go to the southern room. Use your elemental ore on the hot furnace to make a bar of elemental metal. Repeat. [If the furnace is not hot enough to smelt the ore, you may need to repeat some of the steps in the first Elemental Workshop quest to get it hotter.]

5: New workshop
Items needed: Key

Return to the central area and go to the circular hatch near the central ladder. Go down to the new workshop area. A cart track surrounds it. Each side of the square has a station: to the south, a crane; to the west, a press; to the north, a water tank; and to the east, a wind tunnel. All four must be repaired.


Search each crate and box. Be sure to also search upstairs on the gantry (catwalk), using either short staircase with handrails at the north-east or south-west corner of the room. The item locations are random for each player; keep searching until you get all six items. You will need a small cog, a medium cog, a large cog, a lever schematic, a crane schematic, and a pipe.

found items

6: Repairing the Wind Tunnel
Items needed: Small cog, Medium cog, Large cog

The wind tunnel on the east side has three pins sticking out just below some curved yellow arrows. Place the small cog on the upper left pin, the medium on the lower left, and the large cog on the pin on the next panel.

cog placement

7: Repairing the Crane
Items needed: Hammer, Crane schematic, 1 Elemental bar

Go back up the central spiral staircase to the old elemental workshop area. Use the elemental metal bar on an anvil and make one elemental claw. Go back downstairs to the crane station. Use the lever west of the crane to lower the claw. Use your new elemental claw on it to repair it. Use the same lever to raise it again.

8: Repairing the Press and Water Cooling Stations
Items needed: Pipe

Use a short staircase on the north-east or south-west corners to get to the upper gantry area. On the north side there are several pipes, one showing a break. Use the pipe on this to fix it.

Go to the west side to the Junction Box. Click on it to see that there are three "pipes" available to make connections. Click the lower left and lower middle pipes to connect them to each other. Then connect the upper right and upper middle to each other. Click the upper left and lower right pipes to make the final connection. The display closes when it's finished.

junction box

That's all the work upstairs, so go back down to the new workshop area (the square level surrounded by the cart track).

9: Running the New Workshop
Items needed: Elemental bar

Now it's time to operate the repaired machinery!

Notice the station in the centre of the square, just south of the spiral staircase. There's a picture showing a cart (or a shopping trolley, ha ha). The lever just south of this controls the cart's movement along the track. This cart is actually called a "jig cart". A jig is a mechanical device used to hold something while it's being manufactured or repaired. Each time the lever is pulled, the jig cart moves clockwise to the next station along the square. If you miss a station somehow, keep using the lever until the jig cart comes around again to where you want it. If the cart is blocked, go to the blocking station and fix the problem.

Element2 Lever

Operate the cart lever until the jig cart is underneath the crane on the south side of the square.

Place an elemental metal bar on the jig cart.

10: Superheating

  1. Use the lever west of the crane to make the claw come down and grab the bar. Use the lever again to make it lift the bar.
  2. Use the lever east of the crane to make the crane swing around over the lava.
  3. Use the west lever twice to make the crane lower the bar into the lava, then pick it back up (notice the colour change to orange).
  4. Use the lever east of the crane to make the crane swing back around over the jig cart.
  5. Use the west lever twice to make the crane lower the bar onto the jig cart, then lift back up out of the way.
  6. Operate the cart lever to move the jig cart to the next station.

11: Pressing

  1. Operate the lever east of the pressing station.
  2. Operate the cart lever to move the jig cart to the next station.

12: Water Tank

  1. Use the lever south of the water tank to open the door.
  2. Turn the corkscrew lever twice to draw the jig cart into the cooling tank.
  3. Pull the lever south of the water tank to close the door.
  4. Operate the western water valve (controls water entering tank), then the eastern water valve (controls water leaving tank). Reverse this to empty the tank completely.
  5. Pull the lever south of the water tank to open the door.
  6. Turn the corkscrew lever two more times.
  7. Pull the lever south of the water tank to close the door.
  8. Operate the cart lever to move the jig cart to the next station.
water controls

13: Air Cooling

wind lever
  1. Operate the lever west of the wind tunnel.
  2. Pull the lever again to stop the fan.
  3. Operate the cart lever to move the jig cart to the next (final) station.
  4. Walk to the crane station and grab your primed bar.

14: Infusing the Mind
Items needed: Primed bar
Items suggested:Stat restore potion

Descend the north-west circular stairway to the extractor level. Go south a little ways to a door opening on the east side (marked with the Mind rune symbol) as shown on the map below.

EW2 labelled

Open the door and enter a room with a huge machine. Place your primed bar on the southern tray (the extraction gun). Use the Extraction Hat on the north side to complete the process. (WARNING: this reduces your Magic a LOT - 20 levels?!) The optional stat restore potion could be used if desired. Grab your primed mind bar.

15: Smithing Mind Armour
Items needed: Primed mind bar, Hammer, Beaten book

Climb up the circular stairs, then use the central spiral stairway to go up again. Use your primed mind bar on an elemental workshop anvil. Make a mind helm. This completes the quest!


  • 7500 Smithing xp
  • 7500 Crafting xp
  • Ability to make and equip elemental mind equipment
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • You must read the scroll before you can find the key.
  • If you are carrying the beaten book you can make mind or elemental helms; if you are carrying the slashed book (from the first quest), you can make mind or elemental shields. These books do not appear on player-owned house bookshelves.
  • If you use the Extractor Hat without putting a primed bar on the Extractor Gun, you will take up to 80 damage (decreases as your life points decrease). Wearing mind or elemental armour does not protect you from this.
  • Remember to recharge your magic before taking on any enemies!
  • All items except the Mind shield give magic defence only: Elemental helm +4, Elemental shield +6, Mind helm +6. The Mind shield gives +9 to magic and summoning defence.
  • If any machines from Elemental Workshop 1 are not running, part of the circuit will not work, so make sure all power sources from the first quest are working.


Written by: pokemama

Special Thanks to: bartaggio (Merloc Tg), SaidinWoT

Special Thanks to: Jaffy1

Thanks to: Akio, Ashmad, bluehooloovo, Flameben11, Georgelemmons, halo2_rocks7, Howlin1, Necromancer_Magic, Psymann, sephiroth666, Sir_Darknite, staceylp, Sy_Accursed, The_Ms_Craft, War Chipmunk, Warriormonkx

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