Grim Tales

Difficulty: Master Requirements: Hard Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Sylas, south of Taverley near the Witch's house.


Quests: Witch's House

Skills: Level 59 Agility, Level 45 Farming, Level 52 Herblore, Level 58 Thieving, Level 71 Woodcutting

Items: Food, Armour, Weapon, Leather gloves, 2 Tarromin, 2 Vials of water, Watering can


Skills: High combat level

Items: Prayer potions

Monsters: Mouse (level 88), Glod (level 97)

NPCs: Grimgnash, Miazrqa, Rupert the Beard, Sylas

Walkthrough hide »

1: Starting out
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Food and Armour

Speak to Sylas to the south of Taverley about buying his magic beans. Talk to him about both the feather and the helmet. Once you have done this take the eastern most path on White Wolf Mountain and follow to east side of the mountain to Grimgnash the Griffin.

Grimtales Grimgnash

2: Grimgnash the Griffin
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Food

Tell Grimgnash he is a great and mighty griffin, he will want to hear a story to put him to sleep. Once he is asleep you can take his feather from the pile beside him. Beware: Throughout the story Grimgnash will damage you for up to 20% of your current lifepoints if you answer incorrectly. If you stop to eat or tell the story wrong, you can pick up where you left off, you don't have to start over. Grimgnash will want to hear the most gruesome, food-filled story possible. The story can be told as follows:

  1. There once was a graveyard filled with undead
  2. There lived a skeleton named Skullrot
  3. Skullrot was insane!
  4. Skullrot hungrily grabbed the gnome's hair
  5. Started to strangle the poor gnome
  6. You may answer with any option

Once you have finished the story take a feather from the pile next to Grimgnash and give it to Sylas south of Taverley.

3: Rupert the Dwarf
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

Now travel to Rupert's Tower. The tower is located to the south-east of Goblin Village. You will find that the door is locked but that you can climb over the Crumbling wall on the east side of the courtyard. Next, talk into the drain pipe. You will start to talk to Rupert, but the princess will catch you and Rupert will tell you to sneak up to his room. Speak in the pipe again and tell him "I could try and climb up" and then "Is there anything up there that can help." Climb Rupert's beard and then speak to him again. Rupert will tell you to speak to Miazrqa, who wanders to the north of the tower. Climb down his beard and back out of the tower to speak to her.

4: Witch's House
Items Required: Non-metal gloves (Leather gloves), 2 Tarromin, 2 Vials of water
Items Suggested: Magic armour for protection from melee attacks, Food

Speak to Miazrqa about Rupert and tell her "Your second-cousin, twice-removed." She will tell you that she will release Rupert if you get her pendant from the Witch's house south of Taverley. Talk to her again to get a key to the house. Teleport to the Taverley lodestone and run south to the Witch's house. Go in, walk to the ladder in the north side of the house and go to the basement. While wearing your non-metal gloves go through the gate and search the music stand. Read the sheet music and then go and play it on the piano. Below is a copy of the music.

Grimtales Piano

There are two sets of notes on the keyboard, Upper and Lower. The Upper keys are on the right side and the Lower are on the left hand side. The correct sequence of notes that you need to play is as follows: Upper E, Upper F, Upper E, Upper D, Upper C, Lower A, Lower E, Lower G, Lower A.

Once you have played the piano search it and you will get a to-do list, a shrinking potion recipe, and two shrunk ogleroots. Go back up to the ground floor. Use the tarromin with the water filled vials and then add the ogleroots to the unfinished potions. You will now have two shrink-me-quick potions. Walk south into the small room with the mouse hole and drink your shrink-me-quick potion while standing beside the mouse hole. Once you are in the hole you will find yourself being attacked by level 88 Mice. Just follow these directions to get the Pendant:

  1. Climb the nails near the middle of the room, on the eastern wall
  2. Go around the corner to the south-west side of the room, then climb the nails on the northern wall
  3. Go to the south side of the room and climb up the nails
  4. Go to the north-east corner of the room and climb down the nails
  5. Go north then climb up the nails. You will find the pendant in this room

Once you have the Pendant teleport out and return it to Miazrqa to release Rupert. He will give you his helmet. Take it to Sylas and Sylas will give you the magic beans and tell you to retrieve the golden goblin.

5: The Golden Goblin
Items Required: Armour to protect against melee attacks, Weapon, Food, Watering can
Items Suggested: None

The farming patch is next to Sylas, north of the witch's house. Plant the bean and water it and it will grow into a beanstalk.

Grimtales Beanstalk

Climb the beanstalk if you are prepared for a fight. You will have to kill Glod (level 97). Glod can deal strong melee damage, heal himself, drain your prayer rapidly, draw you towards him (making it hard to range or mage safely) and randomly turn off your prayer. He has no weakness so can be attacked with any style, however magic is suggested as he is a melee user. When defeated Glod drops the golden goblin. Return the golden goblin to Sylas and he will tell you to chop the beanstalk down to prevent further giants from coming to the ground.

6: The Beanstalk
Items Required: Shrink-me-quick potion
Items Suggested: None

Use your shrink-me-quick potion on the beanstalk to get it down to chopable size and then click it to chop it down. Return to Sylas to claim your reward.


Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • If for any reason you need more shrunk ogleroots, go down the manhole outside of the witches house and kill Experiments for them.
  • Glod will hit hard and heal life. He can deactivate prayers and drains them quickly. Prepare for a hard fight, super potions could be helpful. He can also cause you to run away from him.
  • The Dwarven helmet is fairly equivalent to a rune helmet. If lost it can be repurchased. Rupert hangs out north of the tower near the mind altar, and he charges 60K gp for a new helmet.


Written by: abomb67

Special Thanks to: Baffler, Octarine

Thanks to: Abliviun, essiw, Game_Freak67, Howlin1, Hushwhisper, ikkabenamark, jim_vierling, Lady_Shahdie, mastermule52, oddfaery2, Raven6666, Rebasack, Riptide_Mage, Skuldaren, Swordwright, Teemupets, ubbernoob007

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