Witch's House

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Easy Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Harvey, the crying boy west of Falador.


Items: Leather gloves, Cheese.


Items: Several pieces of Cheese

Monsters: Witches experiment (levels 16, 23, 37, and 49).

NPCs: Harvey

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Starting out

1. Talk to Harvey west of the Falador west bank on the Taverley side of the wall. There is an Agility shortcut in the wall west of the west Falador bank, but level 5 Agility is required to use this shortcut. He will ask you to get his ball back for him as he kicked it over the hedge and the old lady who lives there locked it in her shed.

Getting inside

2. Make your way around the hedge to the door of the house. You find that it is locked. The door key is under the first pot to your left. Go in the door, take the diary on the table near you, and read it.

A mouse!

3. Go downstairs into the basement. While wearing your leather gloves, go through the gate and search the cupboard for the magnet. Go back upstairs and into the little room with the door that leads to the garden and drop your cheese. Suddenly a mouse will come out! Attach the magnet to the mouse and it will unlock the door. Caution: Be fast! The mouse disappears in about 20 seconds and you lose your cheese if you fail to attach the magnet in time.

In the garden, getting the key

4. Now you are in the garden. You will see the witch patrolling the garden. The tricky part here is to not let her see you! If she does, she teleports you outside of the house. Make your way all the way round until you reach the fountain. Search around the sides of the fountain (may take several attempts but it is there) and you will find the key to the shed.

Note: You must have read the whole diary to find the key.

Witches House Fountain Getting the ball back

5. Head for the shed and use the key on it. When you try to take the ball, a "Witches Experiment" will appear and turn into 4 different monsters, each one harder than the other: it's original form, a spider, a bear and a wolf. Once you beat all four forms of the shapeshifter, take the ball. Give the ball to the boy to complete the quest.


Quest points: 4

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Leather gloves can be found south of the bank in Edgeville.
  • Some cheese can be found in the witch's house.


Written by: Draxal

Thanks to: Baffler, bluehooloovo, castle2002, Cowman_133, Devill X, dingse danni, Georgelemmons, hrod ruck, Lady_Shahdie, Lancer Storm, Malak7186, Myst1c Mage2, pokemama, Sir axe alot, TC3

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