All Fired Up

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Medium Length: Short

Start location: Talk with King Roald in the Varrock Palace.


Skills: Level 43 Firemaking

Items: 45 logs (all of the same kind, but any kind), Tinderbox


Items: Varrock teleport runes (if you wish to bank), Hatchet (to avoid banking)

NPCs: Blaze Sharpeye, King Roald

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Bank Bank Bank
Any Bank
Required: 20 logs of the same kind, Tinderbox
Suggested: Varrock teleport runes and/or Hatchet

A Beacon in Need

1. Speak to King Roald to find he has a job for you - to test the network of beacons that have been constructed between the River Salve and the edge of the Wilderness. Agree to help and he will send you to Blaze Sharpeye, his fire tender near the Temple of Paterdomus.

All Fired Up map pic

2. Head directly south of the Temple of Paterdomus to find Blaze Sharpeye next to the unlit beacon. Speak with him and he will ask you to help test the visibility of the beacons by lighting a few, then proceed to explain the simple method used to light one.

Lighting Up

3. Add your twenty logs to the beacon, then use your tinderbox on the beacon. With the beacon burning tall, speak to Blaze Sharpeye again.

Bank Bank Bank
Any Bank
Required: 25 logs of the same kind, Tinderbox
Suggested: Varrock teleport runes

4. In order to test more of the network, Sharpeye wants you to light the next beacon, near the limestone quarry at the Rag and Bone Man's hovel. There are plenty of trees to cut down in the surrounding area if you do not wish to bank. Add twenty logs to the beacon and light it with your tinderbox, just like before.

5. Report back to Blaze Sharpeye once the beacon has been lit. He will be pleased to be able to see the other beacon, but he does not like how low his own beacon is becoming. He will tell you to use five logs on it to make it a giant flame once again.

Rekindling Success

6. Add your five logs and the beacon will be burning bright again. Talk to Sharpeye to find that the entire network will eventually need testing. He will send you back to King Roald in order to report the success of the tests.

7. Return to Varrock Palace and talk to King Roald to claim your reward, with the reminder that much better rewards would be offered for further testing.


Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Using Beast of Burden summoning creatures, it is possible to do this entire quest without banking.
  • You can use a different type of log in the second beacon than the type you used in the first beacon.
  • Additional rewards are available for lighting six, ten, and all fourteen of the beacons at the same time. Some beacons have certain prerequisites to get to them or light them.


Written by: SaidinWoT

Thanks to: Cowman_133, DaDieselDude05, foxtwo, Lady_Shahdie

Last updated: 17-Sep-2013

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