Tale of the Muspah, The

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Easy Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Erjolf at the cave entrance on the mountain north-east of Rellekka (Fairy Ring DKS).


Skills: Level 6 Firemaking, Level 10 Magic, Level 8 Mining, Level 10 Woodcutting

Items: 8 Cosmic runes, 8 Water runes, Hatchet, 4 Cut sapphires, OR Pickaxe and Chisel

(A Knife, Tinderbox, and Spade are also required, but are available from Erjolf during the quest.)


Skills: Level 20 Crafting

Items: Waterskins

Monsters: Jelly (level 90)(evade only)

NPCs: Ali the Wise, Erjolf, Jhallan, Natural historian

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Bank Bank Bank
Required: None
Suggested: None

1. Speak to Erjolf outside the cave on the mountain north-east of Rellekka. Promise to keep the contents of the cave a secret and Erjolf will lead you inside.

Muspah Icedungeon Entrance

2. Once you are inside the cave, Erjolf will tell you to jump across the stream to join him. Jump across the flat rock due north of the entrance.

3. Erjolf will head off through the cave opening to the west. Enter the cave opening to rejoin him.

4. Erjolf will walk over to the water. Follow him and speak to him once he stops walking. He will point out the ice in the middle of the pool of water. Ask him about his Trials and then offer to help when he informs you of his problems.

5. Tell Erjolf that you are ready to melt the ice. In a short cut scene, he will show you how to build a raft out of driftwood and set fire to it. He will also inform you about the different streams that are connected to the pool - the north stream, which feeds water in, and the west, south, and east streams, which carry water out.

6. Speak to Erjolf again and tell him you need tools to melt the ice island. He will provide a knife, spade, and tinderbox.

7. Grab at least 15 pieces of driftwood from the pile - more if you expect to make mistakes - and use your knife on them to turn them into rafts.

8. Note: In order to block a stream, click Block stream on the ice mound near the stream opening. In order to unblock a stream, click Unblock stream on the ice blockage in front of the stream opening. In order to cross between land sections, jump on the flat rocks near the stream openings. In order to launch a raft, stand facing a shore and use your tinderbox on a raft in your inventory.

A. Block the East and West streams. Go the North side of the ice block, and launch 4 rafts southward towards the ice block in 4 different places so you have melted the entire north side of the ice block.

Step A

B. Unblock the East stream, and block the South Stream. Go to the South-West platform, and launch 1 raft eastward towards the ice block.

Step B

C. Now, walk towards the western stream (currently blocked) and launch another raft while facing northward. The raft should drift eastward towards the middle of the ice block.

Step C

D. Go to the North-West platform, and launch another raft in the middle of the western stream, but this time you need to be facing southward.

Step D

E. Block the East and West streams, and unblock the South stream. Go to the North-West Platform, and walk 1 space to the right of the ice block. Launch 4 rafts in the same spot, and let them pile up against a rock. This should melt all the ice on the east side of the block!

Step E

F. Unblock the West Stream and block the South Stream. Go to the South-East platform, and launch 4 rafts in the same spot in order to pile them up against another rock. This should melt the rest of the south side of the block!

Step F

9. Go back to Erjolf and talk to him to find that what he saw was not armour, but instead a monster. Ask him what to do now and he will tell you to speak to a natural historian that is visiting the Trollweiss Hunter Area.

10. Exit the cave and head north to the Trollweiss Hunter Area. Ascend the steps to the northern section of the Hunter Area and locate the historian in the north-east corner.

11. Talk to the Natural historian and ask him about yetis. When he expresses his doubts, ask him if he is good at identifying creatures. Agree to describe it and answer his questions as follows:

  • What colour is the creature? It's yellow.
  • How many arms does it have? It has four arms.
  • How many legs does it have? It has no legs, like a snail.
  • Tell me about its head. It has spikes, which run down its spine.
  • Now could you describe its tail, please? It has a spiky tail, with vicious spines.
  • Tell me what its hands are like please. It has pincers, like a crab.

12. The Natural historian will say that the creature could not possibly exist in reality. Ask him where you can find out more about it, and he will point you towards a statue found in the Kharidian Desert, east of the Desert Mining Camp.

13. The Natural historian will provide a Lumbridge teletab to help you get to the Desert.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Spade
Suggested: Waterskins

14. From Shantay Pass, go south to the wall of the Desert Mining Camp in the Kharidian Desert and run due east to find a sand pile. (Or, take the magic carpet to Pollnivneach, and walk north-east.) Dig the sand pile to reveal a crumbling statue. Ali the Wise will appear. Tell him you found a creature like the statue - after some convincing (ask why he thinks it's a myth, and if it's a myth how did you find it), he will tell you about the Muspah. Continue telling him that you found the creature in the flesh and he will finally explain how to free it from the ice.

Crumbling Statue Location

If you want, you can ask Ali the Wise for help in returning to the Muspah cave - he will provide a Camelot teletab.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: 8 Cosmic runes, 8 Water runes, Hatchet, 4 Cut sapphires, OR Pickaxe and Chisel
Suggested: None

15. Return to the cave - Talk to Erjolf to explain your plan.

Note: You may mine sapphires in the cave and cut them with a chisel if you do not have any available for the quest.

16. Cross the floating bridge next to Erjolf. Use a sapphire on the ice block to automatically set up all four. Click on the ice block (it says "Enchant-sapphires") to start the cut scene in which you free the Muspah.

17. When the ice has thawed, the Muspah will become animated and Erjolf will run away. Talk to the Muspah, who will turn into a Mahjarrat named Jhallan. Ask him why he was in the ice to find that he was attempting to rejuvenate. Tell him you only wanted to help, and that it's okay. Ask what he was doing in the ice, and about rejuvenation until you can ask what he needs to do now. He merely wants to return to hibernation.

18. Collect your sapphires from the ground around Jhallan. Exit the snowy pool room and talk to Erjolf about travelling around the coast. He will mention that you can make a canoe in the Trollweiss Hunter Area. Erjolf will leave in order to head up to the log that can be used.

19. Go to the west shore of the Trollweiss Hunter Area, near the Sabre-toothed Kyatts. Make a canoe out of the log near Erjolf.

20. Travel in the canoe to an area north of the Trollweiss Hunter Area. Enter the cave and head south and speak to Jhallan to find that he still needs to locate a peaceful spot for his hibernation. Ask Jhallan to follow you.

hibernation spot map

21. Go south-west until you come across an icy spot that is not near any monsters, light, or running water (blue location marked on the map). Talk to Jhallan, and confirm with him that the spot you have found is good.

22. Bore your four sapphires around Jhallan and click on him (it says "Enchant-sapphires") to once again encase him in ice. Ask about a reward, and he will provide a Tail of the Muspah, Erjolf's trophy.

23. Exit the cave and use the canoe to return to Erjolf. Speak to him to give him the Muspah Tail and complete the quest.


  • 1000 Magic Experience
  • 800 Mining Experience
  • 800 Woodcutting Experience
  • 500 Firemaking Experience
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • You can mine sapphires in the cave and cut them with a chisel if you do not have any available for the quest.
  • Speak to the Natural historian at any point after digging up the statue to receive a lamp worth 200 experience to any skill.
  • Once you have completed the quest, you may return to Ali the Wise at his house in Nardah to give him all your information about Mahjarrats.
  • You may use an Inferno Adze in place of both a pickaxe and hatchet for convenience.
  • If you lose your Muspah Tail, you can go back to Jhallan's resting area for another.


Written by: brainymidget and SaidinWoT

Special thanks to: Chozarius, Georgelemmons, Nyosuht

Thanks to: Cemtey, Cowman_133, Dark_Aura, Essiw, Game_Freak67, Jaffy1, Lady_Shahdie, pokemama, SerpentEye, Warriormonkx, Wisse, War Chipmunk

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