Elemental Workshop IV

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Easy Length: Short

Start location: Search the bookcase on the ground floor of the Sorcerer's Tower and read the notched book found there.


Skills: Level 41 Crafting, Level 40 Defence, Level 39 Runecrafting, Level 42 Smithing, Level 39 Thieving

Items: Hammer, Chisel, 1 of each elemental rune (Air, Water, Earth, Fire), Knife, Pickaxe, 8 Coal


Items: Dwarven army axe in place of a chisel and pickaxe, Coal bag to save on trips to the bank for more coal.

Monsters: Earth elementals (level 64)

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1. Starting the quest

Search the bookcase found on the ground floor of the Sorceror's Tower south of Seer's Village and collect the notched book. Read the book to gain a hint on how to open the southern door. Head to the Elemental Workshop when you're ready.

2. Making the Key
Items Required: Notched book, Knife

Head to the Elemental Workshop in the building west of Seers' Village bank. Use your knife on the whetstone while having the notched book in your inventory. The whetstone is opposite the anvils on the ground floor. Doing so will create a keyblade - you'll need this later. Enter the Elemental Workshop.

EW4 Whetstone

3. Getting Elemental bars
Items Required: Pickaxe, 8 Coal

Once you've gone in, obtain two Elemental ores by mining elemental rocks and defeating the Earth elementals that spawn in the large western room. Use these along with eight coal (4 coal per elemental bar) in the furnace to the south to smelt two Elemental bars.

4. Making Primed bars
Items Required: 2 Elemental bars

Climb down the central staircase to the floor below and use the elemental bars to create two Primed bars as was done in the Elemental Workshop II quest.

5. Through the Door to the Cosmic Workshop
Items Required: Keyblade

After making the primed bars, climb down the stairs to the long dirt hallway. Run past the Mind door to the east and the Body door to the west until you arrive at an unmarked door at the south end of the corridor. Use the Keyblade on the door to get in.

6. Cosmic Workshop Puzzle Part 1
Items Required: 1 of each elemental rune (Air, Water, Earth, Fire)

After arriving in the new area, the cosmic door lies to the east. Opening it reveals a room with a grid of sixteen squares, four of which are short raised pillars. On the north and west wall there are four emitters each, which will hold one rune at a time. In the south-east corner lie the Cosmic machine and a control panel.

EW4 Cosmic Puzzle1

This is the layout of the Cosmic Workshop puzzle and the solution to part 1.

EW4 Cosmic Control Panel

This is the control panel to the Cosmic Workshop puzzle. The labeled buttons and sliders correspond to the pillars emitters out on the floor. The sliders move the emitters (E1-E8) up and down.
The round buttons rotate the pillars (A1-4, B1-4, C1-4, D1-4).

The control panel, when the "Power Up" button is pushed, will shoot out a coloured elemental blast from the emitters based on what kind of rune is placed in the emitter. Red for an emitter with a fire rune, blue for a water rune, brown for an earth rune and white for an air rune. The blast will attempt to pass through the coloured openings in the pillars, but they can only pass through if the colour of the opening matches the blast. Therefore, a white blast will only be able to pass through a white opening. The goal of the puzzle is to rotate the pillars such that the blasts from the emitters will be able to pass through both pillars in front of it.

To solve this puzzle, make the layout of your puzzle match the image above. To do this, focus first on pillars A1 and A2. Pay attention to what colours they have in common. In the example image above, they both have brown. Use the control panel to rotate A1 and A2 such that their brown openings are in line with emitter 4 (E4). Repeat this process for E3, E5 and E6.

After your pillars are aligned, make sure the emitter they are aligned with have the appropriate colour rune in them. For example, in the above image A1 and A2 have their brown openings aligned with E4. Therefore E4 should have an earth rune placed in it. Repeat this process for E3, E5 and E6.

Once your emitters have the appropriate runes in them, return to the control panel and hit the "Power Up" button. If you have aligned all the pillars correctly and put in the correct rune the blasts should pass all the way through the pillars and five more pillars should rise up through the floor. In addition, each pillar should be two blocks high now.

7. Cosmic Workshop Puzzle Part 2
Items Required: 1 of each elemental rune (Air, Water, Earth, Fire)

Solving part 2 of the puzzle is similar to solving part 1, except you can now align pillars based on their top block or bottom block. In addition, on the control panel you can now adjust the height of the emitters to match the bottom block or the top block of the pillars.

EW4 Cosmic Puzzle1

This is the solution to part 2.

As with Part 1 of this puzzle, make your layout match the picture above. Rotate the pillars until they match the pillar orientation shown in the picture. If you are solving the puzzle on your own, the best strategy for solving this puzzle is to solve one side of emitters first, then solve the other side. For example, first pay attention to the pillars in front of E4: A1, A2 and A3. If their top blocks all have one colour in common, go with that colour. If not, switch to the bottom blocks. If both the top and bottom blocks are possible options, pick one at random. Repeat for E1, E2 and E3. Frequently, after solving E1-E4, E5-E8 will be solved as well. If not, determine which emitters need to be realigned and make some small adjustments.

Don't forget to move the emitters up or down as needed on the control panel. Replace runes in the emitters as necessary and then hit "Power Up".

8. Cosmic Workshop Puzzle Part 3
Items Required: 1 of each elemental rune (Air, Water, Earth, Fire)

If you have aligned your pillars and emitters correctly, the blasts will all pass through and the last seven pillars will rise up from the floor. Also, each pillar will now have three layers and each emitter can be adjusted to the top, middle or bottom layer.

EW4 Cosmic Puzzle1

This is the layout of the Cosmic Workshop puzzle and the solution to part 3.

Once again, if you are using the solution image above, rotate the pillars and move the emitters up and down as needed to match the image. Don't forget to switch runes as needed. If you are solving the puzzle on your own, the best strategy for solving this part of this puzzle is the same as for part 2. Align the pillars for one side of the room first and then adjust as necessary for the other side of the room. Once you are finished, hit the "Power Up" button again. If you have aligned everything correctly, the Cosmic machine should now be activated.

Note: Don't take the runes from the emitters. You will need to power up the Cosmic machine again.

9. Through the Chaos Door

Now that the Cosmic machine is activated, the machine in the south-west corner should be glowing yellow. Operate the Draining machine to the very left and you will get a cut scene. (This will temporarily drain your Runecrafting level by 9.) The automaton sitting in the machine will activate and open the Chaos door for you.

10. Cosmic Gloves
Items Required: Hammer, Chisel, Notched book, 1 Primed bar

While you are near the Cosmic machine, use the control panel to activate the Cosmic machine again. Use one primed bar (do NOT use both) on the machine where the automaton was sitting. Operate the Draining machine to get a cosmic bar. Take it off the plate. Run back upstairs and use the bar on an anvil to make cosmic gloves. Equip them as soon as you make them - you will need them later on.

11. Operating the Chaos Machine
Items Required: Hammer, Chisel

After making the cosmic gloves, run back downstairs and go through the Chaos door. You will see the automaton, a conveyor belt machine with several levers and several tokens around the room with symbols of runes on them. There is a Shabby book on a table in the north-west corner of the Chaos room - pick it up.

EW4 Chaos Machine

The goal of this puzzle is to feed commands to the automaton using the machine. There are red instruction blocks and beige address blocks. The instruction blocks give the automaton commands, and the address blocks tell the automaton which rune token to go to before performing the instruction. Pulling levers 1 through 4 will cause the conveyor belt to move clockwise or counterclockwise.

  • Lever 1 (L1) causes the belt to move 5 spaces clockwise
  • Lever 2 (L2) causes the belt to move 1 space clockwise.
  • Lever 3 (L3) causes the belt to move 1 space counterclockwise.
  • Lever 4 (L4) causes the belt to move 5 spaces counterclockwise.
  • Lever 5 (L5) controls the left RAM.
  • Lever 6 (L6) controls the right RAM.

The RAMs push blocks into the CPU to the south. One instruction block and one address block need to be in the CPU to give a command to the automaton - there can only be one of each in the CPU at a time. It does not matter which type of block is on the right or left. Also, if you put the wrong cube into the CPU you can select "flush" to remove any cubes in the CPU.

The instruction blocks are

  • Break: Tell the automaton to break one of the temporary walls in front of the law and earth tokens.
  • Get: Tell the automaton to get one of the cubes on the shelves to the north, in front of the nature, cosmic, body and astral tokens, or a blank token from the room behind the law token.
  • Operate: Tell the automaton to operate the Chaos machine after breaking the wall blocking it off.
  • Put: Tell the automaton to put a cube on the conveyor belt in front of the mind token, or put a blank token slab down on the workbench.

To get to and activate the Chaos machine, follow these steps:

  1. "Get" cube + nature cube.
  2. "Put" cube + mind cube.
  3. "Break" cube + law cube.
  4. "Get" cube + cosmic cube.
  5. "Put" cube + mind cube.
  6. "Get" cube + fire cube.
  7. "Put" cube + water cube.
  8. Walk over to the workbench and carve the token with an astral symbol. Pick up the token yourself and use it on the broken astral symbol.
  9. "Get" cube + body cube.
  10. "Put" cube + mind cube.
  11. "Get" cube + astral cube.
  12. "Put" cube + mind cube.
  13. "Break" cube + earth cube.
  14. "Operate" cube + chaos cube.

12. Making Chaos Bar and Chaos Boots
Items Required: Cosmic gloves, 1 Primed bar, Hammer

You can now access the Chaos machine and the automaton has activated it for you. Note: Make sure you are wearing your cosmic gloves before you attempt to make any chaos bars. Otherwise you will have to put the "Chaos" and "Operate" cubes in the CPU again. Use your primed bar on the machine and operate the Draining machine to make a chaos bar. Flip through the shabby book in your inventory then take the chaos bar upstairs and make a pair of chaos boots.

Congratulations, quest complete!


  • 9,000 Crafting experience
  • 7,500 Runecrafting experience
  • 50 Coal
  • Ability to make and equip elemental Cosmic and Chaos equipment.
  • Ability to make gloves and boots from all known elemental materials.
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Making cosmic bars drops your Runecrafting level by 39, and making chaos bars drops your Thieving level by 39. If you are trying to make multiple bars in a row after the quest, bringing a few super restore potions might be helpful.
  • Every time you want to make another Cosmic bar or Chaos bar you will have to power up the respective machines again. For Cosmic bars you will have to re-rotate one pillar that has switched back to the incorrect position - pay attention to which blast is getting blocked. For Chaos bars you will have to instruct the automaton to operate the Chaos machine again.


Written by: Aurhora

Special thanks to: All_Bogs, Jaffy1, Tim, wyvren2000

Thanks to: Jayjaygt, Kimberly, Shasta_Sms, TamTam, Vhellcat, War Chipmunk

Last updated: 16-Nov-2013

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