Deadliest Catch

Difficulty: Master Requirements: Medium Length: Short

Start location: Talk to Jones just east of the Fishing Guild's bank.


Skills: Level 70 Fishing, Level 67 Hunter, Level 70 Thieving


Items: Any variant of the Ardougne cloak

NPCs: Anemone, Bonafido, Jones, Linza, Master fisher, Tentacle, 'The Guns', Urchin

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Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

1. Talk to Jones just east of the Fishing Guild's bank. He plans to hunt the Thalassus - a legendary sea monster which has destroyed countless ships! Agree to help him, and he'll request that you recruit a rower, find a Smithing master to make a giant harpoon, and steal a particular sea chart from the Master Fisher within the Fishing Guild. Be sure to collect the Harpoon plans from Jones before leaving to complete his tasks.

Note: You must ask Jones about each of his tasks before you are able to accomplish them.

Jones' Tasks
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Ardougne cloak

2. Walk over by the entrance of the Fishing Guild, and pickpocket the Master Fisher to obtain the Sea chart.

3. Talk to the Master Fisher about the quest, and he'll direct you to his friend, Linza, who he claims will likely be able to smith a giant harpoon.

4. Walk north-east of the Fishing Guild's entrance (outside of the Guild), and talk to Linza; she's smithing on one of the anvils south of the Fishing Contest area. Convince her to make the Giant harpoon needed to kill the Thalassus, although she'll ask for one of the beast's teeth in return. Collect the harpoon from her once she smiths it.

5. Travel to the Tower of Life (the Monastery teleport provided by the Ardougne cloak works well). Talk to 'The Guns' about becoming the rower for Jones' expedition, and while he agrees to take the job, he'll need a potion to cure seasickness during the trip.

6. The potion requires Lowland heather and Builder's tea as ingredients. Ask Bonafido (east of 'The Guns') about it to receive the tea, and pick some of the heather growing around the Tower. Most of the heather is crawling with aphids, but one patch on the eastern side of the Tower can be picked without any problems. Simply use the heather on the tea to mix a Sea legs potion for 'The Guns'. Give the potion to him afterward, and he'll offer to travel back to the Fishing Guild with you (teleport).

The Expedition
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

7. When you're ready, give Jones the Sea chart and Giant harpoon, and begin the search for the Thalassus! Out on the open sea, you'll be required to track the beast (much like tracking in the Hunter skill) by investigating shipwrecks in hopes of picking up the Thalassus' trail.

Tracking the Thalassus Tracking Interface

The interface allows you to talk to Jones, view the items you've looted from shipwrecks, and return to the Fishing Guild. Additionally, it displays the number of chances you have to uncover the Thalassus' trail before it moves on to another area; investigating 5 incorrect shipwrecks will cause this to happen, although the trail will remain the same even if you should fail. Concerning the lootable items, only 3 items recovered from the 27 total shipwrecks can be stored aboard Jones' ship, so choose what you want wisely.

8. Investigate the initial shipwreck marked by a flashing yellow arrow, and then continue on searching for the beast's trail (the "tracks" left in the water - debris from the wreckage - point toward the approximate direction). Follow the trail until you find the Thalassus.

Deadliest Catch Thalassus

9. Upon finding the Thalassus, Jones will attack the beast, but unfortunately, he is eaten and you are thrown overboard. After washing up on the shore of a small island with three mermaid allies of the Thalassus (named Tentacle, Anemone, and Urchin), convince them to rescue Jones by selecting the following dialogue options:

  • The Thalassus has eaten Jones the mighty fisherman.
  • It should, he's been hunting for decades.
  • Very horrid! After he's killed the Thalassus, he'll probably come after you.
  • Trust me, I'm a great adventurer, I should know.
  • Did I mention Jones has a harpoon with him?
  • It's no ordinary harpoon.

10. Reunite with 'The Guns' aboard the ship. Uncover the trail of the Thalassus once more, and the mermaids will instruct you to feed the beast a Karambwan - forcing it to vomit out Jones! While he was unable to kill the beast from within its stomach, he managed to dislodge and retrieve one of its teeth. Make good your escape by returning to the Fishing Guild.

11. With little else to do, give Linza her promised Thalassus tooth. Talk to Jones again to learn that he's given up on hunting the beast, and has instead turned to selling anti-Thalassus karambwan cream to the sailors previously terrorised by the beast.

Congratulations, quest complete!


Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The "Cast Nets" rewards are essentially equippable versions of the Big Net and Small Net.
  • The 8 new Bank Deposit Boxes are located south-east of Piscatoris, at the southern end of the Elf Camp (in Tirannwn), south of the entrance to the Ape Atoll Dungeon, north-west of the Bedabin Camp, at the northern end of Pollnivneach, south-west of Brimhaven, in the south-west corner of Harmony Island, and south of the entrance to the Mort Myre Swamp (along the River Salve).
  • The lootable shipwreck items include bars, buckets, chisels, coins, dragonhides, fishing nets, gems, jewellery, leather boots, logs, ores, planks, raw fish, runes, and seaweed.
  • Linza, the master smith present in this quest, is one of Runescape's Signature Heroes.
  • Players can track the Thalassus 10 times after completing the quest. As you hunt the Thalassus more and more you will notice that hunting it gets progressively harder. After each hunt you will recieve the following Hunter XP:
  • 1st hunt: 2510 Hunter xp.
  • 2nd hunt: 2990 Hunter xp.
  • 3rd hunt: 3470 Hunter xp.
  • 4th hunt: 3950 Hunter xp.
  • 5th hunt: 4430 Hunter xp.
  • 6th hunt: 4910 Hunter xp.
  • 7th hunt: 5380 Hunter xp.
  • 8th hunt: 5860 Hunter xp.
  • 9th hunt: 6340 Hunter xp.
  • 10th hunt: 6820 Hunter xp.


Written by: Rien Adelric

Thanks to: Assassin5757

Last updated: 29-Jan-2013

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