Salt in the Wound

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Talk to Kennith on the Daemonheim peninsula, near the boat.


Skills: Level 50 Constitution, Level 60 Defence, Level 35 Dungeoneering, Level 47 Herblore, Level 45 Summoning


Skills: 43 Prayer (access to magic, ranged and melee protection prayers), survive in a multi-way combat area with foes around level 100.

Items: Combat gear and food.

Monsters: Risen Knight (level 86), Brute, Forgotten mage, Forgotten ranger

NPCs: Bailey, Brother Maledict, Eva, Ezekial, Kennith, Mayor Hobb, Mother Mallum, Slug thrall

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1. Starting the quest
Items Suggested: Combat gear and food. Leave four inventory slots open.

Head to the Daemonheim peninsula, just west of where the Fremennik boat from Al-Kharid drops you off. Talk to the young man in a yellow overcoat - it's Kennith! He's grown up since the last time you saw him. After a short chat Kennith teleports away to your west for a private conversation. Run over and talk to him again; he will bring Ezekial and Eva to join the conversation. Once they are there, talk to Kennith, Eva and Ezekial. Once you are finished, speak with Kennith again. He will tell you to talk to Eva once more now that you know what the plans are. Once you are ready talk to Eva and tell her you are prepared to head into the quest dungeon. Ezekial will bomb a section of the mountain to the west, creating an opening. Click to go through the opening and you will be presented with a short cutscene.

NOTE: It is safe to die within a quest dungeon – you won't lose any of your items. If you die you will just reappear outside of the entrance.

2. Into the Dungeon
Items Suggested: Combat gear and food. Leave four inventory slots open.

After the cutscene you will find yourself inside the quest dungeon. In the quest dungeon you have the ability to control Eva, Ezekial, and Kennith through a control panel on the left hand side of the screen. To control any of them click once on their picture or on their character. From that moment on any click you make will be an order to that hero. To return to your own character, click on that hero's picture or character again. To command all of them at once, use the 'Select-All' button. Click it again to unselect all the the heroes. The “Regroup” button will call all three heroes to you where they will await further orders. Their health is visible on the control bar as well.

Salt in the Wound Control Panel

NOTE: You will not be able to pray or move at all while controlling a hero.

Run east two rooms and pick up the blue triangle key. You don't have to kill the monsters in the room but beware - they are aggressive. Run back west two rooms and use the blue triangle key to open the southern door. After opening the blue triangle door there will be a cutscene after which you will have to solve a puzzle.

One solution is shown below; for more information consult the Jumping Lodestone section of our Dungeoneering Puzzles guide.

Dg Puzzles Jump Lodestone 2

  • Power crystal Pick up the circled power crystal
  • Dg Puzzles Red Click Jump over Red Click 1
  • Gatestone Drop your gatestone (3)
  • Dg Puzzles Red Click Jump over 1, then 2
  • dg puzzles gatestone teleport Teleport to your gatestone (3)
  • Gatestone Drop your gatestone (3)
  • Dg Puzzles Red Click Jump over 4, then 5
  • Dg Puzzles Red Click Click the blue Lodestone - puzzle complete!
  • dg puzzles gatestone teleport Teleport to your gatestone (3)
  • Dg Puzzles Red Click Jump over 1

You will have to choose which hero to send across the chasm. Pick the hero who is highest in health to send across – if you make a wrong move the guardian sphere hits for 500 lifepoints of damage. You cannot change characters in the middle of the puzzle.

Once across, have the hero inspect the Seeker of Truth to obtain a seeker gland. Then return the hero back across the gap. A quicker way to have the hero return is to allow them to be captured by the guardian sphere. They will reappear on your side of the chasm. If the hero dies, simply re-enter the dungeon and return to the puzzle room. If you successfully obtained the seeker gland you will not have to repeat the puzzle. When the hero is back, talk to Kennith and he will teleport your group to the Fishing Platform.

3. Making the Serum
Items Suggested: Combat gear and food. Leave four inventory slots open.

Once you are at the Fishing Platform talk to Kennith. He informs you that you need two more ingredients for an effective anti-mind control serum: a live sea slug and the freely given blood of someone under the Queen's control. Ezekiel suggests you talk to Bailey for the blood, who is in the hut beside you. Chat with Bailey and you'll find he has fallen under the Queen's mind control. Ask him for his blood and he will refuse. Punch him next and he will insist he feels no pain. Ask him to prove it. He will demonstrate for you and hand you a bit of broken glass with his blood on it.

To get a live sea slug run to one of the fishing spots on the platform and click Lure. A sea slug will jump out on the deck. Run back to the hut and it will follow. Once inside the hut Kennith will stun the sea slug and a dazed sea slug will appear in your inventory.

Once you have the dazed sea slug and the blood-stained glass, talk to Kennith and he will hand you the seeker gland. Pick up the pestle and mortar on the table in the hut and use it on the items to produce the anti-mind control serum. Once you are done talk to Kennith. It's time to head into the slug citadel. Kennith will teleport the group to the entrance of the citadel which is just north-west of the hut. Run over to join them.

4. Infiltrating the Citadel
Items Suggested: Combat gear and food.

Two slug thralls will block your progress. To enter the citadel select the following chat options in order.

  1. "Why can't we come in?"
  2. "I'm not a stranger."
  3. "I seek enlightenment in the joining."
  4. "I wish to hear the..."

At the end of the conversation they will allow you to enter the citadel.

5. Navigating the Citadel: Room 1
Items Suggested: Combat gear and food.

The citadel is composed of five different rooms, the last of which is where Mother Mallum resides. To get to her you must successfully complete the four rooms ahead of her, the first three of which are puzzles. To complete the puzzles successfully you will have to split up your party. It does not matter which hero you send where, but specific names will be used to help keep track of your heroes. Your progress is saved each time you complete a room, but if you fail to complete a room or if you or one of the heroes die you will have to start that room all over again. Also keep in mind that if you or one of heroes is spotted by a villager, the villager will call a hostile Risen knight to fight the intruder.

Salt in the Wound Puzzle Room #1

Refer to this image to solve Puzzle Room #1.

To solve the puzzle:

  1. Run north from the entrance with your party. Situate yourself right behind the Witchaven villager to your east (position A).
  2. Send the rest of your party north and east around the curve and kill the Risen Knight. Have them all stand right outside the metal gate leading to room D.
  3. Have Eva (or whichever hero has the most health) run south and stand just north of the bridge.
  4. Switch back to your character and knock out the villager you're standing next to. Quickly switch back to Eva and have her run across the bridge and stand just south of it.
  5. Using Eva, follow behind the female Witchaven villager (at position B) as she shuffles around the column. If Eva catches the attention of the female Witchaven villager the villager will summon a Risen knight. Kill the knight if necessary.
  6. Have Eva run into room C and pull the lever. Pulling that lever will open the western metal gate of room D.
  7. Have either Kennith or Ezekial run into room D and pull the lever. This will open the door of room C.
  8. Have Eva sneak past the female villager (at position B) again. Knock out the male villager (at position A) again and have Eva run across the bridge.
  9. Have Ezekial pull the lever in room D again and move all of your group into that room.
  10. Pull the lever in room D once more to open the south door. Run to the south, kill the three Risen knights if you wish
  11. Run to the exit to the north-east. The room will not let you use the exit unless all three of the heroes are with you.

6. Navigating the Citadel: Room 2
Items Suggested: Combat gear and food.

Salt in the Wound Puzzle Room #2

Refer to this image to solve Puzzle Room #2.

  1. Bring your whole group north to room A. Avoid the villager shuffling in a north to south path on the way. Wait until he moves south past you before running north.
  2. There is a lever in room A – pull it. It will open the metal door to the east leading to room B. The door to the west leading to room E should also be open.
  3. Send Eva to room E and send Ezekial to room B.
  4. Send yourself to room C and pull the lever, which will open the door to room D.
  5. Have Ezekial run over and pull the lever in room D.
  6. Have your character pull the lever in room C again.
  7. Send Eva to room G. In room F there is a villager that walks in a circle around the room. While waiting for the village to pass, make sure Eva is NOT standing directly in front of the open door – the villager has a direct line of sight into the doorway and will summon a Risen knight.
  8. Once in room G have Eva pull the lever.
  9. Make Ezekial pull the lever in room D again.
  10. After that have him run south to room H and pull the lever there.
  11. Have Eva pull her lever and send Ezekial back to room A.
  12. Send your character back to room A as well.
  13. Have Eva pull her lever again then send her back to Room A.
  14. Exit through the now open door to the north.

7. Navigating the Citadel: Room 3
Items Suggested: Combat gear and food.

Salt in the Wound Puzzle Room #3

Refer to this image to solve Puzzle Room #3.

  1. Once you arrive in the third room go ahead and kill all the Risen knights on the floor to make things easier.
  2. Send one hero to each of the rooms B, C and D.
  3. Have them pull the lever in the room once they arrive - the doors will shut.
  4. Run yourself to room A and avoid the villager otherwise a Risen knight will spawn. As the villager is walking north, follow her then run west into room A.
  5. Pull the lever. All the doors will open.
  6. Run to the north exit then command everyone to regroup.

8. Navigating the Citadel: Room 4

The fourth room consists of a series of combat waves. You will be unable to attack in the waves; you will have to command the heroes and rely on them to fight. Investigate the structure in the middle of the room and you will become stuck. You cannot get one of the heroes to investigate it for you. The waves consist of Risen knights from all three corners of the combat triangle. Make sure to follow the combat triangle (magic > melee > range > magic) otherwise you will have a very difficult time winning. Luckily the Risen knights are not immediately hostile, giving you some time to identify their combat type. All three heroes can fight together against the same Risen knight however it is recommended to keep the hero who is weak to that Risen knight's attack style to stay away. For example, have Ezekial and Kennith fight the mage Risen knight but keep Eva away (select Eva and move her behind the pillar). The first wave has 3 knights, the second has 6 knights and the third has 9 knights. Once everything is dead gather your party and move forward.

9. Confronting the Slug Queen

Upon entering the fifth room of the citadel you will have a cutscene after which you are immobilised. To defeat Mother Mallum once and for all, do the following:

  1. Command Kennith to go to the south-west corner and talk to Brother Maledict through the door. He will open the door for you.
  2. Have Ezekial destroy the weakened wall inside Brother Maledict's room.
  3. Have Kennith move north through the destroyed wall.
  4. Have Ezekial return to the central area and cross to the eastern side. There is another weakened wall there - destroy it.
  5. Kill the Risen knight in the east – if Ezekial needs help killing it, lure the knight back out to the centre area and instruct Eva or Kennith to help.
  6. Make sure Kennith is positioned in the north-west corner and Ezekial in the north-east corner. Have them attack the Mother Mallum.
  7. After a short cutscene Eva will be confronted by Mayor Hobb. Have her knock him out then attempt to attack the Mother Mallum.
  8. Eva will be thrown into the back of the cavern, near a large rock pillar. Now have her run around the back of the pillar and knock it down. It'll squish the Mother Mallum, killing her effectively.

After Mother Mallum is dead you will see an old woman named Lucy on the ground, who served as the speaking figurehead for Mother Mallum. You can choose either to lie to her or tell her the truth about what happened to her, it won't affect the outcome of the quest. After you've spoken to Lucy, leave the cavern by the exit to the south. You'll end up on the Fishing Platform and have one final cutscene. Congratulations, quest complete!


  • 45,000 Defence XP
  • 17,500 Constitution XP
  • 15,000 Herblore XP
  • 12,500 Summoning XP
  • 5,000 Dungeoneering XP
  • 100 extra bound ammo/runes in Daemonheim
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • This quest features audio voices for each of the three heroes – turn on the sound during the quest to hear them.
  • Your heroes are healed fully each time you move onto the next room in the slug citadel. However if they are running low on health you can use food in your inventory to heal them.
  • If you log out before completing a room, your progress will not be kept in that room and you will need to restart the room on your next login. Your progress in the rooms prior to the one you logged out at will, however, be saved and you will not need to redo them. You will simply have to run through them - the gates will all be open.
  • Sometimes your heroes will get distracted when attempting to regroup, select the distracted hero and navigate them to where you need them to be.
  • If you logout or leave the dungeon/fishing platform, talk to Jeb (north of the church) in Witchaven to get a boat back to the fishing platform.


Written by: Aurhora

Special thanks to: All_Bogs, Cowman_133, Vhellcat, wyvren2000

Thanks to: deskjethp, Erewhon2, Jaffy1, Lildvl91, Sirenix, Yehoshua I, War Chipmunk

Last updated: 20-Aug-2015

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