The Lord of Vampyrium

Difficulty: Master Requirements: Hard Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Vanescula Drakan at the docks in Burgh De Rott.


Skills: Level 75 Attack, Level 75 Constitution, Level 79 Construction, Level 75 Defence, Level 76 Hunter, Level 75 Prayer, Level 78 Slayer, Level 75 Strength

Items: Darkmeyer clothing


Items: Drakan's medallion

Monsters: Venator (level 126)

NPCs: Drezel, Lowerniel Drakan, Safalaan, Vanescula Drakan, Veliaf Hurtz

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1. Start
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Drakan's medallion


Start the quest by speaking to Vanescula Drakan at the docks in Burgh de Rott. You will ask her if her appearance at the docks has anything to do with the citizens disappearing from Burg de Rott and she will say that she needs to talk to you and the Myreque about an important issue possibly on the missing citizens.

You will need to bring Safalaan to the meeting, but he is at an old icyene graveyard. Board the boat to the south-west of Vanescula and travel to the graveyard.

2. Entering the crypt
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Drakan's medallion

Speak to Safalaan at the graveyard, he won't leave until he has open the crypt. He can't open the crypt because Lord Drakan put a vampyric seal on it and will ask for your help to solve it. To solve it rotate rings E through A one at time until they change from red to blue.


When you have completed the puzzle inspect the statue of Queen Efaritay to receive Efaritay's pendant. Give it to Safalaan and he will teleport to the Myreque headquarters hideout in Sanguinesti. Travel to the Myreque hideout (using the Drakan's medallion is the easiest option).

3. Meeting the enemy
Items Required: Darkmeyer clothing
Items Suggested: Drakan's medallion


At the hideout go to talk to Safalaan, and Veliaf will make you his lieutenant (you will also unlock the 'of the Myreque' title). Vanescula will warn you that her brother Lord Drakan is angry at all of your 'successes', killing Vanstrom and Ranis and she wants you to kill him. Safalaan will agree to help kill Drakan and Veliaf will reluctantly agree voicing his concerns about Vanescula. Vanescula will teleport to Darkmeyer and Safalaan and Veliaf will meet you at the arboretum in Darkmeyer.

The quickest way to the arboretum is to use the Drakan's medallion and open the door to the east. Once in the arboretum talk to Veliaf and he will show you how to create blisterwood sickles, off-hand sickles, stake-thrower crossbows, wands, and orbs and he will ask you to find outfits to help everyone blend in.

Leave the arboretum (make sure you have the darkmeyer outfit equipped) and go west to the castle gates and talk to Overwatch Mornid about a finding spare vryewatch uniforms. He will tell you there are spare uniforms in Vanstroms old mansion (south-east of the gates). Enter the house and search the vyrewatch crate to find some vyrewatch uniforms, enough for everyone. Return to arboretum and give Veliaf the uniforms, he will in return give you the House Draken uniform. When you are ready, speak to Veliaf and he will get everyone else ready.

4. Enter the castle
Items Required: House Draken uniform
Items Suggested: None


Talk to Vanescula at the gates of the castle and she will have everyone flown up to the top of the castle. At the top you will need to gain status with the nobles before Drakan arrive, to avoid suspicion.

  • Shooing three bats will gain a total of 45 status.
  • Talk to Lord Mischa Myrmel about her personal tithe and suggest that she shows the blood tithe mercy will gain 20 status, let the blood tithe recover as she is weak will gain 15 status, or have Lord Mischa have her snack anyway will gain 15 status.
  • Talking to Lord Alexei Jovkai and suggest that he tries the Defiant old man will gain 20 status, the young couple will gain 15 status, or the child for 10 status.
  • Talking to Lady Nadezhda Shadum about one of the werewolves in her pack and suggest that she humiliates the wolf will gain 20 status or neuter it will gain 10 status.

After gaining completing the four tasks for favour, talk to Vanescula and Lord Drakan will appear.


5. Lord Drakan's return
Items Required: House Draken uniform
Items Suggested: None

Lord Drakan will speak to you, answering his questions will gain status:
Did weakness play a part in the deaths of Ranis and Vanstrom?

  • Vanstrom had grown weak - 20 status.
  • I killed him myself - 30 status
  • Humans obtained blisterwood - 10 status

What are your thoughts on human captive?

  • We should set them free! - 30 status
  • They are delicious. - 10 status
  • They should be slaughtered. - 20 status

What do you think about human-born vyres?

  • I am thankful for it. - 20 status
  • Human-borns are better than true-borns! - 10 status
  • It should be stopped! - 30 status

After answering the last question Drakan will expose you as being a human and warn you to be careful of what you are going to do next. You can attack or retreat, ultimately it doesn't matter which option you choose because Safalaan will order the attack. The attack will fail and everyone will be thrown in jail.

6. The Great Escape
Items Required: House Draken uniform
Items Suggested: None

When you wake up you will be in jail, to escape the jail click on the door to bend back the teeth, you will take damage equal to 10% of your total lifepoints. There are six jail cell doors to open, open each door to free the Myreque and take damage equal to 10% of your maximum lifepoints each time.

Once you have freed everyone, Veliaf will instruct you to scout ahead and the portcullis to the west will open. In the next room Vanescula and Overwatch Mornid are trapped in two bloodletter machines. To free them you will have to solve a puzzle, the mechanics are the same as in the Icyene graveyard.


After freeing Vanescula and Mornid, the portcullis to the north will open. Speak to Safalaan in the next room, he will want to save a woman locked in a hole in the ground. However, she does not want to be saved while Drakan is alive. Ascend the stairs to the north to escape.

After escaping the dungeon, enter the room to the south-east to receive 10 mysterious jerky (another 10 can be taken from the Butchery table) and the A Taste of Hope book from Ivan.

The lord of vampyrium blood lock

Enter the room to the south, in this room each Myreque has to be matched to a blood lock. Reading the A Taste of hope book will give you hints on who to match to what lock. The list of matches are below in clockwise rotation:

  • Drakan -> Ivan Strom
  • Jovkai -> Safalaan
  • Shadum -> Vertida Sefalatis
  • Vitur -> Polmafi Ferdygris
  • Myrmel -> Mekritus A'hara
  • Pyrah -> Kael Forshaw
  • Alzeph -> Radigad Pontif
  • Ghrazi -> Veliaf Hurtz

After matching each lock with the correct Myreque, try unlock the Tithing door in the south of the room. If all the locks and Myreque are matched correctly the door will open, if not you will see a message saying how many are matched correctly.


After opening the Tithing door and ascending the stairs to escape the cellar, Polmafi Ferdygris will try to teleport but his teleport is blocked.

7. Lowerniel and his Venators
Items Required: House Draken uniform
Items Suggested: None


You will have to lead the group out the main gate. Enter the tunnel to the east and Lowerniel Drakan will appear and he will summon three venators. Drakan will kill Mornid and Kael is killed by a venator. The Myreque will retreat and Veliaf will ask you to find something to brace the castle doors. To the west there is a statue of Lord Drakan, vandalise it and receive a statue spear.

Use the spear to brace the doors. Unfortunately, that doesn't help as a Venator will smash through one of the windows. It will attack you, defeat it and it will jump back through the window. If you are running low on health, talk to Ivan and he will give you four mysterious jerky.

After defeating the venator, climb the stairs and break the tables and chairs to receive furniture debris. Each window requires three pieces of furniture debris to barricade. There is a countdown in the top left hand corner of the screen, where when it reaches 0% and there is a window not fully barricaded a Venator will break through and you will have to defeat it. When all the windows are barricaded, unlock the door to the north-east with the blood-lock.

In the second room there are only two windows to barricade, but you have less time to do it. Smash the bookcases, chairs and tables to receive more furniture debris. When the two windows are barricaded, there is another blood-lock to the south-east unlock it to open the door to the third room.

In the third room there is a big table which the Myreque will use to barricade the window. Help them lift the table, but a Venator will smash through the window and throw Mekritus A'hara through the window and attack you. Once you have defeated the Venator finish putting the table against the window. There is another blood-lock to the south unlock it to open the fourth door.

In the fourth room there are two more windows to barricade. Smash the table, chairs and weapon racks and barricade the windows. Once the two windows are barricaded you will be able to unlock the seal. This seal different to the previous seals, rotating one ring will cause an adjacent ring to rotate as well.

The-lord-of-vampyrium-castle-puzzle-2 Solution:
  1. A clockwise twice
  2. B clockwise once
  3. C clockwise three times
  4. D clockwise twice
  5. E clockwise once
  6. D clockwise once
  7. C anti-clockwise once
  8. B clockwise once
  9. A anti-clockwise twice
  10. E anti-clockwise once

8. The final puzzle
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Armour, weapons, and food

Once the seal is unlocked the barrier will drop. Ascend the stairs. There are stairs in the east and west. There are blood valves up each set of stairs that have to be unlocked. Up the west staircase, after unlocking the blood valve a Vanator will smash through the window and hurt Ivan, defeat it and check on Ivan. Going up the staircase to the east will initiate a cutscene between Safalaan and Vanescula.

Once the two blood valves have been unlocked, descend the stairs and ascend the stairs to the north (past the puzzle). There is another blood lock in this room, unlock it and descend the stairs. A cutscene will start and Drakan will appear and kill Radigad Ponfit. When the cutscene has ended go to the central platform and unlock the seal.

The-lord-of-vampyrium-castle-puzzle-3 Solution:
  1. A clockwise four times
  2. B anticlockwise twice
  3. C anticlockwise twice
  4. E anticlockwise three times
  5. D anticlockwise three times
  6. C clockwise three times
  7. B anticlockwise three times
  8. A clockwise three times

9. The final fight
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Armour, weapons, and food

Ascend the stairs to realise you are no longer in Darkmyer or Glienor but on the Vampyres' home world. Polmafi Ferdygris and Vanescula Drakan will work on trying to get you home.

Lord Drakan will appear and summon three vanators, defeat them and Polmafi and Vanescula will have calibrated the first pylon. Draken will throw a spear at Polmafi, but Vanescula will protect him and jump in front of the spear.

In Lord Drakan's first phase he has two special attacks: if you run away too much he will stun you and teleport you to him and deal a large amount of damage to you and summon bombs which can deal a high amount of damage when exploded (moving three or more spaces away from the bomb will avoid the damage). After weakening Lord Drakan he will turn into dust cloud and kill Vertida Sefalatis.

In Lord Drakan's second phase he has three special attacks: stun you and use multiple melee attacks one after another, transform into the dust cloud again and heal high amounts of damage if not avoided, and throw a red sphere that will cause a high amount of damage if you are not in the sphere that appears. Once he is weakened even more, Polmafi Ferdygris will open a portal back to Glienor. Jump into the portal along with the Myreque, who believe they have escaped. However, Lord Drakan will also jump through the portal as well and throw Polmafi Ferdygris into the portal.

In Lord Drakan's third phase he will use all his previous special attacks. Keep avoiding his special attacks and when he is weakened even further Vanescula will appear and stab Drakan to weaken him even more.

In the last phase Lord Drakan will attack quickly with melee and his only special attack this time is the bombs. Avoid the bombs and keep attacking Lord Drakan. When he is defeated there will be an option to finish him with the Sunspear weapon.

10. Won the battle, unsure about the war...
Items Required:None
Items Suggested: None

After defeating Draken, the Myreque will be revived, talk to them and Vanescula will declare that she is now the leader of the vampyres in Darkmeyer and she will also kill Safalaan and drink his Icyene blood. She will teleport away taking Safalaan's body with her. Yourself, Ivan, and Veliaf will return to Burgh de Rott.

In Burgh de Rott Veliad will admit that Calsidiu (the leader of the Myreque) does not exist, that himself and Safalaan made Calsidiu up hoping that his name would inspire hope. Speak to Ivan and agree to escort him to Paterdomus. Drezel will ask why Ivan and yourself are back. Ivan will explain that all the Myreque are dead and that King Roald should be informed of this.


Talk to King Rolad in the Varrock castle and explain to him that Lord Drakan is dead, most of the Myreque are also dead, and Vanescula Draken has taken control of Morytania and now has set her designs on Misthalin. A cutscene will start and when it ends the quest is complete. Congratulations!



  • 75,000 Construction XP
  • 50,000 Slayer XP
  • 50,000 Hunter XP
  • Tome of xp 4th ed with 3 charges, each charge giving 75,000 XP in a chosen skill at or above level 75
  • Sunspear a weapon that automatically burns vyrewatch corpses when you kill vyrelord/ladies (this counts towards your achievements)
  • The House Drakan outfit
  • Drakan's wings
  • Two titles: of the Myreque and of Vampyrium
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice

Quest points: 2

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Written by: Howlin0001

Last updated: 12-Jan-2016

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