Grand Tree, The

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Long

Start location: Begins in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Talk to King Narnode Shareen at the ground floor of the Grand Tree.


Skills: (40+ magic and/or melee stats recommended).


Items: 30 gold (for ship from Karamja to Ardougne), 1k gp - optional (if you help Femi with her crates the first time you enter the stronghold this is not necessary), 2 Water runes and 2 Law runes (only if you are able to teleport to Ardougne)

Monsters: Jogres (level 82), Jungle Spiders (level 124), Giant Bats (level 64), Black Demon (level 140)

NPCs: Anita, Femi, Foreman, Glough, Hazelmere

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Grand Tree
The entrance to the Grand Tree, where it all begins...

A Grave Situation

1. Talk to King Narnode Shareen who is found at the ground floor of the Grand Tree. He will give you a bark sample and a tree gnome translation book to bring to Hazelmere.

2. Go east of Yanille and on to the small island. You will have to evade Jungle spiders (level 124) along the way. Walk across the bridges and you'll end up on the largest of the two islands there, go to the house and up the ladder. Talk to the gnome Hazelmere; he'll just say, "Blah, blah, blah." You will give him the bark sample and be given Hazelmere's scroll in return. Use the book to translate, and you will find out that he said "A man came to me with the king's seal, I gave the man Daconia Rocks, and Daconia Rocks will kill the tree." Head back to the Gnome Stronghold.

3. Talk to King Narnode and choose the option "None of these" until you see the first part of the translation. Click it and do the same with the second and third sentences. King Narnode then asks you to go speak to Glough, located southeast of the Grand Tree. Go up the ladders around there to find him.


4. Talk to Glough, who will show his resentment towards humans, including you. Head back to King Narnode, who will inform you that the culprit has been arrested. Go up to the top level of the Grand Tree, and talk to the prisoner Charlie.

5. Go to Glough's tree house again and search the cupboard there to get his journal. Speak to Glough and he will call his guards to lock you up in jail with Charlie. Talk to Charlie and he will tell you about the shipyard in Brimhaven. King Narnode will let you out of jail, and apologise for Glough's actions.

6. Talk to the Gnome pilot, and choose to fly to Karamja. You will crash land in the Karamja Jungle. Be prepared to run, as there are Jogres (level 82) and Jungle spiders (level 124) here that will attack lower level players immediately. From the crash site go south-east until you reach a gate. Attempt to open the gate and the guard will stop you and ask what you're doing. Tell him that Glough has sent you and then give him the password, "Ka-Lu-Min." Find the foreman on the southern dock and talk with him.

7. The foreman will ask you to go to his office. Once you're there answer his questions. (Answers: Glough's wife is no longer with us, his favourite food is worm holes, and his girlfriend's name is Anita.) If you don't answer these questions correctly, you'll have to fight him. Either way, you'll receive the lumber order. Go back to the Gnome Stronghold.

Return to the Grand Tree

8. Once you reach the gate of the stronghold try to walk through it. The guards won't let you. Nearby is a gnome named Femi with a cart. Talk to her and she'll let you hide in her cart (if you helped her when she asked you the first time you entered the stronghold she will help you for free, otherwise it will cost you 1k gp). You don't have to do this every time. You can also get in the stronghold with the spirit trees. Once inside the Stronghold speak to King Narnode.

9. King Narnode will ask you to leave because everyone is paranoid. Don't leave, but instead climb the ladders to the top and talk to Charlie again. He'll tell you about a chest in Glough's house. But in order to get the key you need to go to Glough's girlfriend's house, where he left the key. She lives west of the Swamp, the second stairs west.


10. Speak to Anita and she will give you the key for the chest. Go to Glough's house again and open chest. Inside the chest you will find invasion plans. Go back and talk to King Narnode. He will tell you that he had guards search the house and found nothing suspicious except some twigs shaped like the letters T, U, Z and O. King Narnode will give them to you (keep these twigs as you will need them).

11. Get ready for an upcoming battle with a Black demon (level 140). You can either use armour and weapons, or magic. Keep four slots open for the twigs.

Four Twigs and a Demon

12. Now go back to Glough's House. Once you are inside the house walk to the eastern end of the platform and climb the tree (via the ladder) which leads to the second level of the house. (Note: If you receive a message telling you that you cannot quite reach something, you are clicking in the wrong place.) You will see four low pillars. Use the twigs on the Pillars in this order (facing north): T = First on the left, U = Second from the left, Z = Third from the left, and O = Most right one.

TUZO twigs

13. Open the trap door and climb down. Glough will walk to you and talk a bit, then he'll call forth his powerful demon. You must fight and kill it! Mages, rangers, and halberd wielders can use a location in the corner, between the Daconia rocks, to attack the demon from a safe distance so that he won't be able to retaliate.

Grand Tree Safespot

14. Once you have killed the demon, walk through the cave until you see King Narnode and talk to him. He'll tell you to search the roots for the Daconia rock. Once you've found it, talk with him again to receive your reward!


Quest points: 5

This quest is a requirement for:


Written by: CrazDWolf and Ks Jeppe

Special thanks to: Baffler, Botas, Casey38, Cemtey, jedi1019, pk_stinker, Nathaninch

Thanks to: bubbels, draco_lord_0, Howlin1, Jaffy1, omgitsdani, samurai815, Sgt Avery J, sunmann99, wounder of z

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