Monkey Madness

Difficulty: Master Requirements: Hard Length: Very Long

Start location: You start the quest at the Grand Tree. Talk to King Narnode Shareen. He gives you a Royal Gnome Seal.


Other: Prayer level 43 highly recommended, Able to Defeat a Level 100 Demon.

Items: 1 Gold bar, 1 Ball of wool, Monkey bones or Corpse (from Karamja monkeys, monkeys can be killed with long range attacks. Corpses only appear after starting the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest).


Antipoisons, Prayer potions, loads and loads of GOOD food Sharks recommended when fighting Jungle Demon), Plank (spawns in ruined house west of dungeon entrance), Energy potion (or Strange fruit or equivalent such as Purple sweets) for maintaining energy while running through dungeon, Ardougne teleports, a Super set (Super attack, Strength and Defence potion). (It's an excellent idea to make more than one Monkeyspeak amulet and Talisman in case you die, so try to get two of each enchanted.)

Monsters: Must fight Jungle Demon (level 100).

Avoid combat if possible:

NPCs: Awowogei, Daero, Elder Guard, G.L.O. Caranock, Garkor, King Narnode Shareen, Kruk, Lumdo, Monkey Child, Waydar, Zooknock

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Chapter 1

You are to investigate the disappearance of the 10th squad.

Take the gnome glider (top floor) to Gandius and head north to the shipyard. Attempt to open the gate and show the gnome seal to the shipyard worker, head to the house to the south and talk to the gnome in the house, G.L.O. Caranock. He tells you that the 10th squad never reached the shipyard and that the squad might have been blown away by the wind to the south. Report back to the king and the king will give you orders to be taken to the new Tree Guardian, Daero.

Bank Bank Bank
Grand Tree
Required: Narnode's orders
Suggested: Antipoison, *lots* of good food)

Daero is located on the first floor (second floor for USA) of the Grand Tree at the bar towards the south-east. Daero blindfolds you and brings you to an underground chamber.

Bank Slider puzzle

Head south to a reinitializing panel and solve the sliding puzzle. The answer (shown above) is also found in the crate beside the panel. This puzzle can be solved the same way Treasure Trail puzzles are solved. On the other hand, if you really can't solve the puzzle you can pay Glough 200,000 gp to solve it so that you only need to move the final piece (find him at his treehouse south-east of the Grand Tree ramp entrance). If you have to leave, or if you die later in the quest, you can return to the hangar by speaking to Daero in the bar where you met him.

Chapter 2

Quest journal changes: "I have found that the 10th Squad were indeed blown off course and never reached the shipyard. I am currently on a mission for King Narnode Shareen to investigate their whereabouts."

You land on an island and find the crashed gliders of the 10th squad. Speak to the gnome there (Lumdo) and request that he bring you to Ape Atoll. The gnome will refuse so speak to the Wing Commander and he will order the gnome to bring you to Ape Atoll.

Quest journal changes: "I have made contact with the rest of the 10th Squad, who are stranded on an island called Ape Atoll."

Warning: Be aware that as a human on Ape Atoll everything will attack you and most things are poisonous. When you reach the island you will be near the boat at the south-east corner. Head north-west and go northwards. You will be shot down by the archers and jailed.

ape atoll map

In the jail, stand back from the cell door - the guards hit 100-200 damage if they can reach you, even if you are still in your cell! Carefully watch the guard's route and pick-lock the cell door when the guard heads east past your cell to change shifts.

When the guards change shifts, dash out of the jail and head north to the tall grass. (Players recommend using the low detail game mode to find suitable grass for hiding.)

Stay in the tall grass as much as possible to avoid recapture. You must stay out of the line-of-sight of the Monkey archers all through the town. Move east and run south and then east past the temple (big building to the north-east with an altar - you cannot run around the north edge). You should find yourself south-east of the temple and north of the sergeant of the 10th squad, Garkor.

Talk to Garkor and he will ask you to go and see the mage of the squad.

This next part is tricky as there is some open space to cross where the archers might spot you, sending you to jail again. Also, the large gorillas guarding this building cannot be walked through, so your character will delay too long if you click past them. Be sure to turn on "run", click only straight line unblocked paths until you pass the gorillas on your way west, and try to move to grass spots for cover.

Head west to the house with the trapdoor in the middle. Go in through the back door (south side). Do NOT step in the centre area (a different colour floor) and AVOID THE TRAP DOOR! If you go near it you will get jailed again. Stick to the walls of the house and search the crates inside. Be sure to click short distances to walk, in straight lines only, or the game may walk you out onto the middle of the floor.

From the outside edge of the room, carefully get near the chest closest to the trapdoor (the crate set at an angle on the east side) without walking on the centre floor. Search it and get some magical monkey talking entures (getting an extra is a good idea).

Carefully find the crate with a hole at the bottom in the very south-east corner of the room. Go down the hole and head north-west. There will be about 6 crates in the north-west corner. Search the crates to find a monkey amulet mould (again, one extra might be helpful). Now head west out of the crate room and climb up the rope in the next chamber. Climbing out of the rope in the crate room will instantly send you to jail.

Alternatively, you can take this time to teleport out and refresh your food/potions.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: One Gold bar and one Monkey denture (If you want to make more bring additional Gold bars and Monkey dentures); M'amulet mould
Suggested: Energy potion (or equivalent such as Purple sweets), Antipoison, food and Prayer potions for a long run through hazardous territory; a Plank is helpful for two of the traps; and a teleport. (A Ball of wool is optional at this point for those who wish to run back out of the dungeon, but teleporting is advised.)

Go back to Ape Atoll again (talk to Daero in the Grand Tree bar) and head west, looking out for a dungeon entrance ("!" sign on mini-map).

Click here to see the
Marim Dungeon Map

Go down the dungeon and follow the tunnel (head north at the first intersection).

Tips in the dungeon:

  1. Turn off auto-retaliate and turn on run. You'll take the least damage if you just keep moving. Use energy potions or strange fruit - it's a long run.
  2. Keep protect against melee prayer on at all times!
  3. Every now and then the screen will start shaking. When that happens you can run for shelter under one of the ledges, but the damage unsheltered will only be 20-30 LP. (Traps can be hidden under ledges, too!)
  4. Look out for traps on the floor.
  5. There are 2 traps which you can pass by using a plank - one is hidden under a ledge.

You will find the mage Zooknock at the end of the tunnel. Talk to him and he will tell you about the amulet and talisman. Use the gold bar, dentures and amulet mould on him. He will enchant the bar and return it to you. Repeat if you brought more than one gold bar. Leave the dungeon (teleport or walk out).

If you wisely chose to teleport out rather than running the dungeon again, refresh your resources.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: A Ball of wool for each enchanted gold bar; M'amulet mould
Suggested: Antipoison, food, Prayer potions

Head back to the monkey village by getting shot down and jailed again. Using the same method as before to escape from the prison, hide in the grass and head east towards the temple. Go in (make sure protect against melee is on).

Look for a trap door to the east in the temple and climb down it (might be a bit tough because these gorilla NPCs block your way, so be creative. Note you can recharge your prayer at the idol on the north wall of the temple.)

temple map not showing

When you descend, you should notice 2 walls of flame in the dungeon, in the north-east and south-east corners. (The rest of this dungeon is for other purposes; disregard it.) Use the enchanted bar on either wall of flame and then use the ball of wool on the amulet. Wear the amulet.

Head back up the rope and try to escape (again the NPCs will block your way, so try climbing the ladder and escaping from the upper floor, where there is a ladder to the south).

Using the grass for cover and staying on the north edge of town, head back to the north of the jail again and move west. You should find a small courtyard with a few banana trees in it. Observe the Monkey's Aunt, who has a certain walking route - she'll call the guards if she sees you. Wait for her to go into the house, then talk to the little monkey child and claim you are his uncle. While watching out for the aunt, pick a few bananas (5 or 6) and give them to the little monkey (he wants more but can't count).

Then, head north to hide and wait for the aunt to go to the little monkey and head back to the house again. Keep talking to the little monkey (may take several times) and the monkey will tell you that the aunt has given him a toy.

Ask for the toy and you will get a monkey talisman. Teleport out.

Kill a monkey on Karamja if you don't have the monkey corpse (or bones) yet.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Karamja Monkey bones or Corpse; Monkey talisman, M'speak amulet (bank any extras)
Suggested: Energy potion (or equivalent such as Purple sweets, Antipoison, food and Prayer potions for a long run through hazardous territory; a Plank is helpful for two of the traps; and a teleport.

Head back to Ape Atoll again and run through the long dungeon path to the mage Zooknock. Use the monkey corpse (or bones) and the talisman on him and he will give you a magical greegree. When you hold the greegree you will transform into a monkey. When you are a monkey you will not be attacked by anyone or anything on Ape Atoll.

Quest journal changes: "I have been working with Sergeant Garkor and High Mage Zooknock to create items which will allow me to spy on the monkeys: an amulet of monkey speak and a monkey greegree."

Chapter 3

It's easier to teleport out and return to the island rather than try to leave the dungeon, as it holds hazards even for a monkey.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Monkey greegree, M'speak amulet (bank any extras)
Suggested: Antipoison and an Ardougne teleport.

Upon arriving at the island again, equip your greegree right away so you cannot be poisoned or attacked. Head back into the village (north-north-west) with your monkey speak amulet equipped. Go to Sergeant Garkor again and talk to him. Then, approach the high elder guard to the south, who tells you how to get permission to see the king.

You will need to find the captain who can be located to the south-west of the village. You can go up to the west ledge where the monkey archers are guarding the village entrance. Use the tower to get to the other side to find the captain, Kruk.

Upon talking to the monkey leader, Awowogei, he will request that you rescue a fellow monkey from the Ardougne zoo.

Go to the Ardougne zoo and transform into a monkey. Talk to the Monkey Minder and he will lock you up. Talk to a monkey in there and tell him to get into your backpack. Then transform back into a human and talk to the Monkey Minder. He will get you out of the cage. Do not teleport or use the Spirit Trees or you will lose the monkey.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Monkey, Monkey greegree, M'speak amulet (bank any extras)
Suggested: Antipoison and a teleport.

Go back to Ape Atoll, change into your disguise, and bring the monkey to the monkey leader. Then talk to Sergeant Garkor.

Quest journal changes: "On Garkor's advice, I disguised as a Karamjan monkey and proposed an alliance with Awowogei. Having Proved my worthiness by rescuing a monkey from Ardougne Zoo, I earned Awowogei's favour."

Final Chapter

The sergeant will give you a 10th squad sigil and tell you to get prepared. Don't lose it - getting a replacement requires a trip all the way through the dungeon. Don't wear the sigil before you're ready to fight the demon (pot up, have weapons and armour equipped, etc.) Teleport out and bank items you don't need, such as the extra sigil, your valuable greegree and monkeyspeak amulet; you don't want to have to obtain them again if you die!

When you have finished your preparations, refreshed your stats, equipped your armour and weapons, and packed decent food and potions (and a quick teleport for emergencies!), you can go to this battle from anywhere in RuneScape. Just wear a sigil and you will be teleported to the jungle demon.

The demon can do up to 320 damage with either melee or magic, so watch out. Because this demon hits hard, a Ring of life may fail to protect you. One possibility is to fight the demon with melee armour and the Protect against Magic prayer on. However, if you have a decent ranged level, you can range the demon easily. You shouldn't try to use magic; the demon is highly protected from it. The demon will recover some of its life points when it's low, so do high damage to it and kill it quickly.

Some players run over the bridges and let the gnomes do the hard work (you must do some damage or the demon will regenerate when dead), but the demon isn't that hard to beat on your own, either. Additionally, one can stand back and range the demon while protecting from magic to remain safe, as the demon will not move unless it cannot reach you with magic. Note that bringing a cannon could help speed things up.

When the demon is defeated, the mage will teleport you to the ground.

From here it's best to teleport out and make your way back to the gnome stronghold. If not teleporting, keep in mind that completing the demon battle does not make you immune from ape attack while in your human form. Head east towards the boat and go back to the wing commander who will bring you back to the gnome stronghold. Talk to King Narnode Shareen to end the quest.


  • 10,000gp
  • 3 Diamonds
  • Ability to wield a Dragon scimitar
  • Approach Daero to train you in Attack/Defence and Strength/Constitution (35,000 exp each for the skills you choose, and 20,000 exp each for the others)
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 3

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • It's said to be easier to find tall grass that will hide you if you play Runescape in the low detail mode.
  • If you get stuck in Ape Atoll city without teleporting devices, you can always use the home teleport in your magic book. There is also a ladder in the south-eastern corner of the village that will lead you to a place where you can jump and exit the city.
  • If you lose the sigil before defeating the demon, you can get one back from Waymottin (who is at the end of the Marim Dungeon). Might as well get several, just in case.
  • If you lose a monkey greegree or monkey speak amulet, the only way to get it back is to get it again by following all of the steps that you did originally.
  • Keep your greegree for the Recipe for Disaster quest. RFD requires 3 different greegrees, so consider bringing the proper bones (and an equal number of monkey talismans) with you on any visit to Zooknock in the dungeon. It's easiest (but still difficult!) to navigate the dungeon as a monkey.
  • Wielding a monkey greegree and wearing an M'speak amulet, you can use any of the shops in Marim (in addition to food, crafting items, scimitars and runes, they also sell spare quest items: talismans, dentures and amulet moulds, but the stock of dragon scimitars will be zero until you complete the quest.)
  • After the quest, it is possible to purchase a Dragon scimitar from the scimitar shop on Ape Atoll or the monkey at the Varrock sword shop for 100,000 gp.


Written by: Luke281913

Thanks to: Areshamasaki, Baffler, bluehooloovo, cia assasin2, coldoldgold, Cowman_133, Ddraiggoch06, flint1314, Haybo89, Jaffy1, joelove, Kaphias, Ks Jeppe, Kwimbob, loo5e kill3r, Mo602, nowaynoah0, pokemama, prncesgodiva, Rien_Adelric, shasta_sms, SmokyOrb, sotis5, SportsGuy, Squalling, Sy_Accursed, Tapdawg, typat, Warriormonkx

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