Tree Gnome Village

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Medium Length: Long

Start location: Go through the maze into the Tree Gnome Village and talk to King Bolren.


Other Skills: Be able to kill a level 76 monster

Items: 6 Regular logs or a Hatchet

Monsters: Khazard Commander (level 70) (two of them), Khazard Warlord (level 76)

NPCs: Elkoy, King Bolren

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Gnome Maze Route

1. King Bolren will tell you that the Khazard troops have stolen an orb of protection. If you agree to help, you will be guided out of the maze by Elkoy.

2. The first orb. Go north-east onto the battlefield and talk to Commander Montai, who wears red and is located near the catapult on the south side of the battlefield. He will say that he needs 6 logs. Get 6 logs and bring them to him. He will tell you that he sent trackers to get the coordinates for the ballista.

Find the three trackers out on the battlefield. The first one is located in the north-west corner of Khazard battlefield, near the West Ardougne plague city wall. The second one is inside a jail building on the north side of the battlefield. The third one is on the west side of Khazard battlefield, just north of the bridge. Two of them give you the height and the y coordinate (they do not tell you the actual numbers, but you will not need to specifically enter them, either; you just "know"). Unfortunately, the third tracker has gone completely mad. After you ask him for the coordinates, pay close attention to his second response. It may be any one of the following:

  • "less than my hands" means 1
  • "more than my head" may mean 2
  • "less than our feet" may mean 3
  • "less than my fingers" may mean 4
  • "My legs and your legs" may mean 4

3. When you go to fire the ballista (south of the bridge on the west side of the battlefield), it will ask you to choose a number for the x-coordinate between 0001 and 0004. If you get the number right, it will say that it hit. (If you get the number wrong, just guess again.) Go north to the Khazard battlefield building and climb the crumbled wall; you will be attacked by a Khazard Commander (level 70). Go up the ladder and you will be attacked by another one. To find the orb search the chest in the corner of the room (you do not need to fight the Khazard Commander), then go down and open the door to leave the building.

4. Talk to Elkoy at the beginning of the maze, south-west of the battlefield, and you will be escorted into the village. King Bolren will tell you that a Khazard Warlord has taken the last 2 orbs of protection.

5. The Khazard Warlord. Go north until the end of the battlefield. Then go north-west above the wolves. The Khazard Warlord will be up there. Talk with him, and then kill him to make him drop the remaining orbs. You can try trapping him behind the tree on top of the hill and killing him long-distance.

6. Return to the village and talk to the King to complete the quest.

Orbs being returned


Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:


Written by: DarkWasp

Special thanks to: Carson

Thanks to: Baffler, Cameron, Cemtey, Cowman_133, DementedHero, Jaffy1, RuneyLew, Skorm50, tevere, the borg05, thiru, wise owl1010

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