Tourist Trap, The

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Medium Length: Long

Start location: Shantay Pass, South of Al-Kharid palace


Skills: Level 10 Fletching, Level 20 Smithing

Skills: Be able to kill a level 21 Mercenary Captain.

Items: Desert shirt, Desert robe, Desert boots, 2 or 3 Full waterskins, 1 Bronze bar, 10+ Feathers, Hammer, Knife, Pickaxe, and 200 gp.


Items: Weapon, armour and food to kill a level 21 enemy, if you do not have a bronze bar smelt one from a Copper ore and a Tin ore, extra Bronze bars and Feathers in case you fail to make the weapon.

Monsters: Mercenary Captain (level 21)

NPCs: Al Shabim, Ana, Bedabin Nomad Guard, Captain Siad, Irena, Male slave, Mercenary Captain, Mine cart driver, Shantay

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1: Getting started
Items Required: Desert shirt, Desert robe, Desert boots, 2 or 3 Full waterskins
Items Suggested: Weapon, armour and food to kill a level 21 enemy, enough inventory to remove your armour and weapons

Go to the Shantay Pass and talk to Shantay. Buy all of the things listed above if you do not already have them. Shantay sells bronze bars, but his default stock is 0, so you will have to smelt your own unless you are very lucky. Go through the pass and talk to Irena who will tell you about her daughter. Walk directly south until you find a mining site.

  1. Locate the Mercenary Captain - he is easy to spot as he is the only one wearing a grey cape. Right-click him, and select the watch option to learn that he has a large metal key, and that he usually gets his men to do his dirty work for him.
  2. Talk to the captain, and compliment him by saying "Wow! A real captain!". Then say that you would love to work for a tough guy like him. When he asks what you can do, reply by asking if there isn't something you can do for a strong captain like him.
  3. He will ask you to bring him the head of Al Zaba Bhasim, the leader of the notorious desert bandits. Decline by saying "Sorry Sir, I don't think I can do that".
  4. The captain will tell you to be off, and threaten to turn his men loose on you. Insult him by saying "It's a funny captain who can't fight his own battles!".
  5. Enraged, the captain will attack you. Defeat him, and a metal key will appear in your inventory.

Note: If you get thrown in jail and lose your metal key to the front gate, you can escape the jail by inspecting (bending) the bars on the window. You will climb out and you can then climb the rocks and the cliff to get back to the outside of the front gate. Walk up to the captain and select the attack option from the right-click menu to engage him in combat. Upon defeating him, you will get another metal key.

2: Entering the camp
Items Required: Desert shirt, Desert robe, Desert boots

Take off ALL weapons and armour (except perhaps a pickaxe and your desert clothing) before you attempt to enter the camp. After getting through the gate, do NOT put anything back on again, or you will be thrown in jail! Talk to the male slave and listen to what he has to say, agree to help him. Remove the handcuffs and give him your desert robe for his slave robe. This may take a few tries and you might get locked up in the jail. If you have the cell door key use it on the jail door; if not you need to climb out the window and up rocks and start all over.

3: The underground mine
Items Required: Slave shirt, Slave robe, Slave boots

Enter the wooden gate at the corner of the mountain in the mining area. Be sure to wear slave robes. You will be at Gate 1 on the map. Go past the Rowdy slaves (level 10) to the far end (Gate 2) and talk to the mercenary there. Tell him you want to change mining spots. He will want a special pineapple. (You will need to make a deal with a guard.)

Mining camp

4: Getting the pineapple
Items Required: Full waterskins

To get a pineapple you need to head west after exiting the camp and go to the Tenti's (Bedabin) camp. Talk to the head Tenti chief (Al Shabim) and tell him you want a pineapple. You will have to bring him the plans for a weapon. Agree and he will give you the Bedabin key for the chest.

5: The secret plans
Items Required: Slave shirt, Slave robe, Slave boots, Metal key, Bedabin key

Go back to the mining camp and enter the building where the jail is. Go up the ladder and look at the book cases as long as you notice that the captain has books about sailing. Search the table for a cell door key. Then try to open the chest with the chest key and you will be caught and asked you what are you doing. Tell him that you wanted to chat, then comment on the number of books he has and his interest in sailing. Tell him you could tell that he liked sailing "by the cut of his jib." He will be distracted, and you can search the chest.

6: Making the weapon
Items Required: Technical plans, 1 Bronze bar, 10+ Feathers, Hammer
Items Suggested: Extra Bronze bars and Feathers in case you fail to make the weapon.

Go back to the Tenti's camp and show the plans to the head chief. He will let you use the tent with an anvil in it. Show the plans to the Bedabin nomad guard outside the tent, enter and use the bronze bar with the anvil. It will ask you if you want to follow the plans say "yes" and it will create some dart heads. Use the white feathers (Must be white feathers, other colours will NOT work) on the darts to complete them. Go back to the head chief and show him the weapon. He will give you a Tenti pineapple and 5 bronze darts. You now have the ability to smith your own darts.

7: Rescuing Ana
Items Required: Pickaxe, Tenti pineapple, Slave shirt, Slave robe, Slave boots, Metal key

Go back to the mining camp (remember to take off all weapons and armour!), wear slave robes and enter the underground mine. Use your Tenti pineapple on the guard and then you can enter the next part of the mine. Move on until you see a mining cart; search a barrel and pick it up. Search the cart and ride in it - this may take several attempts, and failed attempts will deal a few damage. In the next area, take the second path on the left to find Ana, then talk to her about the possibility of escape. (Do not mention having the key, or a guard will overhear you and throw you into a jail cell in the mine. To get out of the jail cell, you will have to mine 15 rocks in one go. You may need to drop some items from your inventory.) Next use the barrel on her and you will put her in it. Go back to the mining cart and use the barrel to send Ana back on her own, then jump into the cart yourself, and ride it back. Search the barrels there to find the one holding Ana. You will automatically pick it up.

Go to the lift there and use the barrel with it. A guard will see you and he will help you. He'll ask you a question, to which the answer is "gregarious". Go back through the tunnels and exit the underground. Remember to wear your slave robe, otherwise the guards will catch you. You will need to get the barrel out of the lift so go to the lift and operate it. Use Ana in a barrel with the cart.

8: Escaping
Items Required: Slave shirt, Slave robe, Slave boots

Talk to the cart driver, and tell him some jokes:

  • "What did one wheel say to the other? 'See you around!'"
  • "What goes around comes around"
  • "Fired, no... Shot, maybe!"
  • "In for a penny, in for a pound!"

He will begin to laugh and ask you what you need. Say, "Well, it's like this..." and tell him that there is a prison riot starting in ten minutes, and ask him to take you with him. He will agree and tell you to hurry up and get in. You must jump on by searching the cart before he will leave. Now you will be back outside with Ana in a barrel which is in your inventory. Head back to Shantay's Pass and then use the barrel with Ana's mother. Talk to her and she will reward you.


  • Access to the mining camp.
  • 4,650 experience x 2 in a choice of Agility, Fletching, Smithing or Thieving
  • Ability to smith darts.
  • Wrought iron key
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • There is a jug of wine on the captain's desk which heals 700 Life Points at Constitution level 35 or higher. It respawns decently rapidly and can come in handy if you run low on food.
  • There is also a respawn of a bowl of water on the first floor of the jail if you are stuck dying of thirst.
  • If you wear desert robes and boots in the beginning, and no other armour, the guards won't throw you in jail. If the guards throw you out into the desert, they will take away your waterskins!
  • You can wield a pickaxe without the guards recognizing it as a weapon and attacking you.
  • Remember to hang on to your metal key to the Desert Mining Camp. You will need your key to get into the mining camp to access the ores there, and some Treasure Trails clues require you to enter the mine. If you lose your key after the quest, you can get another one from the Mercenary Captain by killing him.
  • If you lost the wrought iron key, you may regain it by searching the tables in the building where the bowl of water and jug of wine are.


Written by: wstephen4, B I S H O P

Special Thanks to: Jaffy1

Thanks to: 4be2jue, 911_albert1, Addox, bluehooloovo, Cemtey, Corioll, Eeeeediot, Eyehawk78, Flatlander, Georgelemmons, ho ho86, Jjjjk5, Killerred005, Lowspell, moopymitchell182, python 90nl, scootlaboot, Speedyshel, Teemupets, Tom2, wyfeepoo, X5-452, ziggie2000

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