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Your Pet Rock and You - A Guide for New Owners

An accompanying article written by Necromagus and edited by Tip.It

Congratulations! You have just acquired your very own pet rock. With some tender love and care your pet rock and you can be best friends forever. However, the pet rock can also be ...

What’s the Point: The Detailed Aggravations of a Mediocre Player

An accompanying article written by jp7725 and edited by Tip.It

When the Hunter skill was released in 2006 I had a goal: race RuneScape’s best skillers to level 99. I didn’t concern myself with anything but finding the shortest route and th...

Could You Go From Riches to Rags?

An accompanying article written by tripsis and edited by Tip.It

It's been over two years since the construction skill was released. It is no longer the "new skill" but has quickly turned into just another "buyable skill" that for some reas...

The Imp and the Jinn

A fictional article written by Necromagus and edited by Tip.It

The little imp furrowed its brow in a deep frown, the same frown it used when it tried to remember its full name or when the master asked it why it was late. It was a frown of pain...

Did you know…

...the NPC contact spell on Lunar Magicks that lets you talk to the Larry the Penguin guy, lets you cash in penguin points as well. That means you can now level up wherever you want, without waiting for genies or books! (Thanks to Zombs!)

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