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An accompanying article written by Missingno and edited by Last_to_Kn0w

I took a quick look around my desk before I started writing this. The first thing I saw was my DS resting atop the kinds of plastic containers that its games are sold in. Directly above that, a shelf holding 20 or so CDs, and just to the right of that are 12 of those large cases that physical PC games were sold in a few years back. The computer itself contains a respectable Steam library of fantasy RPG’s and the occasional “shooter.” There are two things I noticed in this setting: One is that I really need to clean my desk. The other is that, in spite of all of these options, I'm logged in to RuneScape and watching a woman craft dragonhide armor for Ritual of the Mahjarrat...

Interview With Elias

An accompanying article written by Hobgoblinpie and edited by Hobgoblinpie

Truly remarkable achievements in RuneScape are becoming a rarer and rarer feat – as more people play, the amount of rare achievements falls. However, the few untouched (thus far) achievements are the realms of seemingly unachievable levels of experience points – requiring a strong mix of determination, perseverance, gp and selective sight, to avoid the inevitable negative discussions...

Did you know…

...that the Smuggler (at the home base on any dungeon level in dungeoneering) will buy burnt fish? You won't get any gp for them, but it's a quick way to get them out of your inventory. (Thanks to ScouterJW!)

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