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Goodbye, RuneScape

An accompanying article written by sees_all1 and edited by Kaida23

So it has come to this. I'm fairly certain everyone reading this article will be aware of the fact that Jagex has decided to "revamp" their high score. They are doing this by re...

Grinding Doesn't Have to Be

An accompanying article written by Alg and edited by Kaida23

The grind in RuneScape is something that we all love to hate, and a topic that has led to more arguments than bots or player behavior. For better or worse, it is one of the definin...

The Last Night - Chapter 2

A fictional article written by ForsakenMage and edited by Kaida23

When Grandfather Hadwin told us about Sir Theodore Kassel, we begged him to tell us more. He had laughed then, and told us that Sir Theodore's adventures were too numerous for him to tell and instead told us to go to the chapel southeast of the village to read the records there. Unfortunately, we never got the chance…

Did you know…

...that with the addition of the Dominion Tower and the new placement of the Desert Phoenix, collecting desert phoenix feathers for super anti-fire potions is not as much of a hassle at it used to be. All you have to do is cross west from the tower over the bridge and head slightly north into a crevice where the bird lies. Another bonus with the distance between the two being closer is that the phoenix is in a more constricted area to move around in than in the past. (Thanks to Armorare!)

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