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Diaries of Development?

An accompanying article written by DarkDude98 and edited by Tip.It

At the start of the year, Jagex stated that they would be getting rid of the monthly Behind-The-Scenes that so many people looked forward to and replacing them with development dia...

How I Came To Play Runescape… And Why I Stay

An accompanying article written by Altricious and edited by Tip.It

I am a 34-year-old woman, and I play Runescape. Sometimes as I sit here playing, I wonder where I fit in the demographics of “average player” and “target audience”. I hones...

Rat King - Part 3

A fictional article written by Necromagus and edited by Tip.It

Lady Pianna observed the nervous little thing in front of her through a haze of thick cigar smoke. She had considered offering one to the boy to calm his nerves, but his eyes start...

Did you know…

... that the Castle Wars Bracelet not only allows you to hit 20% higher on enemies that carry your team's flag, but also drastically increases the amount of hitpoints healed using a Bandage (50%!)? Just make sure you wear it at the start of each game, as the effects last the entire game wether you switch to other gloves or not. (Thanks to The Tal Shiar Alliance!)

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