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Did Jagex Do The Right Thing?

An accompanying article written by Master_Smither and edited by Tip.It

December 10th, 2007 for some marked the end of the golden age of RuneScape. However, it also was the mark of something else; the end of Jagex's age old policy of la...

We Now Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Grinding

An accompanying article written by Stormveritas and edited by Tip.It

Earlier this week, with the release of a new quest and some supporting content which really changes some facets of the game, I realized I was very much guilty of playing with a sho...

Lay Folk, Part 1

A fictional article written by N0M_AN0R and edited by Tip.It

Recap: "Aestas and Prysin have fled Draynor after receiving a message from a dead man drifted shore, which revealed that Lord Drakan was sending minions to the village to find Pry...

Did you know…

...That, while many people still believe so, using the Egg Launching Cannon in Barbarian Assault does NOT cost any points? The most costly is to let Penance Runners reach the exit and escape. Being the Defender is therefor the hardest job, and often teams have double Defenders in all but the last round. - Thanks Tal Shiar!

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