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The Fall of Lumbridge

Written by and edited by Jaffy1

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Part 2: The Fall of Lumbridge

The bridge exploded, killing many of the men that had begun to cross. The dwarves cheered, having blown all bridges across the river south of Gunnarsgrunn. The archers continued to fire, forcing the Misthalin army into retreat. They fell back into the desert north of Al Kharid.

“What's the new plan? The bridges from here to Gunnarsgrunn have been destroyed.”

“Wizards, could you teleport the army across the river?” asked the Duke.

“Impossible, Milord, we don't have the resources. We might get a third across.”

“What of boats?”

“The White Knights have some of their fleet off the coast, they could destroy us in seconds.”

“The Champion's Guild bridge is blown as well?”

“Aye, Milord.”

“We have more archers. We could keep them off our backs while constructing a new one.”

“They hold the windmill. We would be unable to bring that down with magic.”

“Then teleport some of the army over the river, take the windmill and build a bridge.”

Meanwhile, in the Castle Lumbridge, the leaders of the city were talking.

“They must have found a way with having to march all the way to Gunnarsgrunn,”

“Milords, a scout has reported that portions of the Misthalin Army are across the river and are attacking the windmill.”

“They're rebuilding the Champion's Guild Bridge. Lumbridge Guard, defend your homes.”

The Lumbridge guard marched up the road to the windmill, only to find that it was seemingly deserted. Suddenly, arrows began raining down on them.

“Get a message back to the castle, they've taken the windmill.”

Misthalin had the bridge rebuilt in hours. The army began pouring across. They razed farms, destroyed crops and caused great unrest. The Black Guard started the counter attack. Once again the wizards were needed to defeat them. Soon, it became too much, even for the dwarves to hold the line.

“Sound the retreat. Back to the castle.”

As they retreated back into the castle, the dwarven multi-cannons opened fire on the attackers. They targeted the siege engines brought to destroy the castle walls. Soon there were no siege engines in operable condition. Realizing that they could not get through the enemy's defences, the army retreated back to the north. The attempt to take Lumbridge had faltered, but not expired.

Back in Varrock, a group of mysterious heroes had appeared and made an offer to the king.

“Milord, my clan and I came to fight for the highest bidder. If you can pay us, you will have a powerful ally on your side.”

“I can use you, go to Lumbridge at once. The Castle there is proving hard to take.”

Soon the mercenaries came from all over to both sides, some coming with whole clans, some alone. The most powerful came from the far east, using Ancient and Lunar Magicks. Warriors in impenetrable red armour came from the far west.

The first clan, the Rays of Fire, that had been sent to the castle were in for an easy time. Experienced adventures all, the heroes wiped the Black Guard off the map and took the city. The army marched triumphantly through the streets, subduing all resistance. Both Sir Varze and King Roald knew that these new heroes would decide the fate of the two nations. In a rush to control resources rather than territory, both the Knights and Varrock attacked each other's mines. The dwarven mines, firmly in the grasp of the Knights, were attacked.

“Bring more runes, the wizards need them,” a clan commander yelled to a low level member.

The fighters charged forward, destroying everything they could. The dwarves on the surface were destroyed. The trapdoor to the mine was opened, and such began the biggest underground battle in Gilenor's history. Distinguishable only by the helms and hats they wore, the battle raged on for three days.

During the first day, the Misthalin forces slaughtered the low level adventurers that were defending the mine. The knights sent their highest mages, fighters and archers. Guerrilla warfare en masse, lone adventurers were suddenly surrounded and near instantly killed. The entrances were held by White Knights; both within Falador, and the Ice Mountain entrances. For a small bribe to the guards, neutral heroes regularly dropped into the mines to sell food and supplies to the combatants.

During the second day, Misthalin forces regrouped and finally attacked as a group. They pushed the Asgarnian forces back into the mining guild. The two sides sniped each other before another group came through the Falador entrance and smashed the Misthalin into groups, and once again reverted to mass guerrilla warfare. Groups of experienced mages killed fighters from the darkness.

The third day, the Misthalin forces regrouped one last time. They attacked the Ice Mountain Entrance. The fighting was fierce until at last, Misthalin forces burst out of the mines onto another battlefield.

The heroes that had been hired to fight for the King and the Knights were in open combat. Mages, fighters and rangers all battled each other for supremacy. The group from the mines, already war-weary and battle fatigued, simply ran towards friendly ground. They were cut down by the king's archers and mages. The attempt to take the Dwarven Mines had met with disaster. However, the mages had an issue as well...

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