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What if... Easier Resources

An accompanying article written by a_local_guy and edited by tripsis

Shortly after the bot nuke, a forum post by Mod MMG gave us a glimpse of some of their other plans regarding goldfarming and bots, stating that "[They] are also looking at tacklin...

The Fall of Lumbridge

A fictional article written by sacker3 and edited by Jaffy1

The bridge exploded, killing many of the men that had begun to cross. The dwarves cheered, having blown all bridges across the river south of Gunnarsgrunn. The archers continued to fire, forcing the Misthalin army into retreat. They fell back into the desert north of Al Kharid.

When you Stare into an Abyss, the Abyss Stares Back

A fictional article written by Anonymous and edited by tripsis

Right in front of me, He was standing there. The hooded figure unveiled himself to me. I could only describe him as a decayed, grotesque visage with a scar branded on his left cheek.

The Last Night - Chapter 1

A fictional article written by ForsakenMage and edited by Jaffy1

Our grandfather, Hadwin Strongwell, was born in Rimmington but he grew up in the great city of Falador, the capital of the kingdom of Asgarnia and the home of the White Knights. His parents were not very rich, but known to be good, honest people among the villagers.

Did you know…

...that when Runecrafting using the Lunar Spellbook, you can use the lunar contact spell to contact the Dark Mage in the abyss to fix your pouches? This can be done instead of having to run through the Abyss each time! (Thanks to Master_Smither!)

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