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When you Stare into an Abyss, the Abyss Stares Back

Written by and edited by tripsis

Before reading this, make sure you have read parts 1, 2, and 3: Welcome Home, Run, Escape, and I will Find You, and Room 101.

Right in front of me, He was standing there. The hooded figure unveiled himself to me. I could only describe him as a decayed, grotesque visage with a scar branded on his left cheek.

“Wh.. what are you? Where am I? What’s going on?” I mumbled.

An old and raspy voice began, “I am a testament to all of your wickedness. It is I who has listened through time. I have listened to the erroneous convictions of your kind. I have witnessed atrocities by your kind unthinkable in this age. No… for millennia, you have talked, human. Now you shall listen.”

I tried to speak, but was too petrified from fear to make a noise.

“I am not from your world. No human would withstand any creature from the realm of which I hail. No, my people are from the dimension of Freneskae. We are called the Mahjarrat. A civil war broke out amongst our people between the various tribes. Entire planes were destroyed by the power of sheer individuals. Most of us had been killed off and my tribe was the next target of the remaining tribes. We had no choice but to perform a ritual to open a rift leading to another dimension. As we prepared the ritual, I misspoke one of the words and was separated from my tribe, here to Earth. My brethren arrived unscathed to Gielinor.”

I went to speak, but as I did so, He answered me.

“Yes, that is the dimension you call RuneScape. Infinite other dimensions exist and that is just where they happened to end up. On this plane, one of my brethren has become traitorous and corrupted. You foolishly aided him in obtaining the Staff of Armadyl already, and now he plans to amass this vast army to aid him in his quest for becoming a god. He hopes to betray one of our own in doing so. Lucien is a disgrace to our people and must be dealt with. You cannot kill him. However, you can slow his progress long enough to warrant a resistance to him by the people of Gielinor.”

He continued, “The person you guide in Gielinor was banished to the abyss once. Your person’s return is a result of Lucien’s first experiment in returning, not the undead, but the banished. You know what you must do – now go.”

I nodded in acknowledgement as He vanished and loaded RuneScape once more. As I logged in, Lucien’s great army was approaching me. The army had to get through me if it wished to continue down the path. I lunged my Zaros godsword straight at the first one and the bodies propelled through the air and back into the abyss. It felt as if my sword were imbued with the power of the gods. It wasn't long before Lucien noticed his army being vanquished.

Clearly upset, he shouted, “Fool, how dare you undermine my work? After I brought you back, this is how you repay me? You have aided me immensely before, so I will make your death swift and painless now in spite of this betrayal.”

He began his incantation with the Staff of Armadyl. I activated the sword’s special power and charged at him. As my blade was about to strike, the charge from the Staff released and the power from the sword collided with it. In a burst of bright light, the path to this abyss was destroyed beyond repair. The cave began to collapse. I charged at Lucien one last time, striking him with the blade. He appeared to be weakened immensely as he teleported out and the cave collapsed on me, burying me and the sword here for eternity.

Now perpetually trapped within the collapsed cave, I logged out for good. I turned to my side to see Him smiling at me. As I went to question Him on what I had just been through, He raised His arm and returned my consciousness back to my bedroom. I awoke from what felt like an extended nightmare. Once more, a message was left for me.

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