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The Last Night - Chapter 5

Written by and edited by Kaida23

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Years passed monotonously for our grandfather. When he came of age for a peon, he trained as soon as he completed his daily chores. Sir Marius had once commented to Sir Theodore that he would need to slow our grandfather down, fearful that in his haste to become a knight he’d forget the values that he must learn that came with the title as well. Both knew that deep inside, our grandfather had held a hatred for the Kinshra after witnessing what they had done, and how they had dramatically changed his view of the world.

Hadwin rose to his feet after completing his evening prayers. After crossing himself with the star of Saradomin, he slowly made his way out of the chapel towards the peons' quarters. His thoughts had become rather violent again during the day’s training, and required him to immediately seek out a peace of mind.

It is not the way of the Order to commit vengeance, he thought to himself as he opened the door. He nodded a silent greeting to the other peons that shared the room with him as he made his way to his own bed. He changed into his bedclothes before folding his tunic neatly, setting it down on the chest at the foot of his bed.

Thoughts of the party that had gone to see the Kinshra those few years ago came back to him. The Kinshra had remained insistent that the White Knights had slaughtered their people at one of the camps and had taken the women and children away. The representatives of the White Knights in turn insisted that such treachery would have never been committed by those who follow to maintain peace in the kingdom, and do not attack unless provoked. It had been a very tense meeting, and there were many times the Knights that remained in Falador feared for the lives of their companions. The diplomatic party returned unharmed, but their eyes told neither success nor failure of their mission.

The White Knights would not attack unless provoked. What would have provoked the White Knights to attack the Kinshra the way they did, if they did? Hadwin lay down on his bed, sighing softly. And if they did, didn’t they foresee the consequences of their actions? Mother and Father would still be alive if it wasn’t for them. He stopped his wandering thoughts, knowing it would only take him back on the path of vengeance, the very path that he had prayed he would not take only a few moments before in the chapel. He silently prayed for peace once more before turning onto his side as the last candle was blown out just as the clock tower chimed the tenth hour.


Ella could not sleep that night.

The smell of burning flesh came back to her as she went over the day’s training. She had spent her day going over fire spells with an old dark wizard the Kinshra had recruited, specifically for her “education.” One by one they brought in prisoners who had at first released a slew of curses at the Kinshra, then fell silent when they saw it was a young woman that their lives were now being held by. Each scream of terror and pain had brought the delicious taste of satisfaction in her mind, and she couldn’t help but smile as one of the prisoners, badly burned, begged to be killed. She had looked over to the dark wizard standing by her side, who merely nodded, before casting another fire wave. The prisoner had screeched out once before falling lifelessly onto the stone floor, turning to ash instantly. The dark wizard had frowned slightly.

“That is all for now, Ella. You’re advancing quickly. But learn to conserve your strength as well. Do not pour all your power into one target when the time comes. Although,” the dark wizard had added while smirking slightly, “it does please me to see how much destruction you can bring upon them with such a small amount of runes.”

“I want to learn more, Drake. I want to learn magic that goes beyond the usage of runes.”

“Hmph, you’re ambitious. Not that many wizards have that skill, I’m afraid, not even myself.”

“Then you are useless to me.”

Drake had scoffed at Ella. “Your mother may have been a powerful mage, but it does not mean you will be just as powerful.”

“Of course not, you idiot. I plan to be better.”

“You do well not to be so arrogant, young lady. It’ll only serve to allow you to make foolish mistakes.”

Ella had shrugged as she handed over the pouch of runes that Drake had given her. “Good day, Drake.”

She went over the day’s events in her mind again and smiled. Soon she would not need runes to help her turn her victims to ash. She would simply turn them to ash herself, if they could find her the proper wizard to teach her those skills first. She looked over to the crude symbol of Zamorak she had made on the wall above the head of her bed.

I pledged my life to you. You see the destruction I can bring to unarmed men. But can you show me how much of your power you will lend to allow me to do just as much to the most powerful of warriors in Asgarnia?

A series of soft, staccato knocks came at her door. Ella smiled, quickly going over to welcome her visitor.

“I see you’ve returned,” she said as she opened the door. The young man nodded, glancing over his shoulder before stepping into the room and shutting the door behind him.

“How was your training today?”

Ella made a face of disgust as she sat down on her bed. “Are we going to start with that again, Payton? You know how much I hate that wizard.”

“That wizard is practically giving you free reign of his teachings, Ella,” Payton chuckled, sitting down besides her. He leaned close to her, whispering softly into her ear. “Besides, I’m sure the Kinshra will find you someone better soon…”

“It’s a shame you’re not a wizard.” Payton gasped as he felt Ella suddenly push him down onto the bed. “Now shut up and do your job.”

Payton grinned up at Ella. “With pleasure,” he said before pulling her down into a warm kiss.


“I do not like your idea, Drake. If we lose her, then all our efforts will be for nothing.”

“You won’t lose her. I’ll see to it that she remains safe.”

“To send her out to the Wilderness is worse than hanging. There are no rules and honor among those men.”

Drake smiled smugly at his companion. “Then send Payton with her instead of me. He’ll have more reasons than one to protect her.”

“Whomever Ella wishes to engage with is her own business.”

“Oh to be sure, but wouldn’t that make her weak as well? Her mother did die trying to save her husband after all.” Drake gasped as a hand shot out from beneath the cloak of his companion, clutching at his robes tightly. “Now, Lord Wymer. I’m sure it would not bode well with Lord Daquarius to hear that one of his own killed a wizard engaged to train one of the most powerful mages Asgarnia has yet to see,” he gasped.

Lord Wymer shoved Drake away from him. “Do not take Ella out to the Wilderness, not yet. That is an order, not a request.”

“Yes, my lord. I will not send your precious niece into the Wilderness yet.”

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