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New Metric to Judge Jagex

An accompanying article written by sees_all1 and edited by Jaffy1

I'm going to level with you. I'm unhappy with JaGEx right now. I'm not going to lie; I didn't expect them to change course. I'm not stunned or at a loss of words from the rece...

The Last Night - Chapter 5

A fictional article written by ForsakenMage and edited by Kaida23

Years passed monotonously for our grandfather. When he came of age for a peon, he trained as soon as he completed his daily chores. Sir Marius had once commented to Sir Theodore that he would need to slow our grandfather down, fearful that in his haste to become a knight he’d forget the values that he must learn that came with the title as well. Both knew that deep inside...

The Sea Is Calling: Prologue

A fictional article written by RU_Insane and edited by tripsis

When I was little, my father would plunk me down on his lap, and I’d listen in quiet awe as he regaled me with stories about his days as a shipyard worker in Karamja. His voice w...

Did you know…

...that the golden mining suit and lumberjack outfits provide bonuses while mining and chopping wood at the Citadel? Interestingly, the flame gloves and ring of fire don't seem to provide any bonuses while operating the kiln (firemaking plot/activity) at the citadel. (Thanks to ScouterJW!)

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