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RuneScape: Hard Mode

Written by and edited by Hamtaro

Earlier this month, Jagex announced the first quest with a level requirement in the nineties. Some players were excited, others were annoyed (to put it mildy). A few days later, Jagex lowered the requirement to 74. Everyone that was excited was now annoyed, and vice versa. Some players want higher level content, others want Jagex to gradually raise the requirements. It all ends in the same place, so why not both? The quest cape is, famously, the only achievement cape without a trimmed version. The following suggestion is a bit more complicated and a bit broader than just allowing quests with 90+ requirements to trim the cape.

Other games allow players to modify the game's difficulty. What if RuneScape quests came with a similar feature? There would be standard quests, with similar requirements and difficulty to the quests we've been getting recently. Then, there is the 'elite' quest, with requirements starting in the high eighties. Complete every new 'elite' quest and you get the adventurer's cape. Naturally, the ability to replay quests will also factor into this.

Much like the normal quest point cape, the adventurer's cape would unequip itself at the release of every new quest. Unlike the quest cape, it would also require every quest's 'elite' requirement to be met. These requirements will include more than just higher levels; Harder bosses, harder puzzles, or if that's too much work, finishing the quest with special conditions, much like those that exist in the Dominion Tower. If you don't think you can manage this but still want to play the quest, don't worry. Replay the quest after you get the requirements. The end result is the same: You prove that you're above and beyond the average quester.

If you can't keep up, you won't be able to wear your cape, as is currently the case. As a consolation prize, you will be able to wear the trimmed version of the quest point cape as long as you have every quest's normal version complete in addition to some of the 'elite' quests. This would also be a good opportunity to add to the tier that currently holds the max and completionist capes. Think of a slightly weaker max cape with some of the completionist cape's bonus abilities, notably, the accumulator effect. It could even be customizable, like a max cape with the quest logo stamped across it. And if that isn't enough, these quests would, naturally, have higher experience rewards and high level rewards.

Why would this system be worth incorporating? To avoid what happened earlier this month with The Firemaker's Curse and, hopefully, appease both players that want high level content and those that want to build up to it. Beyond that, the concept of modifiable difficulty that can be applied to other areas of the game. The Dominion Tower could be adapted into a low-risk arena for more than just quest bosses, so that players can work out strategies before challenging the real thing, or the same bosses could be challenged in a 'dangerous' arena by experienced monster hunters, who can take penalties for a higher chance to receive that monster's rare drop.

Dungeoneering could even be affected by this. Finish a dungeon without your bound items or with certain changes to the way that the dungeon is completed, receive bonus experience, tokens, or items that could be used both inside and outside of Daemonheim. Such bonuses could also be applied to the titles that players earn during a dungeon. You could even be allowed to gamble part of that dungeon's reward on whether or not you will earn a certain title.

Hopefully, this system would add a bit of variation to the way that some parts of the game are played, while pleasing players of all level ranges.

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