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First and Last Things

A fictional article written by Crocefisso and edited by Hamtaro

This lifetime occurred some time ago, in a land far to the east of recorded lands. The spring blossoms always stirred in Po Ch’u that gentle sensation of nostalgia...

Did you know…

...that the 10 skill requirement of the Jack of Trades aura can be completed in less than a minute in the swamp south of Lumbridge? Attack a giant rat with the controlled attack style (4) and bury its bones (5), cut two logs (6), fletch one (7), light the other (8) and cook the raw rat meat on it (9), then teleport to Varrock (10). Removing your aura after you gain experience in ten skills will allow you to collect the reward regardless of how much time you had left. Unlike other areas, the ten skills can be completed in the swamp with no items other than your toolbelt and a weapon with the controlled style, such as a whip, longsword, or spear. (Thanks to Alg!)

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