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This is just a little warning to everyone who is planning on sending us guides, information or pictures. We at will not tolerate copiers who send us information from other sites, lately our quest team has been getting a lot of copies from other sites, and you might as well save yourself the trouble, because we are not going to use these guides.

At we have a policy to protect the copyrights both on our own site, and on other sites, which means that we will always check other sites to see if the information our users has submitted us is copyright protected. Furthermore, re-writing other sites' guides is also not tolerated, it is very easy to see when something has been re-written, and these guides will not be put online either.

Please only send us work that is 100% your own, or it will just be time wasted for you.

Thank you, staff

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27th July 2004 - Agility, Potions and Parties!

Brimhaven Agility Arena
The enterprising Cap'n Izzy No-Beard invites you to the Brimhaven Agility Arena, entry is only 200 gp! The entrance is the bamboo hut in the north-east part of Brimhaven.

The Agility Arena is a huge cavern of platforms connected by traps and obstacles. There are many different routes to get around the agility arena, you are much more likely to fail the obstacles on some routes than on others, some ways can not even be taken until you reach a certain agility level.

One platform is marked by a flashing arrow, try and make your way to it. Every minute a different platform will become the one with the flashing arrow instead. If you tag more than one pillar in a row then you will receive a ticket. You won't get a ticket at the first pillar but you will for every pillar you tag after that. If you miss a pillar then you will miss out on the next ticket so try and get as many as you can! You can save up these tickets and trade them in for more agility experience or for some items which you can't get anywhere else.

There is no agility requirement but players with low agility will find it difficult to get any tickets. As your agility level increases and you can take more routes through the arena and you start to fail the traps and obstacles less you will begin to get significantly more tickets.

There be booty to be got, ye landlocked landlubbers!

New Potions

2 of the things you can get from your agilty arena tickets are new herbs - Toadflax and Snapdragon. These are the potions associated with those herbs.

Herblore level 34: Toadflax + Toads' Legs = Agility Potion
Effect: Raises agility level by 3

Herblore level 63: Snapdragon + Red Spiders' Eggs = Super Restore Potion
Effect: Restores stats including some prayer

Party Room changes

Party pete will now periodically clear worthless junk from the drop chest. He will leave anything which he thinks has some value.
If there are lots of items in the chest, you now get a greater chance of getting something in a balloon.
It is also now cheaper to pull the lever or get the knights to dance.

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Overloaded update !! » 

Another BIG update time here on tip site, but before i start to list what is added, updated , chnged etc.. i have to present you Deadman_Andy our long time crew member is now handling email so finally you have some better hope to recive at last Thanks You that all who submit deserves and even if we are all time thinking that, most time we dont have time to write sometimes even to read all what is comming in :(

So Lets start with list of updates

New Section: Guilds Guides thanks to Cameron and Eeeeediot with help of Vap137, Ks Jeppe, grin_king, Red Tanya and Silverion here you can find all info how to become member of runescape guilds, what advantages you will get complete with map of every one and some pics.

Guilds Guide
there is also ..
New Guide: Geting Around thanks to our location, traveling. maping and more man Eeeeediot with help of Vap137 here you can see all methods of traveling around runescape without need to walk :) from sea to air to magic here you can find that all !!

Geting around
and there is MORE ....

New Skill Guide: THIEVING !!! for you by Nathaninch and Eeeeediot ... there is no surprise that he say that he is burned and he get some free time out of runescape at last fey days... lol hmm who knows maybe some girl near there can give him a massage of shoulders he deserve that ;-) also with help of Vap137 (hmm this vap look like he deserves to get in crew :P )
All exp carts, ton of tips and more in this excelent guide to skill that paladins are not proud off you can read about in ...

Thieving Guide

Of course that is not all there is TON of updates on quest guides by KS_Jeppe so dont forget to take a look at
QUEST TIP - Runescape quests database

P.S. Please as you look at all this new things remember that you are creating trafic and if you dont visit our sponsors we will finish to not update site in fear that we will be unable to cover trafic expenses !! Sites like this live by your help!! leave banners and popups to load and visit them when you visit this site .. THANKS from all CREW !!

Nature Spirit quest » 

Nature Spirit quest added to Runescape.

Start point: Underground chambers of the temple to Saradomin on the River Salve.
Speak to: Drezel
Mission length: Medium
Minimum requirements: Level 18 Crafting
Must have completed the Priest In Peril quest
Must be able to defeat a Level 30 monster
Members only: Yes

Rs Quests » 

Hi all !

Just a quick note to tell you all that from now on, ALL quest submissions etc. will only be seen if you send them to [email protected], so next time a new quest comes out, and you'd like to send us a guide, or simply wish to submit correction to one, and don't wish to use forums, please use this email address.

Thank you, Quest Team.

Anyone for a quest? » 

So if you are planning to go on quest, or are having problems with some? Then Hmmm WE HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU!!!

Thanks for all people who submitted guides, Quest queen Ks_Jeppe that is new leading quest team and rest of crew who helped oonnn..

QUEST TIP - Runescape quests database

p.s. We are sorry that we was unable to add all who contributed. We are receiving quest guides in hundreds but we can only select first to come and best, most detailed ... there is new link on quest pages where you can submit corrections directly to quest lady.
p.p.s. To see TIPS on Walkthrough you need to press SHOW button !

Arenascape and site updates.. » 

Today we fixed ton of little mistakes all over site, big fix on Herb Lore Guide experience values, on some calculators added * for member only items, warning magic calculator still need fixing on combat spells so average values are more near max values.

Our Runescape Fan game that grow prety BIG for itself "Arenascape" today get a long postponed fix/change/upgrade to ranged skill, there was some more spelling fixes/updates and new things added last days and it is geting better then ever ;-). Please all who register to use real emails as we are activating email confirmation and all "false" emails will be unable to upgrade accounts. guides » 

Hey all,
With all these new updates to our site, I thought i'd just remind people that the guides we post here, stay here. This means that you may NOT use our guides/information without prior permision from Silverion or Lightning.

Over these last few weeks, We have had many different Runescape Tip sites taken down, because they were breaking copyright laws and using our information without permission. This includes, Guides, images, calculators, etc. We don't want to take your sites offline, So if you are already using our guides, Please take them off now.

Also, We check our guides very well to make sure that they have not been stolen from other sites, before we put them online.
On another note,
I am aware that some of our rs2 guides & calculators have slightly wrong experience listed. We are in the process of investigating that. A big thanks to Pker Dude Jr for his time,helping me out with this.

Map galore !!!! » 

HEY if you see some guy called Eeeeediot running around you know now what he was doing .... He not only maped big part, but write descriptions, etc for over 30 maps this days !!

  • Mines maps
  • Dungeons maps

    But as if this is not enough this guy get time to fix mistakes on Magic page that was submited by high mage Vap137

    So what else to say HIP HIP hoora for Map section team !!

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